Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Am Defeated

the art of waiting ...

Many masters tell me that we 'Can Do', 'Refuse' or simply 'Do Nothing'
Deciding to do (yes) or not to do (no) is simple but simply 'do nothing' is really Zen
I am suffering from 'Do Nothing'; a pressure greater than a 'Yes' or 'No'
Inaction is really Zen-in-motion

I have worked very hard
I have explored every creeks and corners; even an iota of possibility
I took, and take, defeat well
But, doing nothing is a torture

What is 'strike when the iron is hot' in the cold winter
What is 'make hay when the sun shines' when there are no grass
Time and tides wait for no man
For every inaction, I am walking towards the end of time

Failures and setbacks are painful and costly
Not trying and quitting is the toughest ~ the inaction
Is it fear or is it timing when we enter the 'inaction' zone
Or, is it simply idleness

Just as we are told to do good and only to be punished and betrayed
Is this call Karma; that which will befall them sometime in the future but which i pay for now
Why should his future Karma be experimented on me? Some called this my experiences
I wished my journey is smooth sailing and i can learn experiences from books

Is there an Arbiter or a God? 

I can only say I have done too well ahead of my time and I'm penalised with inaction to bide my time
This is not being arrogant nor proud; this is solace for a lost soul
I have tried everything possible to discover and apply my innate talent but was humbled with defeats
Is it the time is not ripe or the timing is round the corner

I am baffled
I have lost faiths
I am a lost soul
Until the next success, I am checkmated into INACTION 

Will someone untie my knots

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