Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The World Is Coming To An End

If The World Is Coming To An End, Then ...

Give away, and share, all that you have with the World today
Help all those who need help now
Shower love on your love ones and bathe every seconds with faiths
Go the extra mile to say 'Sorry' from your heart and mend the broken hearts

You will see glowing smiles in/from hospices as they have been waiting for the moment
Not that they have resigned to fate but they are ready to face fate
The glow and energy can light up the Arabian Nights a million times over
Fear not that the world will end; if it must end, we will meet again in another world

Why worry about the end of the world when you are loaded with evil intents and motives
Why envy others and drive others mad
Why push your luck so far and gamble away nobility, humility and brew discontent in your heart and dirty you Soul
You will be long gone before the world ends

The Evil will live to answer for their sins, acts and thoughts

The Good will live healthily and happily until time is due

The unsure and un repentent will have fate thrown at their faces

Let the righteous mind and healthy Soul show you the Way
Live a fruitful and wholesome life fill with joy and satisfaction and contentment
Bless are those who give

Who cares if the World will, or will not, end

If it ends, we will meet again... yet somewhere not chosen by me though
I will still be happy as I always will be...

Hope you too

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Leader

I want to help, but I can't or is it I won't...

I can't save a drowning man as I can't swim
Similarly, how am I to help someone if I am hungry too

I need not be luxuriously rewarded nor paid
But, I definitely need to be adequately compensated

Whats luxurious and whats adequate

Anthony Yeo, 'Singapore's father of Counselling', always felt he has enough as he led a fulfilling, satisfied and wholesome life; helping many a broken soul find strengths and rebuilding from scratch 

Hong Kong entrepreneur and philanthropist Li Ka-shing donated S$100 million to help train future leaders to raise governance standards in their respective countries; a sum many of us don't get to count as our own in our lifetime. But, he does so as he believe in a good cause

Mother Theresa lived with, and provided harbour for, the poorest, sickest and unwanted and least desirable
Her saintly act may not have dented the corrective social order of the poorest but it definitely left traces of hopes for the 'hopeless'

Let us not run away from helping our fellow beings
Nor make unnecessary demand to get a job done well
Money cannot buy health and happiness and surely if its to be buried with you upon death, it has no value
Money is valueless only if its a means to an end

Go lead the poor out of poverty
Go lead your men to the Kingdom of Hope & Success

No war can be won without foot soldiers
And little can be accomplished with empty stomachs

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maintenence of Parents Act - The Bitter, But Necessary, Antidote?

It is commendable for Mr Seah Kian Peng, MP for Marine Parade GRC, to lead a 10-MP team to review and re-arm the Maintenence of Parents Act (MPA).

However, I believe it is not sufficient to just add more teeth to MPA; it is imperative to review i) the need and relevance of MPA ii) the basis on which the Tribunal decides what the impoverished parent needs, and should be given, iii) if MPA is not applicable or relevant, is there an alternative avenue for the disadvantaged parent to receive help and iv) if there was any overzealousness to 'go by the book' to obtain results at the Tribunal?

As the Chinese saying goes "A learned judge also finds difficulty to decide on family matters". Where family matters are concerned, it is seldom straightforward. Let me cite (to the best I can recall) the following:

I remembered there was a straight forward case where a successful doctor shied away from his mother as his wife found it demeaning to have a mother-in-law who works as a dishwasher and refused to take care, and provide for, his mother. Following the Tribunal's intervention, the son agree to pay for his aged mum's upkeep.

However, there was a sad case where the brother, who was brought to the Tribunal and asked to share and pay for the upkeep of his aged mother by his sister. He earned around $800 and has a sick wife and a handicap child to look after too. He felt so bitter about the added burden that he ambushed his sister at the Tribunal and killed her.

Another was a philandering father who has multiple families. He left his earlier families to live with his newfound love for thirty years. When he was old and incapable of taking care of his 'new' family, his new family, being familiar with the workings and functions of MPA, decided to take all their other siblings to the Tribunal. At the Tribunal, the new family offered to pay various amount as contributions but none of the siblings of the earlier families volunteered. Nevertheless, they were asked, by Law, to contribute too.

As tricky as it turned out, the earlier families rallied to pay and upkeep the 'naughty' dad until his ripe old age and there was nil contributions from the new family! Clearly, this is an abuse of MPA's good intent and processes.

Although I strongly believe that everyone of us is filial and will look after our parents at old age, I also stand by the need for MPA.

Perhaps, it is also necessary to look at the definition of child - "child" includes an illegitimate or adopted child and a step-child. How can, or why should, the child who is born out of wedlock and/or willful act of the/an irresponsible parent, be made to take care of his aged parent who has done next to nothing except to bring him to Earth?

I hope Mr Seah and his 10-MP team will address the complexity of human relationship and prevent abuse of process, if any. Having more teeth is not necessarily a good solution.I am sure the disadvantaged parents do not enjoy nor eat well the bitter grains won out of the Court

Can we find a balance between the strong arms of Law and the sweet influence of moral suasion and filial piety?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Never Believe In Doom

Giving Myself A Chance

The next time you feel the world turns against you, shift into your inner guts and listen
Researchers have noted that we use under 20% of our brain in our lifetime; listen to your heart and use your brain, you will remake success time and again

The mind is more elastic and creative than you think
Remap your mind and try new ways to solve old problems and challenges
You either leave no stones unturn or you leave the scene a failure
= the choice is clear

Discover the new you with newer frontiers
After so many years of slogging as a loyal and industrious employee, you became unemployed yet struggling to find new jobs
Is the problem you or society? It doesn't matter really

When enough people are unemployed or underemployed
They resigned to fate and reclassify as dropouts
Be the deal leader and entrepreneur
You either lead them out of doom or your perish with the herd
Get your act together; do a deal on a success basis
You will be rewarded; you either gain in $$$ money or experiences

Nobody dies trying; they die waiting

Making mistakes and gaining success is part of the game
Nobody wins without trying
The perfect outcome for doing nothing is Failure

Speak out against wrongs and imperfections
 Accepting incorrect efforts and commitments is accepting defeat

If you find your life is boring, go make it exciting
Who's stopping you? Be real...

I believe in myself
My life knows no boundary