Thursday, June 26, 2014

Live Your Life Simple

from simple to complex to ...simplex

Every thing starts simple
A meal a day; air, water and sunlight
Physiological needs & safety needs are the basis of pure existence
Then, comes a convoluted environment that blurs the needs

We arrived naked and shall return hands-free
Being born and dying is not a choice but a Destiny
Between life and death, we can do whatever we want & be the best you/we can
There is a choice

In the world of the blind, the one-eyed Jack is the King
In an elitist world, the elites ringfenced and make mobility for all outside their spheres impossible
Within the poor and oppressed, a leader will surface someday to lead his hordes to higher grounds
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor

My heart is the "Dao"
My brain is the "De"
If my heart don't desire, my brain cannot conspires
Man proposes, GOD disposes

We are so caught up in this world for 'success'
Where the fishermen long for a house in the city and the wealthy tycoons long to stay by the ship to enjoy the seas
Where the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and the moon is bigger over the horizon
It's a make believe world

I live but once
I will do all that I wanted to do, if not most
Bricks and stones break bones; Words do not kill
I do not live in other's shadow

I will make my life & living worthwhile

If everything is equal, I want the upper half & to live healthily & happily simple wish

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Greatest Defeat In My Life

I am lost
I am completely lost in my own plot
The last few years were wasted times & unnecessary tears
Money were lost, compassion were traded, trust were shattered & I was left to walk alone

This time it's not alone but loneliness in defeat
My strategies were 'a flops' & my commitment has gone to the winds
False hopes, fake starts
There is no mercy in defeats

I have lost opportunities by trusting the wrong people
The untested, the inflated, the disinterested & the 'plain talkers'
Whatever, today I was hit really, really hard; a simple deal went to someone's else pocket
I have been silly, dreaming & in denials

Will the world waits for me? No
Will anyone show me mercy? No
Will I stand tall with the same attitude & beliefs? No
Will I be able to rise above this shattering defeat? YES, but I must leave this environment

I'm late. I'm very late
How stupid I was & how complacent I have been? The distractions, the make-beliefs, the hollow promises & my blind confidence
I am defeated in my own hands & by myself

It's been a long time
Today, I nearly, nearly cried; it's not dissimilar to my exams failure in Secondary Two
I promised myself now; it will never happen again
I will go out to conquer the World singlehandedly

I needed a good rest
When I awake again
My footsteps shall shake Earth again
I believe in MySelf

It's me FIRST.
If I can't swim, how will I ever saves a drowning man
If I'm scraping the bottom of the bowl, how will I ever have enough to spare
A new chapter starts on my next awakening

I Can & I Will


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stress Or Discontented

Life is a bottled-up roller-coaster...

What's so stressful about daily living? It's almost mundane and routine
Day in, day out; eat sleep, shit ...die someday
The stress comes from providing the possibilities, that is Eat, Sleep, Shit...
The idiot who created the 'medium of exchange' started stress

If everyone lives a simple life; a meal a day, basic housing, affordable transportation and recreation

Life's gonna be a breeze

The stress begins when the 'Haves' becomes the 'Elites' to rule the 'Have-Nots', writes self-serving  and restrictive rules so that the ground is ringfenced for their own benefits
Many aspiring 'Haves but still living as Have-Nots' are given minimum advantages to say "YES" & to support whatever shit the 'Haves' drop
It's simply 'Divide & Rule'
Morals, accountability and responsibility is flush down the manhole

It's good to have aspiration and to be inspired to climb greater heights
But, when meritocracy becomes disguised-restraints, discontent, resentment and sufferings evolved
The donkey will never be able to eat his pie that hangs ahead of him
Similarly, the rich cannot live in a sea of poor

A spark, however minor, will result in revolution, changes or destruction
Nobody wants instability but if the 'Haves' lived in their ivory tower and the 'Have-Nots' struggle, implosion is inevitable
Give and take, Care & man's an island
Passing the blames to the 'Have-Nots' will only cause more frustration and resentment

Give back what is fair and due to the 'Have-Nots'; they form the backbone and stability of Society
Greed will maim
Self-denials will destroy
Explosion is manageable but an implosion will shred the Societal's fibres into stoneage

Release and relieve STRESS
Give back the dignity, care and self-esteem to the 'Have-Nots'
The true leader eats, sleeps and shares the same aspirations, fears and dreams of everyone
Before the next teardrop falls

Everyone can live with minimum & no one can live with none