Thursday, January 27, 2011

Going Forward 向前走

When you were born, you can only move forward and continue growing...

Life is filled with uncertainties, surprises and challenges least expected
There is never a moment of dullness
Every second, minute, hour is a flow
Whether you move, stay or roll, the grand oldman of time moves

Heaven is too good for me
Hell has no place yet for me
Earth is where I belong
But, if my time is up, can I not go?
Whatever I do, I do my best
Whenever I am faced with challenges, I break new grounds and set new rules
I am no genius nor am I a demon
I am a plain earthling seeking solutions and survival; prosper thereafter

I seek pleasure in pressure
I find hopes in adversities
I surf against rushing tides and sweep through hell or high fire
I live to see the daylight of Victory

Hurts & setbacks; I have some
Victories; I have plenty
I count my blessings; God adds to my blessings
A day well used is a day won

Forward, I move; I cannot stop aging, growing... finally dying
But, I can treasure and make the best use of every second, minute and hour
Nothing is certain including defeats & failures except moving forward
The only certainty is ME. Since I am only in forward mode, I make it a point to live Happily, Healthily, Positively and  to move swiftly to gain grounds

Like the grand oak that stands tall and the little grass that dances in the winds...
Thats ME

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Kok Keng said...

this is nice!