Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Things Go Wrong

I have been a lighthouse to many...but

I commented on many issues, especially those affecting the less well-off, poor, sick & underdogs.

1) Why build mechanized parking system when you can build taller/higher flats & leave lower levels for parking eg The Pinnacle? 

With taller/higher flats, you will also save Bt Brown, save costs & spaces.

2) why increase ERP charges to deter use of cars if by incentivizing car pooling, car sharing & fringe carparks reduced the number of cars on the road?

3) why spend $400mil on foreigners (scholarship) & tell Singaporeans Uni education is not necessary. Besides, Singaporeans pay fees (could have been free if the $400mil is redirected) to study?

4) why pay higher fares for MRT breakdowns & crowded buses/trains instead of rewarding good performances?

5) why select & elect your MPs & complain that your grievances, voices & needs are not met? You have decided & you 'live by the sword & die by the sword'!

All my thoughts and suggestions lead to no where. It's best to action my thoughts than to make comments.

I am a witness to the implosion in my beloved nation soon

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