Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The World Is Coming To An End

If The World Is Coming To An End, Then ...

Give away, and share, all that you have with the World today
Help all those who need help now
Shower love on your love ones and bathe every seconds with faiths
Go the extra mile to say 'Sorry' from your heart and mend the broken hearts

You will see glowing smiles in/from hospices as they have been waiting for the moment
Not that they have resigned to fate but they are ready to face fate
The glow and energy can light up the Arabian Nights a million times over
Fear not that the world will end; if it must end, we will meet again in another world

Why worry about the end of the world when you are loaded with evil intents and motives
Why envy others and drive others mad
Why push your luck so far and gamble away nobility, humility and brew discontent in your heart and dirty you Soul
You will be long gone before the world ends

The Evil will live to answer for their sins, acts and thoughts

The Good will live healthily and happily until time is due

The unsure and un repentent will have fate thrown at their faces

Let the righteous mind and healthy Soul show you the Way
Live a fruitful and wholesome life fill with joy and satisfaction and contentment
Bless are those who give

Who cares if the World will, or will not, end

If it ends, we will meet again... yet somewhere not chosen by me though
I will still be happy as I always will be...

Hope you too

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