Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going Forward 向前走

When you were born, you can only move forward and continue growing...

Life is filled with uncertainties, surprises and challenges least expected
There is never a moment of dullness
Every second, minute, hour is a flow
Whether you move, stay or roll, the grand oldman of time moves

Heaven is too good for me
Hell has no place yet for me
Earth is where I belong
But, if my time is up, can I not go?
Whatever I do, I do my best
Whenever I am faced with challenges, I break new grounds and set new rules
I am no genius nor am I a demon
I am a plain earthling seeking solutions and survival; prosper thereafter

I seek pleasure in pressure
I find hopes in adversities
I surf against rushing tides and sweep through hell or high fire
I live to see the daylight of Victory

Hurts & setbacks; I have some
Victories; I have plenty
I count my blessings; God adds to my blessings
A day well used is a day won

Forward, I move; I cannot stop aging, growing... finally dying
But, I can treasure and make the best use of every second, minute and hour
Nothing is certain including defeats & failures except moving forward
The only certainty is ME. Since I am only in forward mode, I make it a point to live Happily, Healthily, Positively and  to move swiftly to gain grounds

Like the grand oak that stands tall and the little grass that dances in the winds...
Thats ME

Friday, January 21, 2011


Memories are fleeting...

Like rushing waters, time flies
Like the sands of time, I did not have a chance to grab it
Always rushing forward towards the finishing line
I achieved fame, successes, some setbacks, rewards and rebukes
As I moved from young to mid-age, to elderly to old...
I realised I have achieved some but missed plenty

If living means 100 years;

my first quarter was a struggle - Struggled to make ends meet, to find the next meal, to find time and money to study; everyday earned is an achievement

second quarter was a struggle to build on first quarter, building a career and doing extras, attending lessons to make good academic emptiness, building a nest and providing for family; everyday is about surviving tomorrow's challenges

I am walking towards third quarter; what are my challenges ahead? I do not know and I need not search. Tomorrow shall come but the best is today.

What have I not seen? Betrayals, setbacks, clowning, suckered, successes, failures, victories... I have been there, done that

Painful memories are when you are primed into and enslave as a stereotype such as 'the smart one', 'the silly clown', 'the total failure'; with that label, you dare not venture out of the parameters others drawn for you

My memories are fading...

I live my best today & hopes drive my days
I live happily, healthily and with zest & zen

I am tired of living the life like that of a pachinco machine, struggling to prevent the ball from slipping past me

Slowly but surely I know who are are my friends and foes; the good, the bad and the ugly - memories fading though

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Future Is All About Hope; A new year, 52 new weeks, 365 new days - make good use of it/them 

When you are walking through the dark alleys of your life, do not worry; like night, daybreak shall come

When the going is tough and rough and you need to ride through the eye of the storm, its all in the hands of God; enjoy the waves 'cos few survive to relate it

When the plane you are travelling in hits turbulence and spin, fear not as only the chosen few are in the flying tube; you will survive to tell a story that few in this World (of 6.6bil people) can

It's the coldness and wetness that Winter provides that makes Spring beautiful

Whoever survives an ordeal lives to tell a tall tale; 33 Chilean Miners Survived Entrapment Underground, teen Shark Attack Survivor Shares Story on Facebook,

The terminally ill hopes to see, or leave painlessly, tomorrow and the sick seek to be healed; the power of the Mind to cure is immense

Divorce is a by-product of marriage without which the home can be a 'living hell' and misery replace wholesome living when the marriage has broken down - marriages are made in Heaven but practice on Earth

The challenges of being the best and perfect is as elusive as the rainbow; nobody can be 100% ready but we need to be lucky

I have a dream and my dream is filled with HOPEs; I may be weak from time to time, but I remain unfazed and unmoved by the distractions, temptations and shallowness of silliness that runs in my blood; I, like the stalk of grass that dance in the storm, bent but not broken

We are make to be different and to take different routes toward the end (point); it could be hilarious living, happy ending or rough & tumble journeying. Hope is the fuel and Faith is the driver
With HOPEs we reach the peak and with FAITH, we move mountains

Food For Thoughts:
"Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." Plato (427-347 B.C.)

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."  Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Is 'New Normal'

The World is undergoing a change and CHANGE is the only norm...its never 'new normal'

"New Normal" :

- low growth coupled with increasing rate of unemployment

- confluence of power play by who's who in the developed economies which have imploded under the weight of financial engineering and an indifference to moral rules

- living with pay cuts; either having to work longer hours with the same pay or taking a lower pay instead of being laidoff

- where the middle class have to shop at discount stores, cut discount coupons, dines on hotdogs and beans and to rent rather than buy/own a roof over his/her heads

- high unemployment, credit contraction and budget/spending cuts

- jobs disappeared in M&As, collapsed corporates, job enlargement rather than job enrichment is the norm

- getting married to a tech geek (or both) who spends most time of his time facing the PCs or both talk to each other only through SMSes, emails, tweets, etc except talking to one another; even bring up an e-baby

- where the rich-poor gap is wider that the ocean and widening still; the earlier you realized that the world will never be equal, the earlier you accept reality

- where 'winner takes all' and selfish leaders promise more and deliver less; a promise will remain a promise until delivered

- suicide or ethanasia is an acceptable exit in/of life as prolonged recession leads to depression of the mind and spirit; falling self-esteem and empty promises exaggerated acceptance

In this trying period, selfishness and greed rules. Grandiose sounding phrases such as 'new normal' and 'we will work together towards prosperity' are meant to convince you that you must/should accept the state of mind, work hard, slaved selflessly and don't ask questions!

I believe its better to accept that time's challenging and take the bull by the horn; what's gone may not return and change your course of actions to craft a new destiny. The truth is 'Change is the only constant'

Nobody can promise you a better tomorrow; 2011 is, and shall be, a year of CHANGES
 Whatever 'new normal' means it meant 'CHANGE'...