Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I, the Cockroach

The new lines...

I shall give myself a chance as no others will
I shall take chances and seek the unexplored and unknown

When I chance upon opportunity, I shall seize and make light of it
When chances dim, I will still seize and make the best of it

When one door closes, another opens
The light is in your heart and the glow is on your face
We are all made to be different and is here for a purpose
Be the best as winner takes all

Not doing nor having may not be the worst; A miss is as good as a mile
Giving is blessing and the power of a varied mind invokes endless solutions and happiness

The World is filled with chances and hopes
Giving up is not my choice

The gate to success is in you
Keep cool, keep calm, be prepared...
If you don't open the gate how are goodies and blessings to flow to you?

My heart is light and my spirit is high
My intent is pure and my rewards are endless
My steely mind blend into the Milky Way and tap its spin of prowess

What/Who can be stronger than a cockroach?
You find cockroaches in the icy poles and you find them in the sizzling desert.
A headless cockroach can live seven days before it dies

Why can't you be any better than a Cockroach?

Winnings start with the Mind!

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