Friday, October 30, 2009

The Darkness Of Being A Nice Guy

If you know that your worst suspicion that something will go wrong, how do you prepare to accept it?
Just accept it because you are already prepared?
Your suspicion is sharper than the blade and the truth prevails
Only difference is that you hope 'you will be proven worng'.

When things go wrong as they sometime will, we take providence by the horn.
But, if its because of our inherent weaknesses and refusal to face the truth and to stop the slides
Don't blame the eventuality!
Truth shall prevail

The cleaning up is never easy to stomach. But, if we don't stop the slide,
We are doom to see diasaster.

Face it and swallow the bitter pill.
If you need to serve the 'poison tea' so be it
Its either we resolve to better the situation or let it rot and be buried in due course.

The choice is clear. Better use the rod than spoils the kid.

I want to be in control and 'right the wrong' than to make the whole world blindly happy
I can't continue to see a spoilt brat being thoroughly spoilt and accept the consequences
Its either I save the day and plug the leak or I lost all the remaining days...

I know my choice!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Down But Never Out

Lighthouse Within U

If you are clueless why you are so bored
Get up and do some physical exercises; a run along the park,
Smell the scent of flowers, bathe in the early morning breeze, listen to the birds chirp
Rediscover the value of your surrounding

If you are feeling restless, slow down
Why are you hurrying towards the end when you don't even enjoy your journey forward?
Slow down and savor the environment, watch the insects pollinate the flowers
Feel the freedom of flocks of birds flying over the horizon
Or the little caterpillar munching on a leaf
We all have reasons to live and do live to the fullest

Nature is filled with demos for you to reflect
The mad rush, the idle time, the inconsequential chats, the senseless complaints...
Alas! These are negative ions

Move away and be revitalized

The sunshine is in your heart; why are you living in the dark?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Register of spirit mediums on cards

the edited version was published in (Oct 13) Forum Online.

Please refer to the article by Mr Yen Feng, dated 12 Oct 09, 'Register of spirit mediums on cards'.

It is commendable for the Taoist Federation(TF) to begin voluntary registration of mediums. However, let us ponder on some relevant pointers before proceeding.

1) How do you train mediums? Genuine believers understand that not everyone can be, or will be selected to act as, mediums. The selection and appointment of someone to act as a medium is more often than not an unexplained phenomenon from the Godly Realm.

2) What are the qualifications and basis needed before a license to practice mediumship will be issued? A diploma? An apprenticeship scheme? I emphatised with many others over the unfortunate suicides of two teens but let us not overreact. To say the least, the teens who claimed to be practicing Taoism and commited suicide recently were troubled, misguided and mislead youths. To pin their sad ending on Taoism or their purported Taoist practices is to deny the underlying challenging issues facing today's youths.

3) How do TF or any relevant bodies intend to regulate mediumship practices? Where religious practices are concern, moral suasion, education and broad guidelines are preferred choices. In practice, can TF or any relevant governing bodies stop someone from being a medium (Tang Ki) and challenge that he is not genuine? The answer is probably nearer "No". Let us not slip down the slippery road of being mortally superior but to allow and respect the freedom of religious practices. If necessary, be prepared to guide.

In conclusion, I must say I do not know much about Toaism and am speaking in my personal capacity. My contention is 'Let us be the guide and light of wisdom and inspire the righteous and genuine practioners along the Truthful path'.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Win, Loss Or ...

The Equation

I want to be a bird; flying high and surfing the endless horizon
I enjoy the breeze, the sights, the smell ... the freedom
'Boom' and I am the game of the hunter

I am the lion; king of the jungle
I roam the Earth and my thunderous roars command one and all
'Alas' when I am old and sickly, I am feast to the hyenas

I am Napolean; I am Alexander - I am the conquerer
I ruled half the world and my sight rung fear into my enemies
But with Death the Leveller, I return to dusts

There are no weaklings nor absolutely powerful elements within us
There are nothing to prevent us from climbing mountains and swimming the oceans
It is the environment that, if appropriately harness, manifest into desirable results

And it is YOU who must live with the outcome

You can be QingShiHuang, Hitler, DengXiaoPing or Stalin...
Aboveall, You must be yourself

Winning or losing is part of the game; be there, done that

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Just Try; DO IT

Will Try Is Not Good Enough; Just Do It

I have my fair share of successes with springlets of failures
I don't fail; Failures are lessons and I gain experiences
I walk the uncharted paths to discover new leads

Not that I am blind to reality but I chose the path less travelled
As I am made to be different

I don't make empty talks nor have shallow thoughts
I action my decisions and convert them into desired results
Well, some results were as planned but most were misses

It does hurt to have more misses than hits
But, its part of the game

If life and living is so predictable and easily determined, we will be bored to death
And what values can you find in a "Living Dead - 活生生的"?

Take the plunge and determine your own future - Just Do It
The road less travelled is more often than not more exciting and rewarding.

Ask Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein...

I live here but once; I want to live to my fullest and seek the best; hope you too

I Want To Give Up

Giving Up Is So Difficult...

I am so tire of living or I should say, tire of life's challenges!
I want to give up everything and live a simple life in the mountains;
And be surrounded by Nature and away from mankind.

Jesus Christ left to lead a new flock
Gautama Buddha left in search for Enlightenment
Moses lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt

But, giving up is so ... so difficult
My family will miss me as I will miss them
My friends will miss me as much as my foes;
The former worry about my existence and well-being while the latter will have one challenger lesser.

I worked hard to make a breakthrough but success is as elusive as Robert Denby.
Many projects and prospects passed through my hands but crystalizing them into successful outcome were as slippery as an eel.

Not that I have not tried hard.
I read to comphrehend why others fail and I examine myself after every failure.
I strive to be better, in approaches, in mind and physical but ... alas!

Success is few and far.

I want to give up and surrender to the AlMighty.

If only giving up is so easy........

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I, the Cockroach

The new lines...

I shall give myself a chance as no others will
I shall take chances and seek the unexplored and unknown

When I chance upon opportunity, I shall seize and make light of it
When chances dim, I will still seize and make the best of it

When one door closes, another opens
The light is in your heart and the glow is on your face
We are all made to be different and is here for a purpose
Be the best as winner takes all

Not doing nor having may not be the worst; A miss is as good as a mile
Giving is blessing and the power of a varied mind invokes endless solutions and happiness

The World is filled with chances and hopes
Giving up is not my choice

The gate to success is in you
Keep cool, keep calm, be prepared...
If you don't open the gate how are goodies and blessings to flow to you?

My heart is light and my spirit is high
My intent is pure and my rewards are endless
My steely mind blend into the Milky Way and tap its spin of prowess

What/Who can be stronger than a cockroach?
You find cockroaches in the icy poles and you find them in the sizzling desert.
A headless cockroach can live seven days before it dies

Why can't you be any better than a Cockroach?

Winnings start with the Mind!

I am lost...

And I found life again...

I have been walking miles after miles in the desert
My faithful SUV had broken down and my only sight ahead is the merciless desert
In tow I have my jerry can with water and some biscuits
The jerry can is heavy but I can't live without
As I journey on, my jerry can gets lighter, and unless I find an oasis soon
I may be food for the vultures
Its trying but I must search for the oasis of life
Its my journey and my life; only I can help myself!

I am high and dry
I am losing sight and giving up hope
I begin to wonder if I will see light and life
When minutes are like hours and fight turns into fright
I see an oasis in the distance... I drag myself and found life again
Its hope that brings me life again

With food and water aplenty
I rejoice and indulge
But, I must get out of comfort and journey back to civilization ...
To where I come from
Its home where I belong

I can't live here in comfort but isolation and fear the challenges
My goal is to be home
With a filled jerry can of water, I journey on
It is tough and challenging but this is not where I belong
With faith and hope, I will make it

Like a ship without a compass and a broken man with an unknown journey
Vultures circulate above me waiting for their feast
I ... and only I... can help myself

The last sight and sound before I lost consciousness was a flying machine
The next moment I found myself in the safe hands of M/s Florence Nightingale

Like everything else in life, it is hope and faith that power us ahead
Giving up has never been my choice; hope its not yours too?

We can be master of our lives or food for the vultures
- the choice is obvious

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Superior Mind

My Superior Mind

Life is about convincing others that what you say and/or do is true;
Like the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
The fact is, the Sun never move! It is the result of Earth's rotation!

Bernard Madoff's ponzi scheme makes him larger than life; to be exact its US$65bil.
Why did established institutions and brainy, well-known figures fell for the ruse?
Madoff was never mad, he understood and preyed on human weaknesses - Trust!

Believe in yourself; you CAN
Like a skilled craftsman, your goals are within your reach if you dare and persevere.
Life's winners are not necessarily the strongest, the tallest, the biggest, the fastest ...

It is the steely will of the ordinary folks that wins the day;
And that ordinary folk is YOU/Me

The mighty mind makes all challenges look meek