Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Second Wind

I grow up seeing calamity, sufferings, pains & HOPEs
I was inspired instead as I grew up in the pediatrics department because my younger brother was regularly ill, very ill indeed
Getting in & out of hospital is a norm
Coming from a very poor family, we were at the mercy of the hospital; by extension their doctors
Well, he lasted almost 20 years

I admire the doctors, their determination and their commitment
Being poor was never a problem with all these God-sent angels around
But, the pains suffered by all the kids in the pediatric department tell me 'I must live the best today & everyday where many struggle to be alive & I only needed to be the best I can'; I was only about 9 years old then
Hope was my only asset

I visited my younger brother, feed him, then took a bus to school daily as my mum struggles to eke out a living
I wanted to be a doctor though I was never one
I never at any time feel inferior nor poor; I felt blessed compared to the rest of the kids
I went on to conquer & push new frontiers with grit, determination, plans & foresight & with basic minimum

You may be born poor but do not live poor; worse if you die a pauper

To supplement my family income, I started to work after my "O" level
Along the way, I collected two diplomas & a degree through hard work as I worked, studied & had a family of my own
Live was a breeze - stormy, tornado, hurricane at times
I never felt disadvantaged as I overcame challenges along the way with commonsense

I have my fair share of successes with sprinkles of defeats

In a God I trust; man proposes, God disposes

At past 50s, I am rediscovering my drive, my prowess, my future
If I have my way, the next 5 years will outshine & outperform my past half decade
It's "The Return Of The Prodigy"

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