Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The World Shall End As Selfishness And Self-denial Manifest

...time and tides wait for no man

如家佛教道教 Confucianism, Buddhism & Taoism are philosophy taught by learned teachers, Confucius, Buddha and TaiShang LaoJun.
They did not create nor prophersize fresh theories but relied on their knowledge, understanding and wisdom of grand old 4000 - 6000 years old philosophical theories.
Their intent is to share their wisdom and to share, educate & impart knowledge and henceforth forestall the end of mankind.


The world of 7 billion are lead by selfish, self-serving and greedy politicians
When the wealthy grease the politicians and they craft policies to ringfence & hoard wealth within their inner circle, the mass suffers.
Why should the West decide who rule the Mid-East natons?
If clean energy can sufficiently supply global needs why are there still resistence to deploy them?
If climate change is going to destroy the Earth, why does US produces the most carbon?
Why can't US/NATO coexist & share leadership with Russia/China peacefully for the good of humanity?

No one! No one can escape unscathed from the next WWar; it's MAD - Mutual Assured Destruction

The wealth of the world centres around banking & armaments; medicine & food come next.
Money makes the world goes round  有钱能使鬼推磨 and coerce & extract obedience
Arms coerce & extract obedience
Medicine & food in the hands of the powerful coerce & extract obedience
The poor & weak are made weaker by coercion and submit to 'command and control', not by choice but submission

The richest 1% of the world's population now owns 50% of its total wealth - Suisse Credit
62 richest billionaires control 50% of the world wealth - Oxfam

If only the sinners (non-religious context) and sinful regret, remorse and repent, the world will never be able to recover as the decaying globe self-destruct.
Money cannot repair the globe but good behavior & repentance will slow the 'murder' of the globe
When Earth is contaminated [nuclear fallout], polluted [pollution of water sources, air and environment] and tainted [overused land], no one will be able to escape this armageddon.

The belief that GOD will save you is nothing more than an ILLUSION when all hell breaks loss.
When high waves, raging fires, breaking earth and darkness arrive, MAN shall hallucinate & seek GOD's forgiveness and salvation ...
Have your seen GOD whichever religion you belong and believe?  NO
Whether you are capitalist, communist, socialist or whatever...when the Globe explodes with poison, we all go - rich & poor

If you are never wrong or never believe that you have done wrong, then there is NO need to repent.
If you do not change, how do you expect the world and the environment around you to change.
Continuous self-denial is the surest way to desttruction.
The wealthy will be less willing to part but parting is only a "WHEN" for the poor - its deliverance
Death the Leveller

Be compassionate, be kind, care and share
Slow down and spare a little time to yourself and your fellowmen
If...If you want more peace and blessings, reflect of your past, correct your misinformed intent and repent.
There are peace and harmony in Mankind & this starts with you

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