Monday, March 16, 2015

What's The Biggest Mistakes

have money, no money, owes money...

When you have money but no health ~ this is little stress as money buys treatment
When you have no money but is in the pink of health ~ excellent
When you have no money and no health ~ you are in the most pitiful and sympathetic clutch

When you tried but failed ~ gains experiences
When you didn't try yet achieve ~ lucky
When you didn't try and failed ~ you deserve it

The doctor's biggest failure is when his patient dies because he didn't do his best
The lawyer's biggest failure is when his client is hanged due to his lack of commitment
The teacher's worst failure is when his student ace all exams but suffers a mental breakdown

When the politician sacrifices his people for fame, fortune and vanity and sells his country
When the people trusted their lives to their leader to be ferried to the abattoir
When all promises to the people are long and not honoured
When the people are mislead, sold 'half-truths' and 'milked' for good
The Nation dissolves and disappear

It's good to know why things go wrong when you suffer setbacks & it pays to question when in doubt

Following blindly and executing malicious, self-serving orders kill the innocents; will you do the same on your family and loved ones? It is a betrayal to gain materially and be morally bankrupt

The best karma is when retribution befalls yourself
The worst is when karma befalls your children and subsequent generation
Sow the good and harvest the best
Do not sell your Soul to the devil
For whatever is destroyed can never return to life nor its original-self

Money can buy many things but certainly not LIFE

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