Monday, September 15, 2014

Stockmarket & Eclipses

Will the Lunar Eclipse cause another catastrophe in the financial market or the world at large - Oct 8, 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse?

Eclipses during year 2014

2014 - Following the low in Jan/Feb (Capricon Effects), market rebounded but still got wiped off most gains nearer April.

After the July 3rd/Q cyclic low, market continued the rise. 

Will this Oct 4th/Q-cyclic low be dominant or dramatic as it coincide with the Total Lunar Eclipse? 

My gut feel is 'there's going to be coincidentally sharp correction especially those markets that i) have seen new highs ii) are seeing high or near high. Even those that are weak, further drop is not totally unexpected'. It's best to consult your lawyers, brokers and professionals for their learned opinions.

Do Not take my word for it.

Market travels in cycles. Every upward or downward trends may be interrupted and change course; trade with care. 


wizard said...

The markets reacted negatively prior to the lunar eclipse yet rebounded handsomely past the eclipse.


It's been very, very coincident for ages!

wizard said...

Sg +32 (3259)
HK +271 (23534)
DJ +274 (16994)
Nasdaq +83 (4468)
KLCI +5.4 (1829)
SET +17 (1561)
JCI +35 (4993)

N225 -117 (15478)

Post Lunar Eclipse

wizard said...

14 Oct 2014

SG -7.7 (3194)
HK -95 (23048)
DJ -223 (16321)
Nasdaq -65 (4213)
KLCI -0.8 (1796)
SET +4.43 (1546)
JCI +9.5 (4922)
N225 -364 (14936)

Between Friday & Monday, DJIA dropped more than 500 points...