Friday, January 29, 2010

I; The Lighthouse

Happiness Starts With Me

There will never be free lunches; agree or disagree? When an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is
It is best to pay, however small, for goods or services; the value of peace you enjoy is immeasurable

Money can buy most things but not all things
Money can make you happy but can't buy happiness
Alas! But be real; Money is a means to an end

Time is a good, old friend and 'he' passes slowly but surely
Time and tides wait for no man

My life is empty but not void
I longed to fill the emptiness with usefulness, faith & rewarding challenges
For an empty mind is a Devil's workshop

I want my space and time
And I want everything nice and beautiful in them
I want to be happy...

I enjoy the birds singing and the fragrance of flowers
The breeze and the waves remind me of life and the changes thats constantly 'haunting' me
The Sun gives me positive power and I shall remain fully charged

I am part of the Universe; the light of Happiness lives in me
It may dim occassionally but the Light lives within me

I am my own Lighthouse

And I Shall be!

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