Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Lightness Of Living

I try...

Like the willow tree, I dance with the wind
Like the waves, I flow in queues to reach shore
Like the geese, I fly in formation to ease resistances
Like a Grandmaster of Zen, I walk towards end of (my) time

I needn't worry about tommorow
I won't seek successes beyond me

I do what I can today; now
I cheerish my body and mind working in symmetry
I allow my brain to think and my heart to lead
I am a product of my own doing

To achieve results beyond me, I work in teams
I work in harmony and wholesomeness that is seamless yet across boundaries

I self-motivate
I see solutions and not problems
I go beyond the call of duty
I am who I am

I will, and do, not trade my soul for gold
My value is valueless

Somehow, somewhere, some time things need to be done
And the buck stops with me

I live but once; let me do all I can for I may not pass this way again

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