Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Am Stuck

when you are stuck, most would have rot...

When life hands me lemons, I make lemonade
When opportunities knock, I make attempts to crystalize results
When I am down, I laid low until the ill-winds blow over
I have fought many battles & won small wars
I have been an incurable optimist

How long can I sustain this onslaught? God knows
I have plentiful of work, work & more work but I am clueless of the future
Like the hardworking, right thinking and smart ass, I toil
Will there be positive results? I really do not know
I am just following my heart

I am weak; weak internally and my ability to fight to survive is waning
I have more setbacks than I care to count sprinkled with small victories
Many admire me; my style, my steadiness, my aura, my positiveness
But none knows I am cracking up
I am as sturdy as Sir Stamford Raffles statue overlooking Singapore River

This is where the problem begins; I am stuck

At 10, I worked doubly hard to support my family running food stalls
At 20, I started working with only an 'O' Level certificate
At 30, I began my 'hockey-stick' growth, armed with a 2nd Class Upper degree
At 40, I was one of the top performing trader
At 50, I was able to put it rightly, to retreat into the sunset & anonymity

Today, I have aged
But, I have a body of 30+ & a mind that charges ahead like a brand new Aston Martin
In my field, my knowledge and experiences is beyond many
I am as sharp as a sickle
I would humbly like to retreat into the sunset and wilderness but ...

I am waiting for the next breakthrough; GOD willing

Either I breakdown completely and return to dusts
Or I shall have my next hurrays
Anyway, come what may or whatever comes
I will be there for my victory parade
As a Star, like always

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