Thursday, May 1, 2014

May @Labour Day

If I'm in labour, I'm struggling to pop out the baby
I can only feel pain, distress & more pain
Sweat & blood flows...

May Day, May Day is an "SOS" call
It's a distress call, not any ordinary phone call
It's an emergency

Why is Labour day also called May day?
Labourers, workers, wage-seekers & salaried-men struggle throughout to earn sweat money
Every penny counts

Workers have minimum to nil bargaining power if their Union speaks the same lingo as employers
It worsen when the Authority sides with employers
Tripartite will always disadvantage the workers; deliberately or otherwise

It may create industrial peace falsely by suppressing workers rights, again deliberately or biasness

Whether it's Labour Day or May Day, it's sweat & blood money
Workers have to work hard to earn their keep; real hard
Local wages are suppressed with the free-flow & import of foreign workers

If foreigners are allowed to work unrestrictedly in any jobs at lower costs; perhaps, if we employ foreign politicians likewise, our costs will be much lower. You can't say M/s Henry Kissingger, Magdeline Albright, Hilary Clinton, Zhu RongJi, Wen JiaBoa aren't talents! Can you?

Whatever! What's good for the goose is good for the gander

Let there be peace, prosperity & harmony
Protect, care & share the dreams, fears & aspirations of all Singaporeans
No local citizens can nor should be deprived of their rights & freedom

We must not be a minority in our own homeland

May the real, sincere & committed leader surface to lead his/flock to higher grounds
Words are cheap; walk your talks
For Singaporeans, by Singaporeans, with Singaporeans

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