Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Is 'New Normal'

The World is undergoing a change and CHANGE is the only norm...its never 'new normal'

"New Normal" :

- low growth coupled with increasing rate of unemployment

- confluence of power play by who's who in the developed economies which have imploded under the weight of financial engineering and an indifference to moral rules

- living with pay cuts; either having to work longer hours with the same pay or taking a lower pay instead of being laidoff

- where the middle class have to shop at discount stores, cut discount coupons, dines on hotdogs and beans and to rent rather than buy/own a roof over his/her heads

- high unemployment, credit contraction and budget/spending cuts

- jobs disappeared in M&As, collapsed corporates, job enlargement rather than job enrichment is the norm

- getting married to a tech geek (or both) who spends most time of his time facing the PCs or both talk to each other only through SMSes, emails, tweets, etc except talking to one another; even bring up an e-baby

- where the rich-poor gap is wider that the ocean and widening still; the earlier you realized that the world will never be equal, the earlier you accept reality

- where 'winner takes all' and selfish leaders promise more and deliver less; a promise will remain a promise until delivered

- suicide or ethanasia is an acceptable exit in/of life as prolonged recession leads to depression of the mind and spirit; falling self-esteem and empty promises exaggerated acceptance

In this trying period, selfishness and greed rules. Grandiose sounding phrases such as 'new normal' and 'we will work together towards prosperity' are meant to convince you that you must/should accept the state of mind, work hard, slaved selflessly and don't ask questions!

I believe its better to accept that time's challenging and take the bull by the horn; what's gone may not return and change your course of actions to craft a new destiny. The truth is 'Change is the only constant'

Nobody can promise you a better tomorrow; 2011 is, and shall be, a year of CHANGES
 Whatever 'new normal' means it meant 'CHANGE'...

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Gilbert said...

Hi Swee Heng,

Ya the global financial crisis has wrecked up the world pretty good.

Many in the US and Europe are still jobless and you are talking about a few million people out of work.

Families are destroyed, depression deepens and people dont feel the joy of living anymore.

Is capitalism still the only way for progress? I dont think so as I think it only enrichs certain people who are street smart and scheming.

Take care and have a blessed new year ahead.