Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Perfect Frustration

When you do not know what to do, then do nothing. ...

I am near perfect
Everytime, i try to be perfect or near perfect
I found I am perfectly frustrated
Perfection is almost non-existent

Not doing anything is a skill & costs nothing; its not being indifference. It's patience - in - motion

I always try helping others
I put others ahead of me often
I never fail to assist anyone who comes to see me with a problem
I only realized that whatever I do with my charitable self, it's self-defeating

Everyone takes for granted and any relieves and reprieve they receive is a 'right'
I am learning
I am learning to be a little more resilient, affirmative and to turn away the tides of pests
There is that much I can do

Inspite of defeats, unappreciated (something I never bother), taken for granted
I wake up everyday afresh, fit and ready to take on the challenging day
It's challenging only if I'm down (when the biorhytm) or when days are simply 'flat'
Otherwise, I fighting-fit; mentally, physically and in mind

Of course, like everything else, I need to disappear from humanity and familiarity to remain sane
In an isolation corner, I recharge, redeem, rejuvenate & return
Like the phoenix, I return from my the ashes
Like the butterfly whose wings are dried, I fly into grandsome, well & pretty

It's a perfection I have learnt

Friday, October 17, 2014

Stockmarkets - Buy, Sell, Hold Or Quit

On 15 Sep 2014, I wrote "... there's going to be coincidentally sharp correction especially those markets that i) have seen new highs ii) are seeing high or near high. Even those that are weak, further drop is not totally unexpected..."

What's in the near future that the rout seemingly have not, or wouldn't, stop?

Billion$ have been wiped off the markets and many are looking for reasons why this time the drop was so sharp yet doesn't seem to stop. Didn't it occurred to players that DJIA has been on the uptrend since 2008 without any meaningful correction?

Looking for reasons after the onslaught begun is like 'looking for life vests in a sinking ship'; the hurt had begun!

I believe the correction is almost done!

By early to mid next week (3-5 trading days), there will be some semblance of rebound; the best is yet to be. The consolidation for the next couple of months will pave the way to an exciting 1Q, 2015. 
Similarly, I hazard to guess 1Q, 2015 will be one of the best performing quarter.

As at close 16 Oct 2015:

ST -44.5 (3154)
N225 -335 (14738)
KLCI -19 (1767)
HSI -239 (22900)
JKT -11 (4951)
DJIA -48 (16093* trading in progress)
S&P -5 (1856 *)
Nasdaq -23 (4190*)

The Bull buys on weakness
The Bear sells into strength
The Sheep hold or quit

Everyone wants to make profit but few do their homework. like always

Trade with extreme care and if you profit, spare some for the poor and needy!
Good Luck

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Am Stuck

when you are stuck, most would have rot...

When life hands me lemons, I make lemonade
When opportunities knock, I make attempts to crystalize results
When I am down, I laid low until the ill-winds blow over
I have fought many battles & won small wars
I have been an incurable optimist

How long can I sustain this onslaught? God knows
I have plentiful of work, work & more work but I am clueless of the future
Like the hardworking, right thinking and smart ass, I toil
Will there be positive results? I really do not know
I am just following my heart

I am weak; weak internally and my ability to fight to survive is waning
I have more setbacks than I care to count sprinkled with small victories
Many admire me; my style, my steadiness, my aura, my positiveness
But none knows I am cracking up
I am as sturdy as Sir Stamford Raffles statue overlooking Singapore River

This is where the problem begins; I am stuck

At 10, I worked doubly hard to support my family running food stalls
At 20, I started working with only an 'O' Level certificate
At 30, I began my 'hockey-stick' growth, armed with a 2nd Class Upper degree
At 40, I was one of the top performing trader
At 50, I was able to put it rightly, to retreat into the sunset & anonymity

Today, I have aged
But, I have a body of 30+ & a mind that charges ahead like a brand new Aston Martin
In my field, my knowledge and experiences is beyond many
I am as sharp as a sickle
I would humbly like to retreat into the sunset and wilderness but ...

I am waiting for the next breakthrough; GOD willing

Either I breakdown completely and return to dusts
Or I shall have my next hurrays
Anyway, come what may or whatever comes
I will be there for my victory parade
As a Star, like always