Sunday, January 17, 2010

When The Heart Rules...

When The Brain Is Not Thinking

A year has passed and a new year is here; For most of us, its nothing new
But, many of us are still stuck in our old habits, orientation, beliefs and perceived solutions
No solutions can come out of old methodology and approaches;
If it does, you would have solved it (and win) the first time
- use your head, not heart

You have been left in the cold and felt unwanted by your friends, don't freak
You could have been too submissive, immature, selfish or a plain pawn
Stand tall and be counted and show who is the boss or simply make yourself useful
No one can make you a slave nor feels unwanted
- leaders lead with their heads and manage others' hearts

A new academic term begins and you fear you can't meet the demands of schoolwork
You are worried you can't cope and there are too much to learn and exam is near
Fear not! Start early, read well and practice hard. Be prepared
There is no excuse for laziness; work hard & work smart
- passing is incidental and scoring is accidental; use your brain

New year, new demands. No jobs, no money.
Fearful of the future? Its the heart that fears but the brain must seek
Put on the thinking cap and develop an avenue to generate income
No one can help you but yourself; you have slaved for so many years yet you are looking for jobs
- the slave who lease, trade and sell other slaves is the boss

The con artist can succeed because he uses his brain to tweak your heart (emotions); the smart can too

Use your Brain and manage your Heart and tomorrow will be better

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