Friday, March 13, 2015

Are You Famous

fame, famous and infamous...

Some are born with it, some acquire it over time yet some have fame thrown at them
Who was Mark Zukerberg before Facebook and Jack Ma before Alibaba
Where was Barack Obama and Angela Merkel before their reign
The league of stars ~ Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, Chow RenFa, Liu DeHua... ~ weren't even apparent before they shine

I have known many successful entrepreneurs who hardly studied (the BohTakChek-type)
They are well respected and commanded entities that rolls in multiple-millions and are famous in their trades
I knew of many successful and low profile businessmen who look like your neighborhood dwellers
Similarly, the many who helm self-help groups and voluntary organisations

Many have fame 'thrown at them'

Those who are born with silver & golden spoons need little introduction
They are famous by birth but some became infamous through their own folly and foolishness
The fool and their money soon part and so did their fame
They fade into the sunset of infamy

Many who earn their fame also earn respect

This world has no lack of leaders; famous ones indeed
There are also those that were passed down and some fade into infamy
Their lack of EQ and demand for blind loyalty, coupled with 'entitlement' attitude kill
Somehow, somewhere...God is fair

Those with high IQs work for those with high EQs
High IQs administer while high EQs command and organise
The streetwise controls
There is order in chaos

Nobody and no group can claim to have a monopoly of ideas

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