Friday, October 30, 2009

The Darkness Of Being A Nice Guy

If you know that your worst suspicion that something will go wrong, how do you prepare to accept it?
Just accept it because you are already prepared?
Your suspicion is sharper than the blade and the truth prevails
Only difference is that you hope 'you will be proven worng'.

When things go wrong as they sometime will, we take providence by the horn.
But, if its because of our inherent weaknesses and refusal to face the truth and to stop the slides
Don't blame the eventuality!
Truth shall prevail

The cleaning up is never easy to stomach. But, if we don't stop the slide,
We are doom to see diasaster.

Face it and swallow the bitter pill.
If you need to serve the 'poison tea' so be it
Its either we resolve to better the situation or let it rot and be buried in due course.

The choice is clear. Better use the rod than spoils the kid.

I want to be in control and 'right the wrong' than to make the whole world blindly happy
I can't continue to see a spoilt brat being thoroughly spoilt and accept the consequences
Its either I save the day and plug the leak or I lost all the remaining days...

I know my choice!

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