Sunday, February 28, 2010

Doer - Just Do

骑虎容易 下虎难 

Most times, we have a choice
A responsible and respectable leader will need to make decision; there's no passing the buck

The brave and learned make calculated decision
The brute and gutsy decide and manage the changes as and when it takes place
The unprepared and coward will shy away and make no decision
You can go with the flow but the destination is not with you

Good and speedy decision need not be popular and could be bitter
Whatever the outcome, someone will benefit as some will loss

In the fastflowing world of commerce and warfare; even in daily living
Decisions are not casted like colors of pandas and zebras
Rainbows and chameleons rule the roost

Cowardly-crafted and witch-hunting decisions cause untold damages
Adopt and adapt the prowess and respect of the Tiger
Make a decision that changes your life for the better and enhance the quality of living in others
You can hide but you cannot run

Face all problems squarely and take the bull by the horn

If you don't have the qualities of a Tiger, then be "武松Wu Song"

Destiny may make you the King but decisions will make you the "King Maker"

行者 - the doer knows the possible outcomes

Monday, February 15, 2010

Shoot For Perfection

When things go wrong...

They look for scapegoats
They shall shoulder the blame, we are always blameless
The winner may be the loser who hides behind and leaves the trail of blames on others
Everyone have a reason why it went wrong and few, if any, have solutions
They will talk, discuss, debate 'who causes the failures' instead of 'why it fails and whats the solutions'

I give my best shot
If it must go wrong, it will
I worry not as the solutions lie in the problem

There is no need to blame anyone; including myself

Who dares win; I win hands-down
The best winnings, the best battles, the sweetness of victories is not in straight wins
But, its the seemingly lost cause that was won

Winnings are not God-given
Its a moment when near defeats are turned inside out
And I am left standing tall... alone

I am who I am

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Start

The Power Of New ...

When you first see light, it was a journey of hope & joy
Providence writes the routes; you chose the means to reach

I wish I can pour my heart out and bet my last dollar on what I want
But, destiny may not synchronize with me
'Cos like everyone else, we do not know what is our role until show is over
Doing my best and enjoying every moment is the best reward

When you fall in love for the first time, everything is beautiful and every sound is music
Your spirit is charge up, your will becomes steely and every challenges are, but, easy tasks
Love is a beautiful dream
Your face radiates and brightens the darkest corner of Earth

When you make your first million ($), the achievement was a breeze
You knew you can and you will

There was never failures; its just successes waiting to be harvested
Push the envelop and stretch your imagination
Victories are sweeter when its well fought

Man proposes and God disposes
New year, new resolutions
When a door shuts, the windows are open

Today is a new day & today is my day
There comes a time when you must stand alone
Being alone, I follow my dreams
I am my oasis of hopes and strengths

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. -- Confucius

I Am A Dreamer

Whatever will be, shall be...

You can plan a career but you can never plan successes with contentment
General Yuan ShiKai tried to restore monarchy but was estopped by destiny

Malaya - Malayan Union (1946-1948), Federation of Malaya (1948-1963), Peninsular Malaysia (1963-present) - has never included Singapore
By 9th August 1965, Singapore gain independence and became a stand-alone State

The Three Kingdoms - Wèi (魏), Shǔ (蜀), and Wú (吳) - were stable under military accord
But, plotting against each others finally decimate their existence

In the classic, Dream of the Red Chamber (红楼梦), simple lives grew complex through fame and prosperity and into declines

When life was simple, fulfilling basic needs was the theme 
When prosperity comes, demand for luxury becomes the norm
In boom period, luxury is a necessity
When the burst comes, reverting back to basics seems impossible; sucides, depression, anxieties replace reasons

Alas! boom & burst are two sides of a coin

Strive for the best
Go for your ideals
Winner takes all and defeat is just part of the game
Weaklings and cowards are those who hold dear to winnings but surrender to failings

Nobody can make you happy or miserable unless you allow

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Lightness Of Living

I try...

Like the willow tree, I dance with the wind
Like the waves, I flow in queues to reach shore
Like the geese, I fly in formation to ease resistances
Like a Grandmaster of Zen, I walk towards end of (my) time

I needn't worry about tommorow
I won't seek successes beyond me

I do what I can today; now
I cheerish my body and mind working in symmetry
I allow my brain to think and my heart to lead
I am a product of my own doing

To achieve results beyond me, I work in teams
I work in harmony and wholesomeness that is seamless yet across boundaries

I self-motivate
I see solutions and not problems
I go beyond the call of duty
I am who I am

I will, and do, not trade my soul for gold
My value is valueless

Somehow, somewhere, some time things need to be done
And the buck stops with me

I live but once; let me do all I can for I may not pass this way again

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crisis = Opportunity

When opportunity knocks...

Crisis 危机 is an unstable, dangerous and non-routine situation
Does the situation gets back to normal, worse or better after the crisis?
If we learn the lesson. 'the pheonix rises from the ashes'
If we ignore or does nothing, its almost always worse and seldom gets back to normalcy

But, one thing for sure; whatever the outcome, the next crisis is always bigger and of a greater degree

Man comes and goes as time shall flow
Change is the only constant
Lessons are seldom learnt thus history repeats itself
Greed, selfishness, envy, vanity and pride destroy civilization & man

Words and actions always differ on application and plunge the world deeper into the unknown

The Saints and the Great Teachers preach the Way of Life
The Holy sows the seeds of calm, enrichment and enlightenment
Mortals enact mortally sins
Worldly truths are few and half-truths flood the ocean floor

Crisis means Danger Opportunity in Mandarin
There is Opportunity in Danger
The righteous and swift who remains calm and calculated sees opportunity in a crisis
You can be ONE

Luck Is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity
- i need not be smart; all i need is luck

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Is Easy

Extrardinary Deeds Are Done By The Ordinary 

The two feet that hold and make everyone stand tall and walk are ordinary
Most importantly, we learn to walk instead of living our lives on all fours

The kite flows in the breeze; you can't pull it too tightly, the string will break
If you leave it alone, it has no direction; it floats with ease at your guidance

Hyenas survive on the Lion(King)'s death
Carps swim upstream to spawn and when the new generation abounds, the old die

A happy, albeit challenging, marriage is like two sides of a coin
Not looking at one another yet living as one

With the support of millions behind him, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon
With all the worker-bees working hard, the Queen-bee multiplies

Alexander the Great (356-323BC) has a divine ambition to create a universal world
So did Napolean Bonaparte (1769-1821) tried putting himself on the world map
Both are mortals like you and I. Man proposes, God disposes

The Man hunts while Woman is a homemaker
Equality? Equality is a newfound fad; its "Specialization - Whoever does better, do"
Nothing is cast on stone

How to succeed and prosper?
Follow your heart!
Deploy your strengths and intersts on what you like most and the results will be extraordinary

The world's a stage
Everyone has a role to play; Play Well