Monday, October 24, 2016

Opportunities In A Crisis- 2017

...history repeats itself

1987 - The Black Monday - 1986/87 were watershed years. The stockmarket crash (Black Monday) was the largest one-day drop; DJIA lost 22.6% or $500bil on October 19, 1987

1997 - The Asian Financial Crisis 1997/98The Asian financial crisis started in Thailand with the collapse of the Thai baht in July 1997. Asian economic miracles became Asian Financial Contagion. Interest rates hit 32% in the Philippines and 65% in Indonesia

2007 - It was called the Global Financial Crisis 2007/08 although it was US-centric spilled over effects. What triggered the meltdown were subprime (high risk) loans then bundled and sold to quasi-government agencies (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) and traded as mortgage-backed securities. The result of "high risk, complex financial products; undisclosed conflicts of interest; the failure of regulators, the credit rating agencies, and the market itself to rein in the excesses of Wall Street.

Will 2017 be any different or the same? If "Yes", what will trigger the crisis?
Many theories have been forwarded from currency & banking crisis to global slowdown to military gamesmanship to a 'freak election results in US (anyone can win and the result is final, NOT freak)'.
It's probably DISTRUST, greed, selfishness and the need to dominate that will trigger the next crisis. The global economic slowdown will trigger the cannibalization of global trade Blocs as trade Blocs crack and divorce.  
This is further aggravated by repatriation of non-citizens and the need to protect locals against unemployment & underemployment thereby setting forth a tit-for-tat protectionism. 
The military gamesmanship by US/NATO and Russia/China and the quagmire of need to dominate geopolitically will undermine the global banking system and the confidence in the respective currencies. Without trust, the global trade will collapse; we will be witnessing a situation worse than the 'Great Depression'.
The excesses of globalisation will take years to consume and food & water will be the 'trade currency' and bargaining chips. The madness of war and threats of an 'all-out nuclear' war will hamper recovery. Unless, and until, TRUST is restored, little can be done to rebuild the damaged split-global economy. Brexit is just the beginning. 

Prosperity happens where there are trusts and mutual gains can be built.

However, it will not be all 'doom & gloom'; war reparation triggers economic recovery. A new world order will surface and a new form of economic exchange shall rise. With TRUST, recovery, rebuilding and growth returns. Watch ASIA & Gold

2017 will still see plentiful of opportunities in the stockmarkets

The Demise Of Local Stockmarket for the sake of working without initiatives and nil judgement calls

Material Impact On Stocks Trading In SGX

I was in stockbroking from 1986 to 2004 and had seen my fair share of market gyrations. From the days of Pan-Electric to the 1987 Stockmarket Crisis, the Asian Financial Crisis 1997/98 through to the US Contagion 2007/08 and more. Although I have exited the stockbroking industry, I am proud and hold dear to my heart of 'Singapore as a Financial Centre'.

However, there are certain policy matters that were adopted but left unintended handicap and is decimating trading (volumes) in SGX. Perhaps, the Society of Remisiers (Singapore) - (SORS) - and/or the Securities Investors Association (Singapore) - (SIAS) -care to support or  disagree with the following views.

1) Micronising Bid/Ask quote -

Bid/Ask quote were reduced to $0.001 with a view to increase trading volumes and to act as 'fastfeeds' to algo-trades. It was well and fine until SGX mandated that main board companies must trade above $0.20 failing which the shares must be consolidated. What was the underlying principle for this?

Over time, it has been proven that if the ListCo is a 'dog', the price will still decline to below $0.20 after consolidation. Minority shareholders bear the brunt as their shares collapsed in value and trades were scarce post-consolidation.

2) Board Lot Size were reduced -

There was good intention when board lot size were reduced from 1,000 shares to 100 shares per lot. This is to make the higher value, more qualitative stocks available to the small investors. However, nothing was done to require a 'minimum dollar size' for each trade but there is a minimum brokerage fee charged. 

It is comical, for example, that a trade of 100 shares at $10.17 (SIA) is $1,017 and the brokerage charged is $25 - $40. Another trade of 100 shares at $0.001 (Annica) is $0.10 and the brokerage charged is also $25 - $40. Shouldn't there be a discrimination on minimum dollar value instead of a blanket application to all ListCos? 

3) Doing away with lunch breaks -

It was hopeful that more trades will be generated by ceasing lunch breaks for remisiers and dealers. But, over time, it has been proven that this is a myth. For the sake of health and good practice, lunch breaks should be restored. Remisiers and dealers need to meet clients and prospects to cultivate and generate interests and share investment ideas. 

If machines alone can proliferate trades, 90% of trades would have been executed through the internet but it is the reverse that is true.
This is not a fault finding note but I am hopeful that the unintended ills are redressed. I trust the relevant authorities will expeditiously rectify the kink.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The World Shall End As Selfishness And Self-denial Manifest

...time and tides wait for no man

如家佛教道教 Confucianism, Buddhism & Taoism are philosophy taught by learned teachers, Confucius, Buddha and TaiShang LaoJun.
They did not create nor prophersize fresh theories but relied on their knowledge, understanding and wisdom of grand old 4000 - 6000 years old philosophical theories.
Their intent is to share their wisdom and to share, educate & impart knowledge and henceforth forestall the end of mankind.


The world of 7 billion are lead by selfish, self-serving and greedy politicians
When the wealthy grease the politicians and they craft policies to ringfence & hoard wealth within their inner circle, the mass suffers.
Why should the West decide who rule the Mid-East natons?
If clean energy can sufficiently supply global needs why are there still resistence to deploy them?
If climate change is going to destroy the Earth, why does US produces the most carbon?
Why can't US/NATO coexist & share leadership with Russia/China peacefully for the good of humanity?

No one! No one can escape unscathed from the next WWar; it's MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction

The wealth of the world centres around banking & armaments; medicine & food come next.
Money makes the world goes round  有钱能使鬼推磨 and coerce & extract obedience
Arms coerce & extract obedience
Medicine & food in the hands of the powerful coerce & extract obedience
The poor & weak are made weaker by coercion and submit to 'command and control', not by choice but submission

The richest 1% of the world's population now owns 50% of its total wealth - Suisse Credit
62 richest billionaires control 50% of the world wealth - Oxfam

If only the sinners (non-religious context) and sinful regret, remorse and repent, the world will never be able to recover as the decaying globe self-destruct.
Money cannot repair the globe but good behavior & repentance will slow the 'murder' of the globe
When Earth is contaminated [nuclear fallout], polluted [pollution of water sources, air and environment] and tainted [overused land], no one will be able to escape this armageddon.

The belief that GOD will save you is nothing more than an ILLUSION when all hell breaks loss.
When high waves, raging fires, breaking earth and darkness arrive, MAN shall hallucinate & seek GOD's forgiveness and salvation ...
Have your seen GOD whichever religion you belong and believe?  NO
Whether you are capitalist, communist, socialist or whatever...when the Globe explodes with poison, we all go - rich & poor

If you are never wrong or never believe that you have done wrong, then there is NO need to repent.
If you do not change, how do you expect the world and the environment around you to change.
Continuous self-denial is the surest way to desttruction.
The wealthy will be less willing to part but parting is only a "WHEN" for the poor - its deliverance
Death the Leveller

Be compassionate, be kind, care and share
Slow down and spare a little time to yourself and your fellowmen
If...If you want more peace and blessings, reflect of your past, correct your misinformed intent and repent.
There are peace and harmony in Mankind & this starts with you

Monday, October 17, 2016

Life Is Like A Boat In The Ocean

...when the tides come in

The 5 oceans and 7 continents
Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Artic ocean, Indian ocean & Southern ocean
Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America & South America
Man lives on land and are connected by waterways
75% of Earth is filled with water but drinkable waters are few

Modern days connectivity has made the world smaller, communication faster & time compact
Many believe that technology assists mankind and make life easier
But, but...the reverse is obvious
There are 7 billion + people on Earth; an Earth made smaller by crowd & technology
The challenge to rule and dominate the world become all the more urgent

The richest 1% of the world's population now owns 50% of its total wealth - Suisse Credit
62 richest billionaires control 50% of the world wealth - Oxfam
The gap between the rich and poor is getting bigger
We are like boats when we were born; sampans, tongkangs, yachts, catamarans, cruise..
We ride the economic waves like that of the seas

The UPs & DOWNs - many venture into the voyages onto the unknown
Small boats cannot ever try the high seas while larger boats fear the stormy seas
Even cruises have to avoid the 'eye of the storm'; the Titanic did not make it past her maiden voyage not because of storm but an iceberg
The Blue Navy rules the world but none can survive the wrath of Nature
Like many of us, we grow, are empowered, gain strength, knowledge and wisdom to venture into the future 

Always sail with a compass and live with a goal
The newfoundland are few in a world of 7 billion
Instead of cannibalizing the world economy, we should adopt the 'Blue Ocean' strategy; the need to carve a niche in a crowded market place
There are opportunities if everyone care to share but it's getting scarce
For each, his own; tomorrow is never promised

Our live journey is one that begins and must end 生老病死
Like the boat, it shall wear & tear over time and decay in due course & return to dust
Victory and glory are nice but short and sharp; many are forgotten and cast into the annuls of history 成仅拥有
Have compassion, empathy, care & share
GOD will relieve you of Earthly bondages

So long as you are contented and willing to share - the world will be a better place
The 'wealthy one' cannot live in a 'sea of poors'
A General without Soldiers is worse than blunt knife; useless
The selfish and self-righteous will not dominate & rule in due course
Death - the Leveller

Be a 'Love Boat' basking in the peaceful environment rather than a aircraft carrier caught in the midst of battle - deception self-destruct

You may be born poor but need not remain - the world is yours to conquer
But, choose your waterways for the small boat cannot sail into the open seas
Be Contented
Be Compassionate 
The more you share the further you shall sail

Monday, October 10, 2016

Limits of Life

there's a limit to ...

How fast to go, how swift to get results, how determine you're to gain or defeat your opponents..?
Every decisions come with a price - take him down at all cost or walk away like a wounded dodo!
There is a time for everything and doing nothing is the hardest - 发呆 - lying low and waiting!

I have been used to fast life, high tension, high stress jobs; anything less is a deliberate act to manage, wait for the perfect time 天时地利人和 ,be ready and ...Pounce!
But, the waiting can be killing; suicidal at times.
I never wait for the 'perfect time' as I believe anytime is good time.
But, but... I have hit too many obstacles such that I'm weakened but alive 不是生活而是活生生的

When the going is tough, the tough keeps going
Positive thinking is great but it's tonnes of bullshit if 'YOU" are simmering & swimming in it
There is light at the end of the tunnel; what if it's a train coming?
Tough people lasts, tough times don't is another bullshit; how is it humanly possible to face defeat again, again & again?
The caregivers normally die ahead of the patients!

I am a lighthouse to many they claimed.
But, who is to know that I have my hurdles and challenges?
Do I complain? NO
I can only do my best & leave the rest...easier said than done.
When I am completely down, I switch 'OFF' completely

If there is GOD, then GOD is responsible for my well being and blessings.
I always believe there is GOD & he is always with me, by my side

Over the years, I have been learning to stay away from negative people, including the compulsive complainants.
They bring nothing but loads of problems to you and do not seek solutions as "everything is also 'CANNOT & unable'; they seek to drown you in their problems.
Alas, they beggar thy neighbors
Stay away from them if you are down; that is Survival

It's that much I can do!
It's that much I can tolerate and 'push the frontiers'.
Having no friends is not a problem; it's having 'problemed' friends that kill.
I ...I need to unload my burden to someone & the someone is "GOD"

Like my data plan, I have almost reach my limits.
Overdrafts and added costs must be avoided at all costs.
The time is due for a reset.
In GOD I trust

The only greatness is 'if & when you are alive'.
If you are dead, nothing else matters...the smart 'live to fight another day'!