Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life Is Easy

Extrardinary Deeds Are Done By The Ordinary 

The two feet that hold and make everyone stand tall and walk are ordinary
Most importantly, we learn to walk instead of living our lives on all fours

The kite flows in the breeze; you can't pull it too tightly, the string will break
If you leave it alone, it has no direction; it floats with ease at your guidance

Hyenas survive on the Lion(King)'s death
Carps swim upstream to spawn and when the new generation abounds, the old die

A happy, albeit challenging, marriage is like two sides of a coin
Not looking at one another yet living as one

With the support of millions behind him, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon
With all the worker-bees working hard, the Queen-bee multiplies

Alexander the Great (356-323BC) has a divine ambition to create a universal world
So did Napolean Bonaparte (1769-1821) tried putting himself on the world map
Both are mortals like you and I. Man proposes, God disposes

The Man hunts while Woman is a homemaker
Equality? Equality is a newfound fad; its "Specialization - Whoever does better, do"
Nothing is cast on stone

How to succeed and prosper?
Follow your heart!
Deploy your strengths and intersts on what you like most and the results will be extraordinary

The world's a stage
Everyone has a role to play; Play Well

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