Sunday, March 1, 2015

March : The Marching of Time

time & tides wait for no man...

Time flies; I know this well for a good 50+ years
Every 10 years life changes ~ physically, mentally, financially & unknowingly
Many say it's "Fate" while some attest to God's will

If Fate serves a hand of cards, it "Us" who decide the play
Until now, nobody has seen God whatever your beliefs
Between life & death, you can plot your own preferred journey

You can be the worst known to mankind or be the best in your chosen path
But, no man's an island
We swim against the Power of the Universe & live by the Law of Nature

What have you achieved & what were your (new) resolutions? It's two months since
If you have not started, you are not alone
If you have move far ahead, it's comforting

March! We are all marching towards the end in time; our own time
Tomorrow is never promised
Today's the best

Stay healthy, be happy
The world is yours to conquer
In 50+ years, I have my fair share of failures & victories

But, I have yet to know & truly achieved what I wanted
What I want is an "ideal" & ideal, like the horizon, changes as you get nearer
Fret not! Our mind is highly adaptable

Nothing is normal. What the mind can think, you can achieve

I believe so ...the world's a stage & it's for you to determine your stage-size

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