Friday, January 21, 2011


Memories are fleeting...

Like rushing waters, time flies
Like the sands of time, I did not have a chance to grab it
Always rushing forward towards the finishing line
I achieved fame, successes, some setbacks, rewards and rebukes
As I moved from young to mid-age, to elderly to old...
I realised I have achieved some but missed plenty

If living means 100 years;

my first quarter was a struggle - Struggled to make ends meet, to find the next meal, to find time and money to study; everyday earned is an achievement

second quarter was a struggle to build on first quarter, building a career and doing extras, attending lessons to make good academic emptiness, building a nest and providing for family; everyday is about surviving tomorrow's challenges

I am walking towards third quarter; what are my challenges ahead? I do not know and I need not search. Tomorrow shall come but the best is today.

What have I not seen? Betrayals, setbacks, clowning, suckered, successes, failures, victories... I have been there, done that

Painful memories are when you are primed into and enslave as a stereotype such as 'the smart one', 'the silly clown', 'the total failure'; with that label, you dare not venture out of the parameters others drawn for you

My memories are fading...

I live my best today & hopes drive my days
I live happily, healthily and with zest & zen

I am tired of living the life like that of a pachinco machine, struggling to prevent the ball from slipping past me

Slowly but surely I know who are are my friends and foes; the good, the bad and the ugly - memories fading though

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