Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Destiny - Mine, Yours & Ours

there is little, if any, direction that were plotted before birth...

Great men passed through and leave behind their names when their time is up
The good, the bad and the ugly leave their footsteps on the sands of time
No two eras are the same; they came, they see, they conquer
Men build, man destroy
History is filled with achievements as much as destruction and wastes

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~ Gautama Buddha

The light of life shines
For cowards, bullies and the insane push many into darkness
Dark ages are the makings of man out to control men; for fame, fortune and desires
But, no matter and whatsoever, many a powerful man falls due to woman
Gender-neutral will save mankind but there will never be one

Behind every successful man, there is a woman
Behind every dead man, there is a Soul
The evils that man do is finite but made infinite when emotionally drenched
Who's is more emotional than the feminine gender? Life starts in the woman
不要江山 爱美人Man has given up empires for a woman

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~ Buddha

The future of Singapore is in the hands of Singaporeans
If Singaporeans cannot or refuse to stand up for their ideals, universal suffrage dents 
Nobody is born poor neither are any born to lord over others
The need to lead a normal, respectable, equitable and dignified life is supreme
Care and share; never expect non-Singaporeans, not even newly minted ones, to save Singapore

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~ Buddha

Leave the quarrels and differences behind
Leave the bad dreams and ill-conceived polices when awakened
For tomorrow can, and will, be better
Singaporeans must decide our own fate
The future is ours to decide, to build and to push into new frontiers

Nothing is cast in stone

Tomorrow is not promised but shall come. Great & selfless man leads his people to safer grounds, sprinkled with peace, harmony and prosperity

Monday, March 16, 2015

What's The Biggest Mistakes

have money, no money, owes money...

When you have money but no health ~ this is little stress as money buys treatment
When you have no money but is in the pink of health ~ excellent
When you have no money and no health ~ you are in the most pitiful and sympathetic clutch

When you tried but failed ~ gains experiences
When you didn't try yet achieve ~ lucky
When you didn't try and failed ~ you deserve it

The doctor's biggest failure is when his patient dies because he didn't do his best
The lawyer's biggest failure is when his client is hanged due to his lack of commitment
The teacher's worst failure is when his student ace all exams but suffers a mental breakdown

When the politician sacrifices his people for fame, fortune and vanity and sells his country
When the people trusted their lives to their leader to be ferried to the abattoir
When all promises to the people are long and not honoured
When the people are mislead, sold 'half-truths' and 'milked' for good
The Nation dissolves and disappear

It's good to know why things go wrong when you suffer setbacks & it pays to question when in doubt

Following blindly and executing malicious, self-serving orders kill the innocents; will you do the same on your family and loved ones? It is a betrayal to gain materially and be morally bankrupt

The best karma is when retribution befalls yourself
The worst is when karma befalls your children and subsequent generation
Sow the good and harvest the best
Do not sell your Soul to the devil
For whatever is destroyed can never return to life nor its original-self

Money can buy many things but certainly not LIFE

Friday, March 13, 2015

Are You Famous

fame, famous and infamous...

Some are born with it, some acquire it over time yet some have fame thrown at them
Who was Mark Zukerberg before Facebook and Jack Ma before Alibaba
Where was Barack Obama and Angela Merkel before their reign
The league of stars ~ Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Chow RenFa, Liu DeHua... ~ weren't even apparent before they shine

I have known many successful entrepreneurs who hardly studied (the BohTakChek-type)
They are well respected and commanded entities that rolls in multiple-millions and are famous in their trades
I knew of many successful and low profile businessmen who look like your neighborhood dwellers
Similarly, the many who helm self-help groups and voluntary organisations

Many have fame 'thrown at them'

Those who are born with silver & golden spoons need little introduction
They are famous by birth but some became infamous through their own folly and foolishness
The fool and their money soon part and so did their fame
They fade into the sunset of infamy

Many who earn their fame also earn respect

This world has no lack of leaders; famous ones indeed
There are also those that were passed down and some fade into infamy
Their lack of EQ and demand for blind loyalty, coupled with 'entitlement' attitude kill
Somehow, somewhere...God is fair

Those with high IQs work for those with high EQs
High IQs administer while high EQs command and organise
The streetwise controls
There is order in chaos

Nobody and no group can claim to have a monopoly of ideas

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Am Defeated

the art of waiting ...

Many masters tell me that we 'Can Do', 'Refuse' or simply 'Do Nothing'
Deciding to do (yes) or not to do (no) is simple but simply 'do nothing' is really Zen
I am suffering from 'Do Nothing'; a pressure greater than a 'Yes' or 'No'
Inaction is really Zen-in-motion

I have worked very hard
I have explored every creeks and corners; even an iota of possibility
I took, and take, defeat well
But, doing nothing is a torture

What is 'strike when the iron is hot' in the cold winter
What is 'make hay when the sun shines' when there are no grass
Time and tides wait for no man
For every inaction, I am walking towards the end of time

Failures and setbacks are painful and costly
Not trying and quitting is the toughest ~ the inaction
Is it fear or is it timing when we enter the 'inaction' zone
Or, is it simply idleness

Just as we are told to do good and only to be punished and betrayed
Is this call Karma; that which will befall them sometime in the future but which i pay for now
Why should his future Karma be experimented on me? Some called this my experiences
I wished my journey is smooth sailing and i can learn experiences from books

Is there an Arbiter or a God? 

I can only say I have done too well ahead of my time and I'm penalised with inaction to bide my time
This is not being arrogant nor proud; this is solace for a lost soul
I have tried everything possible to discover and apply my innate talent but was humbled with defeats
Is it the time is not ripe or the timing is round the corner

I am baffled
I have lost faiths
I am a lost soul
Until the next success, I am checkmated into INACTION 

Will someone untie my knots

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March : The Marching of Time

time & tides wait for no man...

Time flies; I know this well for a good 50+ years
Every 10 years life changes ~ physically, mentally, financially & unknowingly
Many say it's "Fate" while some attest to God's will

If Fate serves a hand of cards, it "Us" who decide the play
Until now, nobody has seen God whatever your beliefs
Between life & death, you can plot your own preferred journey

You can be the worst known to mankind or be the best in your chosen path
But, no man's an island
We swim against the Power of the Universe & live by the Law of Nature

What have you achieved & what were your (new) resolutions? It's two months since
If you have not started, you are not alone
If you have move far ahead, it's comforting

March! We are all marching towards the end in time; our own time
Tomorrow is never promised
Today's the best

Stay healthy, be happy
The world is yours to conquer
In 50+ years, I have my fair share of failures & victories

But, I have yet to know & truly achieved what I wanted
What I want is an "ideal" & ideal, like the horizon, changes as you get nearer
Fret not! Our mind is highly adaptable

Nothing is normal. What the mind can think, you can achieve

I believe so ...the world's a stage & it's for you to determine your stage-size