Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stress Or Discontented

Life is a bottled-up roller-coaster...

What's so stressful about daily living? It's almost mundane and routine
Day in, day out; eat sleep, shit ...die someday
The stress comes from providing the possibilities, that is Eat, Sleep, Shit...
The idiot who created the 'medium of exchange' started stress

If everyone lives a simple life; a meal a day, basic housing, affordable transportation and recreation

Life's gonna be a breeze

The stress begins when the 'Haves' becomes the 'Elites' to rule the 'Have-Nots', writes self-serving  and restrictive rules so that the ground is ringfenced for their own benefits
Many aspiring 'Haves but still living as Have-Nots' are given minimum advantages to say "YES" & to support whatever shit the 'Haves' drop
It's simply 'Divide & Rule'
Morals, accountability and responsibility is flush down the manhole

It's good to have aspiration and to be inspired to climb greater heights
But, when meritocracy becomes disguised-restraints, discontent, resentment and sufferings evolved
The donkey will never be able to eat his pie that hangs ahead of him
Similarly, the rich cannot live in a sea of poor

A spark, however minor, will result in revolution, changes or destruction
Nobody wants instability but if the 'Haves' lived in their ivory tower and the 'Have-Nots' struggle, implosion is inevitable
Give and take, Care & man's an island
Passing the blames to the 'Have-Nots' will only cause more frustration and resentment

Give back what is fair and due to the 'Have-Nots'; they form the backbone and stability of Society
Greed will maim
Self-denials will destroy
Explosion is manageable but an implosion will shred the Societal's fibres into stoneage

Release and relieve STRESS
Give back the dignity, care and self-esteem to the 'Have-Nots'
The true leader eats, sleeps and shares the same aspirations, fears and dreams of everyone
Before the next teardrop falls

Everyone can live with minimum & no one can live with none

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