Sunday, February 28, 2010

Doer - Just Do

骑虎容易 下虎难 

Most times, we have a choice
A responsible and respectable leader will need to make decision; there's no passing the buck

The brave and learned make calculated decision
The brute and gutsy decide and manage the changes as and when it takes place
The unprepared and coward will shy away and make no decision
You can go with the flow but the destination is not with you

Good and speedy decision need not be popular and could be bitter
Whatever the outcome, someone will benefit as some will loss

In the fastflowing world of commerce and warfare; even in daily living
Decisions are not casted like colors of pandas and zebras
Rainbows and chameleons rule the roost

Cowardly-crafted and witch-hunting decisions cause untold damages
Adopt and adapt the prowess and respect of the Tiger
Make a decision that changes your life for the better and enhance the quality of living in others
You can hide but you cannot run

Face all problems squarely and take the bull by the horn

If you don't have the qualities of a Tiger, then be "武松Wu Song"

Destiny may make you the King but decisions will make you the "King Maker"

行者 - the doer knows the possible outcomes

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