Sunday, January 31, 2010

When You Stare Into The Eyes Of Death

If I have only afew days to live...

I will accept the threat of death but I will fight until my last breath
I can overcome fear as I have always accepted that the only certainty in life is Death

I will continue to live happily, eat normally and prepare those who are unprepared and/or, may be, unwilling to see me pass on
Of course, its not that they can refuse to allow me to pass on but after getting used to, and enjoyed, my presence, my absence will be felt

But, time is the best friend; soon they will accept my passing

I want to ring-fence myself and will not allow any of my family members and dear friends to worry about me
If I fight and win against illness, my extended living is a bonus
It is my own battle and I will carry my own cross with a smile

I am selfish and I choose to fight alone and stare Death in the eye

If I wins, I live to tell my story
If I losses, I want to be an inspiration to a well-fought battle

No one should surrender to Death as Death is a certainty

I enjoys every seconds of my life and living and when I take my last breathe
I enters the new 'gate of life'... the afterlife

I don't die nor disappear; I merely fade away

I will always be with you - here or away
Live within my broad smiles, my determination and my encouragements
And you will be cheered up by me - now and forever

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