Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am lost...

And I found life again...

I have been walking miles after miles in the desert
My faithful SUV had broken down and my only sight ahead is the merciless desert
In tow I have my jerry can with water and some biscuits
The jerry can is heavy but I can't live without
As I journey on, my jerry can gets lighter, and unless I find an oasis soon
I may be food for the vultures
Its trying but I must search for the oasis of life
Its my journey and my life; only I can help myself!

I am high and dry
I am losing sight and giving up hope
I begin to wonder if I will see light and life
When minutes are like hours and fight turns into fright
I see an oasis in the distance... I drag myself and found life again
Its hope that brings me life again

With food and water aplenty
I rejoice and indulge
But, I must get out of comfort and journey back to civilization ...
To where I come from
Its home where I belong

I can't live here in comfort but isolation and fear the challenges
My goal is to be home
With a filled jerry can of water, I journey on
It is tough and challenging but this is not where I belong
With faith and hope, I will make it

Like a ship without a compass and a broken man with an unknown journey
Vultures circulate above me waiting for their feast
I ... and only I... can help myself

The last sight and sound before I lost consciousness was a flying machine
The next moment I found myself in the safe hands of M/s Florence Nightingale

Like everything else in life, it is hope and faith that power us ahead
Giving up has never been my choice; hope its not yours too?

We can be master of our lives or food for the vultures
- the choice is obvious

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