Thursday, April 3, 2014

Staying Alive

I'm aging, aging fast
I'm stressed, stressed up by others' problems; a little here, a little there & I'm almost drowned
My attempts to overcome challenges by keeping fit is also draining me
I struggle to keep alive, sparkling bright, positive ...inching forward tirelessly

Some days the biorhythm is simply low
There's no perking up; it's like a liter of petrol left to cover the next 50 km
The body aches, the skeletons do not move in sync & the eyes could hardly open
The brain isn't working & the heart pumps weakly

I can't think straight & I rely on instincts to make decisions
Never have I been in this dilemma - guess, life's lessons are continued education
I go with the flow, with enforced & deliberate patience
I do not get agitated & avoid being drawn into any fray

My smiles never fade
My built, my physique & my thoughts are, but, bold representation
My Soul is flying below radar & above 'my need to stay alive' - surfing
Like Ultraman, I'm waiting to recharge when the sun rises

Is it difficult? No
Is it easy? Not really
There are times I'd like to cry loudly under the rushing tap or under a waterfall
Where every bad feelings & tough challenges are washed away; returning refreshed

Whatever, I'm like the lighthouse - brightly lit, come rain, sunshine or snow

The world is mine to conquer...but, in the meanwhile, I need to remain well & alive
To see the tides rise, to enjoy sunrise & to breathe
I must be ALIVE, well & kicking
Tomorrow is mine & the world is my playground

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