Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hopes Turn Reality 2009/10

2009 started with shadows of the Great Depression but offers lessons of optimism, hopes & successes

We have come a long way since the Bunonic Plague (Black Death) of 1348, the Wall Street crash of 1929, the World Wars, the S&L crisis of 1980s, Singapore's recession 1985/86, the Asian Financial crisis of 1997/8, 9/11 @2001, SARS 2002/3... we survive and thrive because of HOPEs and perseverance

Hopes, encouragements and commitments go a long way to heal and rehabilitate

If AIG and Citigroup had been allowed to fail - (that they were saved from 'drowning' were, but, Sophie's choice) - we will be walking in the dark tunnels of financial age; blown back into pre-currency period. It may look foolhardy for the global Governments to act in unison with rescue and stimulus packages; its a choice between depression and warmongering or hopes with recovery.

The Tamil Tigers have demobilized and peace prevails & may Tiger Woods also find peace. There were hits and misses but eventually good sense and truths prevail.

Life is tough and may sometimes seems hopeless but with more selfless fellow beings, the tinge of hope will manifest into positive outcome. A little care goes a long way. Just to cite a few;

When I walked out of my clinic after attending to all my patients, I felt psychologically like a 44year old, 10 years younger than my actual age. Which medicine can make you feel 60years younger? Most importantly, I felt I had contributed, in a small way, to human welfare - Prof Lee Wei Ling

While it may not be possible to cure patients of all their ailments, we must offer them hope that tomorrow may be a better day. Life does not end when our heart stops beating or when we hit the ground after jumping off a building. It ends when hope begins to die - Dr Ang Peng Tiam

I try to help the less fortunate whenever possible; not that I am working to secure a place in Heaven nor to seek publicity but I want to make living more comfortable and light. And when everybody's life is lighter, the road forward will hopefully be smoother. 

I live my life fullest today and anyday; being able to help is my fortune.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reality Checks

Forewarned is forearmed

Never cheat someone of his hardearned money. You are lucky if he wants the money back. If he doesn't want the money, you will pay with your life - PK
- if the money don't save his life, he buys one

Abstaining is favorable both to the head and the pocket - Horace Greeley
- its every man's best choice, rich or poor

What makes resisting temptation difficult for many people is they don't want to discourage it completely 
- Franklin P. Jones
- i can resist everything except ... temptation, cos temptation disappers as i aged
To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart - Donald Laird
- Warning on wrapper: you don't get hurt using your head, you will be disadvantaged using your heart
The one who loves least controls the relationship
- i would rather control the purse

Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them - Greg Evans
- we live in a make belief world

Man is the head of the family, woman the neck that turns the head
- the definitive reality of life

"What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog" - General Dwight D. Eisenhower
- i fight to win; size never cowed me
i may be down but i am never out ... inaction is not No action - i wait my time

Monday, December 7, 2009

We Thought We Learnt Our Lessons...

The only lesson we learnt is to make the next year's problems bigger and more nerve wrecking...

2000 - Nasdaq peaks at 5049 & supersonic Concorde crash ... never to be seen again

2001 - US in recession, Enron files for Chapter 11 & US WorldTradeCentre crashed

2002 - WorldCom & Global Crossing Inc slip under

2003 - Madcow disease & SARS spread & "The number of bankruptcy petitions in Singapore hit a 55-month high in July 2003 to 568, a 52 percent surge from the same period a year ago"

2004 - Tsunami strikes & kills more than 230,000 people

2005 - Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans

2006 - Case-Shiller Home Price Index peaks; the harbinger of financial disaster

2007 -  Stockmarkets crash; near perfect timing as in 1987 & 1997

2008 - Lehman Bros, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, WaMu, Northern Rock, Iceland  'sang their swan song'

2009 - GM & Chrysler declare bankruptcy; Bernie Madoff 'ponzied' US$65bil

The Decade Post-2000s Is The Decade Of Superlatives - including budget deficits and stimulus packages. 

i pray that the next BIGgest thing coming is not the use of the biggest, most destructive and maddest weapon - nuclear; otherwise, i don't get to write and you'd never get to read anymore as we all perish in the greatest
exit of Mankind.

What will we see in 2010? 

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Broke ... penniless

Penniless But Not Broken

I once had only S$2 a day to spend for fourteen days continuous but I took it in stride
I spent on transport and light meal; kept my smiles and remain sturdily positive

When I made my first million, I did not rejoice nor punch into the air in exhilaration
Instead I allow myself to spend as and when I wish to with little restraint but in silence

I learn to pamper myself alittle, allow some indulgences and return some to Society
I eased into charitable acts with minimum constraints

When misfortune strikes, I was hit like a pilot in a rudderless plane; trying to find land
Darkness surrounds, friends evaporated like condensation into thin air; whats left was Faith
I sold my house and cars; I cut all credit cards and de-geared speedily and I touched Earth
I stood tall with my smiles and with an unbending will

Nobody gonna pity me nor share my sorrows; I quietly accept without regrets
Like a wounded swallow without its bird's nest 有燕无窝; I rested, reflected and rebuilt from scratch

With Faith, a freshly-mint goal and a steely mind, I returned as pheonix from ashes
I learnt that whether you are rich or poor, nobody really cares
It is within you - to built, to grow and to stand tall
Jealously guard your health and be ready

Nobody is forever poor nor rich - the gateway is in your mind
I maybe as poor as a church mouse but my Faith and steely mind manifest my Aura and emits light &  lightness that no money can buy

If there is one thing calls 'Fate', it is for you to determine; I write my own Providence

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Be Inspired ...

Words slice through the mind where the sword fails

Ability is nothing without opportunity.  If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.  A leader is a dealer in hope. Napoleon Bonaparte 
...nobody can rob you if you are intense and daring

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
Barack Obama is the day and the pound of flesh is yours to take 

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
Dalai Lama 
...happiness is the latent force within 

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein 
...the wrong route can never lead to the desired destination

It is a kingly act to assist the fallen.  Jesus said love one another. He didn't say love the whole world. me and help all; to be able to help is a blessing

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.  Effective action is always unjust.
Maya Angelou
...truth is always ugly

The fewer the words, the better the prayer.
Martin Luther 
...when all else fails & the world left me; in solitude, I pray

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Search...

Searching for your ideal ...

Life is filled with uncertainty and pygmalion effect; we search far and wide but it is the mind that wins the day

Frustration is when you can't get what you set out to achieve but having achieved it, a new bar is set

The battle to win is forever long drawn and the journey is fraught with perils beyond most

Only those with stamina, will and steely nerves will succeed; not forgetting the opportunists too

As long as you are happy with what you do, go ahead with whatever works
*Whatever Works - Written by Woody Allen

The ugly truth is always hurtful and denials are escapades for the lesser mortals
*The Ugly Truth - Starring Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler

It is always good to remain silent, be prepared and be aware; pounce when opportunity presents

The World will never be equal, not even the Law of the lands; the only equaliser is Death

Death is the distance between birth and final achievement; "death" is not a scare word

Your shadow is longest at the setting sun and sunrise

Like opportunities; if you didn't spot one, you have to wait for the next

*Enjoy Whatever Works & The Ugly Truth

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stockmarket - A Bag Of Gold Or ... fools' gold

Stretching Your Bets ...


If stockmarket runs ahead of fundamentals, why do analysts need to update and rewrite their pieces?
Do analysts simply crystal-balling their write-ups, like soothesayers, or are they drowned in a sea of statistics?
Hard facts don't lie; selective application does.
What changes fast and furious is psychology, that is, how the mass react in a collective situation.

Many players want to make money but few do their homework; with most using their gumption to trade.


The recovery and growth story will be dead as dodo if not for the deliberate, albeit noble, efforts by Governments the world over acting in unison to stamp the floodgates; its a choice between complete breakdown and economic chaos or a managed return to world order.

Will this last? Is the pocket so deep that the bottomless pit seems shallow by comparison?

Health & Nature

Most Governments can, and will, stand tall and back each other "dollar for dollar" to embrace a managed economic order but can the same be said if natural disasters or 'the Ten plagues' strike in unison? The wiseman said "If money can solve the problem, then its no more a problem"!

Hunger & Social

With rising commodities prices and shrinking arable lands, will hunger be a norm for the population at large?
Prices rise in commodities because of fear - the fear of shortages; prices improve in the stockmarket because of hope - the hope for better things to crystalize going forward.

A hungry man is an angry man. If a man is deprived of food or a chance to buy food, he will not act rationally; similarly the leader.


The stockmarket does not behave rationally but is a set of collective psychology. Is the current rise against expectation or stalling for a bigger dive? I don't know!

My bets are off the table. Selling into strength is my prefered choice; to all who are still in or contemplating, good luck!

Nobody goes broke by taking profits.

For those who know when to move away, enjoy the rainbow. For those who are seeking the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, bring an umbrella along. It seldom rain but pours!

Health & Wealth

Take No Chances

Its dawn and the best of the day has just begun
With hopes and determination, we start the day

Take a stroll, exercise your body and run the mile
Renew the vigor in you like the crack of daybreak

Train your thoughts on the things you want to do &
Focus on your goals and 'Go For It'

When there is life, there is hope
Without health, your cash trades no happiness

Midas has his sorrows
The terminally ill's times are borrowed

Be happy, healthy and hopeful
Winner takes all - you can if you want

Don't spend your youth to chase wealth &
Spend your wealth to 'buy' health

Health is gold that wealth can never buy

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walking Towards Death

Walking the Journey of Unknown

Almost 50 years ago, I started my journey towards 'enlightenment'
With my first peekapoo, I saw light and I cried loudly; announcing my arrival while the world cheers
Like a white sheet of paper, I was to slowly but surely beginning to register and develop by the seconds

What does the future holds? I don't know!
I stand up and walk despite many falls and soon I was running
My innocence tells me that I live in an ideal world but reality sends shivers down my spine as I age

I learn to trust and belief in what I see and do, and with the people around me
Only to suffer losses and fall prey to my silliness to belief that others will be truthful and like-minded
I was framed and I paid my price, not once but twice

I am fighting back not for want of spike but for the little space I needed to survive
I am no longer getting mad, I am getting equal
I have lighten my load by leaving behind deceitful 'friends' and half-truths

What will tomorrow bring, I don't know
Will the next 50 years be more rewarding, I don't know too
I fear not that tomorrow's coming and I live today to the fullest

For when the time is up, I will return in peace and with quiet cheers
While the world will wail my departure
Like the piece of white paper thats been written all over, I return - "from dusts to dusts"

By then, its too late for regrets
Cheerish all and be the best now
For tomorrow may never come

I am still searching for Enlightenment...

I am a passing phenomenon

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November - where Autumn turns into Winter

Regrets I have but few and minute, so tiny that they slip my mind like water through my hands

November arrives - 53 days to go before 2009 disappears

Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils”  

November is when Autumn gives way to Winter

We will enjoy the red and gold of Autumn before the wintry wind send shivers all round

I always enjoy the calm Autumn with the cool breeze slapping against my cheeks and the slowness of time inching towards the new year - only 1,272 hours left

I don't look back in distress nor with regrets; I only look forward in anticipation and with hope

I have used up 7,488 hours fruitfully; with some successes and plentiful of misses but definitely no regret

"If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

Hopefully, when Autumn ends, you are wiser than you are now!

Its time to take stock, slow down and appraise the past; may the wintry 寒冷Winter freeze your unhappy and fruitless past and when Spring arrives, you be rewarded with bundles of hopes and inspiration


Friday, October 30, 2009

The Darkness Of Being A Nice Guy

If you know that your worst suspicion that something will go wrong, how do you prepare to accept it?
Just accept it because you are already prepared?
Your suspicion is sharper than the blade and the truth prevails
Only difference is that you hope 'you will be proven worng'.

When things go wrong as they sometime will, we take providence by the horn.
But, if its because of our inherent weaknesses and refusal to face the truth and to stop the slides
Don't blame the eventuality!
Truth shall prevail

The cleaning up is never easy to stomach. But, if we don't stop the slide,
We are doom to see diasaster.

Face it and swallow the bitter pill.
If you need to serve the 'poison tea' so be it
Its either we resolve to better the situation or let it rot and be buried in due course.

The choice is clear. Better use the rod than spoils the kid.

I want to be in control and 'right the wrong' than to make the whole world blindly happy
I can't continue to see a spoilt brat being thoroughly spoilt and accept the consequences
Its either I save the day and plug the leak or I lost all the remaining days...

I know my choice!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Down But Never Out

Lighthouse Within U

If you are clueless why you are so bored
Get up and do some physical exercises; a run along the park,
Smell the scent of flowers, bathe in the early morning breeze, listen to the birds chirp
Rediscover the value of your surrounding

If you are feeling restless, slow down
Why are you hurrying towards the end when you don't even enjoy your journey forward?
Slow down and savor the environment, watch the insects pollinate the flowers
Feel the freedom of flocks of birds flying over the horizon
Or the little caterpillar munching on a leaf
We all have reasons to live and do live to the fullest

Nature is filled with demos for you to reflect
The mad rush, the idle time, the inconsequential chats, the senseless complaints...
Alas! These are negative ions

Move away and be revitalized

The sunshine is in your heart; why are you living in the dark?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Register of spirit mediums on cards

the edited version was published in (Oct 13) Forum Online.

Please refer to the article by Mr Yen Feng, dated 12 Oct 09, 'Register of spirit mediums on cards'.

It is commendable for the Taoist Federation(TF) to begin voluntary registration of mediums. However, let us ponder on some relevant pointers before proceeding.

1) How do you train mediums? Genuine believers understand that not everyone can be, or will be selected to act as, mediums. The selection and appointment of someone to act as a medium is more often than not an unexplained phenomenon from the Godly Realm.

2) What are the qualifications and basis needed before a license to practice mediumship will be issued? A diploma? An apprenticeship scheme? I emphatised with many others over the unfortunate suicides of two teens but let us not overreact. To say the least, the teens who claimed to be practicing Taoism and commited suicide recently were troubled, misguided and mislead youths. To pin their sad ending on Taoism or their purported Taoist practices is to deny the underlying challenging issues facing today's youths.

3) How do TF or any relevant bodies intend to regulate mediumship practices? Where religious practices are concern, moral suasion, education and broad guidelines are preferred choices. In practice, can TF or any relevant governing bodies stop someone from being a medium (Tang Ki) and challenge that he is not genuine? The answer is probably nearer "No". Let us not slip down the slippery road of being mortally superior but to allow and respect the freedom of religious practices. If necessary, be prepared to guide.

In conclusion, I must say I do not know much about Toaism and am speaking in my personal capacity. My contention is 'Let us be the guide and light of wisdom and inspire the righteous and genuine practioners along the Truthful path'.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Win, Loss Or ...

The Equation

I want to be a bird; flying high and surfing the endless horizon
I enjoy the breeze, the sights, the smell ... the freedom
'Boom' and I am the game of the hunter

I am the lion; king of the jungle
I roam the Earth and my thunderous roars command one and all
'Alas' when I am old and sickly, I am feast to the hyenas

I am Napolean; I am Alexander - I am the conquerer
I ruled half the world and my sight rung fear into my enemies
But with Death the Leveller, I return to dusts

There are no weaklings nor absolutely powerful elements within us
There are nothing to prevent us from climbing mountains and swimming the oceans
It is the environment that, if appropriately harness, manifest into desirable results

And it is YOU who must live with the outcome

You can be QingShiHuang, Hitler, DengXiaoPing or Stalin...
Aboveall, You must be yourself

Winning or losing is part of the game; be there, done that

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Just Try; DO IT

Will Try Is Not Good Enough; Just Do It

I have my fair share of successes with springlets of failures
I don't fail; Failures are lessons and I gain experiences
I walk the uncharted paths to discover new leads

Not that I am blind to reality but I chose the path less travelled
As I am made to be different

I don't make empty talks nor have shallow thoughts
I action my decisions and convert them into desired results
Well, some results were as planned but most were misses

It does hurt to have more misses than hits
But, its part of the game

If life and living is so predictable and easily determined, we will be bored to death
And what values can you find in a "Living Dead - 活生生的"?

Take the plunge and determine your own future - Just Do It
The road less travelled is more often than not more exciting and rewarding.

Ask Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein...

I live here but once; I want to live to my fullest and seek the best; hope you too

I Want To Give Up

Giving Up Is So Difficult...

I am so tire of living or I should say, tire of life's challenges!
I want to give up everything and live a simple life in the mountains;
And be surrounded by Nature and away from mankind.

Jesus Christ left to lead a new flock
Gautama Buddha left in search for Enlightenment
Moses lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt

But, giving up is so ... so difficult
My family will miss me as I will miss them
My friends will miss me as much as my foes;
The former worry about my existence and well-being while the latter will have one challenger lesser.

I worked hard to make a breakthrough but success is as elusive as Robert Denby.
Many projects and prospects passed through my hands but crystalizing them into successful outcome were as slippery as an eel.

Not that I have not tried hard.
I read to comphrehend why others fail and I examine myself after every failure.
I strive to be better, in approaches, in mind and physical but ... alas!

Success is few and far.

I want to give up and surrender to the AlMighty.

If only giving up is so easy........

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I, the Cockroach

The new lines...

I shall give myself a chance as no others will
I shall take chances and seek the unexplored and unknown

When I chance upon opportunity, I shall seize and make light of it
When chances dim, I will still seize and make the best of it

When one door closes, another opens
The light is in your heart and the glow is on your face
We are all made to be different and is here for a purpose
Be the best as winner takes all

Not doing nor having may not be the worst; A miss is as good as a mile
Giving is blessing and the power of a varied mind invokes endless solutions and happiness

The World is filled with chances and hopes
Giving up is not my choice

The gate to success is in you
Keep cool, keep calm, be prepared...
If you don't open the gate how are goodies and blessings to flow to you?

My heart is light and my spirit is high
My intent is pure and my rewards are endless
My steely mind blend into the Milky Way and tap its spin of prowess

What/Who can be stronger than a cockroach?
You find cockroaches in the icy poles and you find them in the sizzling desert.
A headless cockroach can live seven days before it dies

Why can't you be any better than a Cockroach?

Winnings start with the Mind!

I am lost...

And I found life again...

I have been walking miles after miles in the desert
My faithful SUV had broken down and my only sight ahead is the merciless desert
In tow I have my jerry can with water and some biscuits
The jerry can is heavy but I can't live without
As I journey on, my jerry can gets lighter, and unless I find an oasis soon
I may be food for the vultures
Its trying but I must search for the oasis of life
Its my journey and my life; only I can help myself!

I am high and dry
I am losing sight and giving up hope
I begin to wonder if I will see light and life
When minutes are like hours and fight turns into fright
I see an oasis in the distance... I drag myself and found life again
Its hope that brings me life again

With food and water aplenty
I rejoice and indulge
But, I must get out of comfort and journey back to civilization ...
To where I come from
Its home where I belong

I can't live here in comfort but isolation and fear the challenges
My goal is to be home
With a filled jerry can of water, I journey on
It is tough and challenging but this is not where I belong
With faith and hope, I will make it

Like a ship without a compass and a broken man with an unknown journey
Vultures circulate above me waiting for their feast
I ... and only I... can help myself

The last sight and sound before I lost consciousness was a flying machine
The next moment I found myself in the safe hands of M/s Florence Nightingale

Like everything else in life, it is hope and faith that power us ahead
Giving up has never been my choice; hope its not yours too?

We can be master of our lives or food for the vultures
- the choice is obvious

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Superior Mind

My Superior Mind

Life is about convincing others that what you say and/or do is true;
Like the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
The fact is, the Sun never move! It is the result of Earth's rotation!

Bernard Madoff's ponzi scheme makes him larger than life; to be exact its US$65bil.
Why did established institutions and brainy, well-known figures fell for the ruse?
Madoff was never mad, he understood and preyed on human weaknesses - Trust!

Believe in yourself; you CAN
Like a skilled craftsman, your goals are within your reach if you dare and persevere.
Life's winners are not necessarily the strongest, the tallest, the biggest, the fastest ...

It is the steely will of the ordinary folks that wins the day;
And that ordinary folk is YOU/Me

The mighty mind makes all challenges look meek

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Embracing Zen

Will I or Will I Not... see light?

I feel immobilized at the pupae stage; I can't reverse my motion neither can I rush forward.

As long as my wings are not ready to flap and fly, no one can expedite the process nor assist me to open the enclosure.

Any unnatural and inept attempts to lift my wings will result in me being paralysed permanently.

I am the beautiful butterfly 'in the making' but struggling to be able to fly and gain recognition.

Vain, as I am; I must resist the temptation to break away from, and break, the Law of Nature.

I have waited, and is still waiting, for the moment of truth; the moment when I can glide gracefully and fly into the freedom that I have been awaiting.

A moment of folly will decimate my future.

Will I be silly and folly enough to rush into a moment of reckless fame and be banished and buried forever?

A moment of satisfaction, a life of regrets!

I shall wait and sit out this methamophorsis; my day shall come.

Sooner, rather than later.

In my Zenly state, every moment is Nature-driven.

Patience; and victory shall be mine

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stockmarket & Economy - Up/Down?

Observation I : The Stockmarket

Once again, the market is abuzz with talks of correction (falls) as the cyclical dips of Sep/Oct visit. Your concern is not unfounded as cyclical indications point to a topping out of most markets, with Shanghai quietly leading the correction.

Some telltale signs are : substantial and rotational movements of secondary (cheap) stocks, cash calls, exuberance price & volume movements of stocks which have hibernated for sometime, the increased participation of mass market players and the likes. The game is old but the players are new.

(Indicative - 2008) (Indicative - 2009)

Indices LOW HIGH March 09 (Low) Recent (High) Resistance

HSI 10,676 32,000 11,344 21,929 23,800
Nikkei 225 7,000 18,300 7,028 10,767 11,300
JKT CI 1,100 2,800 1,250 2,482 2,100 - support
KLCI 800 1,500 840 1,231 1,230
Shanghai A 1,700 6,400 2,140 3,650 2,500 - support
SET 400 900 408 710 710
STI 1,500 3,900 1,455 2,707 2,980
Dow 30 7,552 14,164 6,469 9,917 10,050
S&P 500 840 1,540 666 1,080 1100

If you love staying in the market, there are always value buys if you have done your homework.

Observation II - Sustainable Growth or Recovery
Although more countries are pronouncing their exit from recession, unemployment or underemployment remain a feature albeit lower in numbers; consumer confidence have increased with higher end (luxury) and the lower bar (necessities) sectors enjoying patronage but the casualites of non-niche players remain; matching employment remains a challenge as job enlargement with lower wages await takers; costs of living have 'inched up' as the real dollar value declines with entrepreuneurs looking for ways to sustain operation, let alone maintain profit margins.
Questions remain whether the economy can survive if Governments remove aids and supportive measures implemented in the wake of crisis.
Observation III - Speculation
Some contend that the stockmarket have moved ahead of the economy. Perhaps, it is truer to say that there is a mismatch and displacement of capital where liquidity finds its way into speculative areana rather than the real economy.

Observation IV - Property
Property prices seem to have inched up and the take up of new launches are very encouraging. Have it occur to market players (buyers) that older developments used to be larger in space (1600 - 2000 sq ft) whereas newer launches are smaller. A 1600 sq ft at S$550psf is as affordable as 1000 sq ft unit at S$880psf in absolute ($$)value. But, you are getting a smaller unit for the same price!
Can the secondary market command the same price per sq ft, given that the (99yr) lease decline with age/time, ceteris paribus? A scan through the Property Sales/Purchase ads is sufficient to give you a clear answers.

I am not a bull, bear nor doomsayer. Over the years, money have been made and lost, be it bull or bear. Everyone wants to make money but few are willing and diligent in doing their homework. You are as lucky as where preparation meets opportunities - forwarned is forearmed.
It will take awhile for the US/West to rebalance their acts let alone recover. The East shall lead in this recovery. Sectors that are potential stars include food/commodities, pharmceauticals/healthcare, banks, green energy, education and port operations.
I may be wrong; Have fun and good luck.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Be Guided

Blame Everyone, Blame The World. But, The Truth Is... Everything's Within U

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
Winston Churchill
- be glad that you can give; its the times that you need help badly that you realized being able to give is blessings indeed!

All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.
- if you can shoulder the outcome with zeal and without regrets, go ahead and conquer the world in style

Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.
Matthew 7:12
- be kind and nice to one and all as what goes around, comes around

The best richness is the richness of the soul.
Prophet Mohammed - Bukhari
- look into the mirror and if you cant see an 'angel', its time to change yourself and your attitude

If You Cant Help To Make Life Easier & Happier, Please Dont Add To The Problem. All The More, Dont Be The Problem

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Silver Bullet

I am the wanderer

My journey started when I first saw light and made my first cry... my Cry of Conquests.
Where the journey shall be, how long is the journey, whats my tasks; I do not know.

Some said its destiny, some said its written in my palms but no one is sure.

My Creator asked if I really like to know what is to come as I move through space and time, I was doubtful if its of any good to know at all.

What am I going to do if I already know all that's going to unfold as I meander forward?

Until today my Creator still gives me the option to know the unknown but I am still not exercising the option. Why?

My living will be stale, my life will be bland if I know too much before hand. I will agonise over the bad, or potentially bad, events that has to happen and will spend too much time worrying that my good time will be over soon.

In life, its best to be a pragmatic, positive wanderer.
Come what may! Seize all opportunities and manage its attendant weaknesses, the results shall be an outcome that you have been longing for.

Get out of your comfort zone and move out of the box.
If you don't try, you have not given yourself the FIRST chance to succeed...
... & I

... I only need ONE chance to succeed

Successess Within

The Globe In My Hand

I know tomorrow will come but I rather make the best use of 'today' cos I may not be around to enjoy the 'tomorrows'.

I know my family will be with me for the better or worse cos I find warmth at home.

I find truth to be revealing and exacting; we are as good as what we are and capable of. If fools succeed, pigs will fly!

I worked hard and earn every cents the honest, hard way; nobody is going to walk over my grave and takes my hardearned money away without a fight.

I believe that the 'more I give, the more I will get'. But, to start with, I must have enough, if not excess, to give!

I strived to do my best but I am strained and stretched as I look for success(es) which are scarce; without meaningful breakthrough I can only inched forward within my limited resources but unlimited confidence.

The spirit is willing though the body is weak but with an iota of confidence and motivation, the mountain shall makeway for the highways.

Somehow I know for sure that everything is within me and destiny is in my hands.

I have traveled the distance; with more happy, successful & blissful outcomes as I move forward. My fire is burning, alittle by little, the flame shall engulf victory.

My Life Is In My Hands

Monday, September 14, 2009

Honesty Saves Life


Being honest is not good enough
You have to be sincere too

Nobody gets hurt if everyone is honest
As you go into a deal or agreement with an open mind; aware & beware

With honesty, you need not remember the excuses that were cooked up to cover your lies
As there were never any need to bury any lies

And honesty also saves lives
You cannot jump into the open seas and save a damsel in distress if you can't swim

Most importantly, be honest to YOURSELF
If you can, or think you can, you Can
If you can't but willing to learn, you will make it

It's not about trying to be honest, it is being honest;
Don't try, Just do it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Smile Again

The Lighthouse In My Heart

Live Alittle, Learn Alittle
Let go and detach from feelings and material well-being
& Life will be alot lighter
Inched forward with a smile and the world smiles with you
My heart is not only lighter, it lights up like a beacon in the open seas
I am light upon the ocean

I light up my life

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Strength In Crying

Cries OF Victory

I cry, you cry
Girls cry and boys too

Crying is not a shame; its an avenue where the Soul lightens
Crying is also an avenue for the 'choked' soul to relieve and live well

Whoever says crying is a shame and a sign of weakness never lives.
All babies cry on arrival; if they don't they will learn to have their "First Cry".

And those who never have their First Cry did not make it alive.
They have no story to tell and are history.

The next time you feel so hurt that you need to cry; have a good one!
I am always available as your crying shoulder

Better still, the Cries of Victory is heard loud and clear.

Be relieved, relaxed and rejuvenated after the steam is released

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Going Away

Home is where warmth is!

After so many years of travelling, its still the same; leaving home to go overseas is like fish out of water.
Not that I can't acclimatise but the thought of being away for some days is at times spooky.
I enjoy the uncertainty and the new, and I expect the unexpected.
But, then again every trip is new.
Alas, it must be age!

Guess, its also that the children are growing up too fast.

Travelling is demanding yet rewarding.
Travelling alone allows me to train my thoughts on 'being prepared at all times'.
No one knows the perils of travelling but you will never be safe anywhere in the world if you are any less vigilant.
But, with every trips overseas, you learn the blessings of a warm home.

It is home that I belong and relax.

Coming home is never the same; it gets warmer and calmer.
Guess, its age catching up.

Going away again? Yes.

In God I trust and my home is the globe.

Friday, September 4, 2009



I want absolute silence
I want peace
I want a serene corner
I want to switch off my mind

I am tire!

I want my world to be empty but not void
I want the world around me to be at peace

I want to be alone!

The fact is being alone does not mean loneliness
It does not mean being unwanted or discarded

It simply means detachment

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Mighty Mind

What the mind can think, I can deliver.

Positive begets positive
Success begets successes

If you think you are sick, you are!
The decay in your mind transmit negative ions and flood the physique; you become physically impaired and is immobilized

If you think you cannot, you can't!
You have brutalized and cannibalized your abilities to perform the moment you think you can't.

If you think the people around you do not like you, you are damned!
You have ringfenced yourself and created a barrier where no one can get near you, let alone being your friend.

If you think your superior looks down on you or are belittling you and is not giving you any chances to demonstrate your abilities, you set yourself a glass ceiling from which you are housed-in.

... the lists go on............

The problem is "YOU"
The solution is also in "You"

When it must go wrong, it will go wrong - anytime, anywhere, whatever your dreams

Give yourself a chance as no one will...
Get up with a smile, wash up and smile at the beautiful creature you see (first thing) when you look into the mirror... "Yourself"

You will notice how the radiance in you is going to outshine the desert sun!

And, from this moments on, the world smiles with you

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Magic Millions

What does a million mean to you?

A million ...

Buys you a private apartment but comes with long term commitment and burden

Drives you to work harder to double the million and bogs you down to material challenges

Gives you a 'feel good' day to daydream all that you wanted to do but have yet to start doing

Gives you immediate comfort and a sense of well-being but also sets you thinking

But ...

A million blessings will help you stay out of trouble and keep you healthy

A million well-wishers will warm your heart and give you a steely mind

A million achievable hopes will motivate you towards your goals

A million helping hands will save more people in distress and alleviate sufferings

You can have a million dollar$ which gives you material and short-term reprieve;

I prefer A Million Blessings, Well-wishers, Achievable hopes, Helping hands because these will, by extension, bring me multiples of millions with peace and harmony.

I gain something and every others gain with me

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stockmarket : Buy, Sell, Hold or I Don't Know

Like Sunrise & Sunset, the market shall flow

In February 2009, I wrote that "The markets (Asian markets - East - seem to perform better) had rebounded from their lows and the rebound is based on hope NOT confidence. Its likely that we will see the market testing the lows in the coming months as hope turns hollow."

In March 2009, when market was near the trough, I penned "For cash rich investors and those who needs to deploy their funds, its ideal to 'buy on weakness'; you will be right if you can ride out the crisis and time is on your side."

By June 2009, I chose to "
test, the empirical probabilities that :

1) Sentiments dull and stockmarket moves down in, or around, a Lunar Eclipse

2) Sentiments improve and stockmarket moves up in, or around, a Solar Eclipse

Both correlation were proven to be highly correlated.

What's next?

I am only an armchair player and I derive satisfaction in seeing my postulations proven correct.

My take is :

i) The best is behind us; beware of inflation, at best, and, at worst, deflation, going forward.

ii) Between now to Nov 09, trend changes with a 'flip of a coin', that is, volatile. Nobody makes money in a stable market, except stockbrokers, albeit lesser.

iii) The winners must identify trend leaders in pharmaceuticals, natural resources, banks and publishing and gaming.

iv) For those who are game, the 'cheapies' are ideals for RTO and asset-based plays.

Its fun making money but also be ready to empty your wallets if the bets fall on hard grounds. Before I forget, to those who had made good money, spare alittle for charity and the less fortunate.

Social harmony is the stabilizer whichever way the market goes!

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. Giving properly means doing so confidently and without too much encumberments. [Buddha]

“And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. (Luke 11:9-10)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blissfully Ignorant

Babies enjoy life without worries
Villagers live on their crops and enjoy pollution-free surrounding
Fishermen trawl their catch and bathe in the breeze

The aged worries about their next meal and health
City dwellers worry about their income flows and consistent expenses
The rich worries about their declining wealth

Quality of life starts and blooms with the basics
If we are happy with the basic, quality prevails

Frustration, greed, envy, regrets are subset of the undesirable mind
The mind is menable if we consciously pilot (it) away from the evil half

When the mind runs loose, stability and reasonableness evaporates into thin air

The conscious mind thrive if it remain blissfully ignorant

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Your Suffering; My Suffering & Our Sufferings

Suffering Is Never Permanent

How time have, and can, change things and attitudes?

Gold prices has seen a low of under $300 in 1999, to above $300 in 2003, rangebound between $600-700 in 2006/7 and trades between $700 and slightly above $1000 in 2007 to current. Will gold break above $1000 and heads towards $1,300?

Suicide rates drop to a 9-year low of 8.76 per 100,000. Will it continues to drop?

Property launches are seeing queues building up and prices (psf) rising. Can this trend continues to sustain and break new highs?

H1N1 is spreading and hopefully a antidote is found soon. Perhaps, we can develop antibodies to overcome this strain of virus over time.

Stockmarkets have recovered from their dismal low and seems powered by liquidity not seen for awhile. Who's stopping the bull?

The Truth is Life is Impermanent and Living is a choice.

You can choose to wallow in self-pity or you can manage and flow with the situation and enjoys every seconds of life.

Your lifestyle is determine by yourself; don't live beyond your means.

The Order of Nature is flow and Change is the only constant.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Repetition is Boredom but Boredom is Consciousness

When you becomes bored, move on
Whenever you feel bored you will feel restless
If you listen to the body and move away, the restlessness will disappear
Boredom is an indication that a great understanding is arising in you about futility, meaninglessness and emptiness
Man gets bored because man is conscious; Consciousness is the cause
A mediocre mind does not feel so bored
You will find people who think too much, are more bored, because they think
When you are bored, there is 'no aura of delight'
Boredom is the consciousness of repetition
Let there be NO boredom
Life is infinite delight

And there shall be Light

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PEACE be with you


1. Nothing is lost in the universe - Matter turns into energy, energy turns into matter
2. Everything Changes - Everything is continuously changing
3. Law of Cause and Effect - The law of cause and effect is known as karma

From dust to dust; the earth recycles everything over time.
The only constant is change.
Do good and show mercy; not that you will go to heaven but it will definitely make Earth a better home.

Let us live with the flow and enjoy the power of nature as everything happens for a reason. Of course & ideally and selfishly, may the reason be/is mine.

Give generously and seek the truth and thank God for small mercy; For each time we find healings and comfort, we find PEACE

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stockmarket - Update

Bull, Bear or Sheep?

Afew weeks back, I mentioned that:

1) Sentiments dull and stockmarket moves down in, or around, a Lunar Eclipse
(already taken place) - 2009 Jul 07: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

2) Sentiments improve and stockmarket moves up in, or around, a Solar Eclipse

(action in progress or yet to unfold? I bet the former) 2009 Jul 22 : Total Solar Eclipse

The differences is in the degree of rises or declines.

Facts or Fallacies?

Sentiments are getting better and brighter, the economy seems to be turning the corner, housing pick-ups seem the undercurrent; the 'bleak' past had passed us by! Or have it? Omigosh, only time will tell. No matter how bad or foul your day is, walk away, leave whatever you need to do behind, go take a long walk, sleep it off ... when you return, the burden eases and you breathe lighter. Not because you have done something but time and event have elapsed and what seemed insurmountable had eased.


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. Find your own light. (Buddha)

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. (Matthew 6:34)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Predictions - The Power Of The Mind

The Power Of The Mind

Man likes to make prediction and 'look into the future'
And the results of prediction is like a pendulum
When you are right, you move up a step in confidence and you presume the basis used was correct
If you are wrong, you discover reasons why you are off-tangent
More often than not, predictions are self-fulfilling
We move towards our goals and into the orbit of optimal position
The TRUTH is :
Human emits a cosmic force through their thoughts.. a force that can 'move' mountains
The cosmic power allows us to attract "Like with Likes"
What you wish for will eventually materialize because like the little genie ;

"Your Wish Is My Command"

Punch hard enough and you will punch a hole in the wall

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stockmarket Cycles

Stockmarket : Past, Current, Crystal-balling

A billion thanks to all my friends who read my blog. I have written on various issues but the stockmarket is something I like to opine though (mostly) unsolicited. The following were voiced;

7 Feb 2009 : Recovery 08.02.2009 - The East

..."Where the stockmarkets are concerned, its 'Trade with care' as fortune rewards the brave; For those who think they can bottom-fish and pile back into the markets after the crash like before, further dip is not a remote possibility..."

23 Mar 2009 : Stockmarket - The Uneasy Calm

..."For cash rich investors and those who needs to deploy their funds, its ideal to 'buy on weakness'... "

10 May 2009 : Uneasy Stockmarkets - Momentum Trading Or Guess Works

..." What you see is called "Momentum Trading", that is, you trade the trend and by sheer strength of liquidity, views are forced to change with the tides..."

Going Forward

In the various write-ups, I have forwarded my personal opinions as to why events move beyond commonsense and it demands steely political will to rein in the excesses.

Writers and scholars have given their miles of writings and arguments as to when and why the stockmarket will go up or down. In this update of mine, I offer none.

I will venture to say, and thus test, the empirical probabilities that :

1) Sentiments dull and stockmarket moves down in, or around, a Lunar Eclipse

2) Sentiments improve and stockmarket moves up in, or around, a Solar Eclipse

The differences is in the degree of rises or declines.

The following dates are worth observing to determine if there is, or isn't, a correlation; During the year 2009, two solar and four lunar eclipses occur as follows:


[Many] ways of conduct and of life, . . . precepts and teachings . . . often reflect a ray of that Truth which enlightens all men. The Church, therefore, exhorts her sons [to] recognize, preserve and promote the good things - The Second Vatican Counsil (1965)

The sutras [here: discourses] of the Buddha contain countless metaphors. Because mortals have shallow minds and don't understand anything deep, the Buddha used the tangible to represent the sublime. People who seek blessings by concentrating on external works instead of internal cultivation are attempting the impossible." Bodhidharma

Its all about LUCK!

When the Angels smile at you

I witnessed what happened at the bar counter today:

The bartender had just finished cleaning the bar counter and left.
A flock of birds flew onto the bar counter to feast on fresh specks of water in and around the sink. They were merrily 'feasting', singing and noisily 'chatting' with one another and after awhile they flew back to nest in the trees.
The supervisor came by and angrily reprimanded a cleaner standing nearest the bar counter (who happened to walk past), "How can the bar counter be so dirty with bird droppings all over? Get it cleaned up immediately"

It was all over within 10mins.

If the bartender was sacked for not doing his work, it was definitely not his fault. The poor cleaner was reprimanded just simply because she was present in the wrong place at the wrong time!

How unfair can life be?

That's life mate; accept what fate dishes to you.

Sometimes when things go wrong, as they may, or when your luck is not in your favour, accept it gracefully, learn from it and walk away.

For all the good and bad that you have done, God notices. As to whether rewards or retribution befall you, time will tell. Good work may not be rewarded yet but don't give up, the birds will come by one day to sing praises and bring you good luck when its due and the Angels will smile with you.

Of course, if you are bad, maybe you will be given a load of shits.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Omens

Omens Are Mine To Create

The signs are there; but successes are few
The signs are ominous; but they never materialize
Its all in the mind.

I work hard and thoroughly explore every available angles but breakthroughs are rare
I don't give up even if my tire legs demand that I stop
I defy and shall not surrender to the Devil of Failures

'Cos the Angels of Successes are only a hairbreathe away
These angels are around and available if only we don't shut the doors
They are mine and sent to alleviate the pains and eliminate the failures

Believe in yourself; nothing is impossible
The pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow
Its a covenant that we shall get it if we have FAITH

Good luck.

Believe in it and it shall materialize. More often than not, successes are just an amoeba waiting to multiply; not one but a nucleus.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Be Inspired

I am who I am

What do the following quotes tell you?

“I am easily satisfied with the very best.” - Winston Churchill

Do, or do not. There is no 'try'. - Yoda (from The Empire Strikes Back)

Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will. - Dr. Robert Anthony

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. - Mark Twain

It is you, and only you, who can make a difference. Success or failure lies deep in yourself; unearth the unique you and metamorphose into a SUCCESSFUL you because you refused to be a failure.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Going Green Or Going Extinct?

There is only one Mandate from Heaven:

Go forth and live wholesomely and fruitfully. Climb the mountains, swim the oceans and coexist with nature harmoniously. Dinosaurs didn't disappear but evolve over time to become smaller as there were lesser food to go round!

Either we live in harmony or some day, one of us got to disappear....

Heaven 天Earth 地People人

Heaven creates Earth and bless it with abundance so that People can procreate, prosper and pan out. There is no need to worry about Malthusian effect but Homosapiens, (taxonomically Homo sapiensLatin: "wise man" or "knowing man"). are highly able to self-destruct as the iota of wisdom declines overtime; in its place you find selfishness, greed, indifference and tonnes of evil intents.

Be wise, be nice.

Our many 'tomorrows' depend on what we do TODAY

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainbow Connection


Have enough and don't be greedy. When you hurt others and you scheme against your closest of friends, you will repay with 'a pound of flesh'. Worst still, your evil intent robs your next generation and rewards them with punishment.

In the story of Noah's Ark, God resolved that he would never again curse the ground because of man, nor destroy all life on it in this manner. Man in turn was instructed never to eat any animal which had not been drained of its blood.[7]

In order to remember this promise, God put a rainbow in the clouds, saying, "Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth."

Man should live caringly, selflessly and make the world a better place instead of drowning in egoism, selfishness and begger thy' neighbour.

Rainbows give hope though the pot of gold is always missing but meals are not make of gold. Midas can't survive as everything he touches become gold.

Too much of anything will always be harmful like gluttony, laziness and work.

Give yourself the break and breathe the fresh air of dews and flowers. Hear the breeze and the songs of the waves.

Have hope and everyday will be blessed

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hopeless Wait Or A New Beginning

Its A New Beginning

When I lost all hopes and stare blankly
I pray to God and ask for a miracle
But, that prayer was never answered.

No immediate answers nor sympathies
Not even a tinge of possibilities!

My life is in total darkness
Hopes fade away and like a sheep lost in the wilderness
With only wintry breeze and a moonless night as companion.
Standing tall at the edge of the mountain, I am easy 'meat'.

My mind was clouded with the "What", "Why", "When" & "How"; nothing but more questions?

Is this the end or the beginning?
Have I fallen on bad times or am I seeing the beginning of a new era?
I searched deep and wide, but I still don't know and have no answers.

Finally, I decided.

Since the past have no continuity, it must be a new beginning.
And if God helps those who help themselves, then I am not waiting ... I have to rely on MYSELF

I am empowered & Master of my own destiny. I have a choice!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life is a struggle

Life is a struggle

When you are born, you struggle to see light and the first thing you do is cry
When you are dying, you struggle to breathe as life stops when breathing stops

So don't complain, struggle is a norm in life
Enjoy the struggles

Monday, May 18, 2009

Winnings : Today & Everyday

Today & Everyday Is Payday

When all seem lost, don't loss your head (remain calm) and keep the heart beating (remain healthy)
When all the doors seem to slam shut, keep your faith and dance with hope
When no one seems to be available and all phone calls go unanswered, keep a steely will
When your career comes to a stop, take a mandatory break and loosen up

Nothing is beyond our reach if the mind is strong and the thoughts are clear
Doors cannot remain shut forever and if phone calls don't work, try "housecall"

Walk the street and stroll by the beach
Experience the scenes that you breezed by but did not see
See and feel the warmth of the morning sun and smell the fragrances of flowers
Let the morning dews wet the soul and soothe the mind

What we need is that chance - that opportunity - the ONLY chance and opportunity that will change our fortune and re-route our paths
We need only ONE chance to turn all setbacks into Successes

No one wins or losses forever.

In God we trust; losses are lessons and winnings are results
If you have not won, it is probably you have not been tested yet
Take the challenges, go for it - been there, done that!

Everyday is a new day & blessed are all who have Faith

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Uneasy Stockmarkets - Momentum Trading Or Guess Works

Less than 3 Months ago, fear of financial institutions failures, unemployment, bailouts and Iceland was colder than North/South Pole when it folded.

Then, the whole world seems slipping into a blackhole; there was light at the end of the tunnel and that was a rushing train.

Today, financial institutions are said to be safe and their screaming calls for cash infusion is prudent. Unemployment isn't just as bad and Chapter 11 reads like another page out of Harry Porter. Summer seems to have descended on Iceland.

Stockmarkets have recovered with a V-shape vengeance; has God wiped clean the slate filled with greed and excessiveness? WHY did, or did, the stockmarkets ignore reality and move ahead?

i) There is a pool of funds, which was sidelined, that needed to be invested
ii) Make-believe capitalism demands performance and if you are not in it when the wagon moves, you are dead. If you sell/short and you are caught wrong footed, you double buy/long, vice versa.
iii) Speculators who itched to get in, will eventually get in and the funds shall exit
iv) When the music stops, the tales are of similar veins

What you see is called "Momentum Trading", that is, you trade the trend and by sheer strength of liquidity, views are forced to change with the tides, especially if you need to turn around, you double it!

Then, players become immune to all those negative news and perspects as "if its already so bad, it can't be that bad, right?" Well, God knows!

Don't throw caution to the wind. Some wild cards win; most loss.

You will make money whether you are Bear or Bull. Only, sheep get slaughtered. If you are neither bull or bear, you better remain human and not a sheep.

Watch your back and keep your cash except if you have some to spare. Make sure you have some spare money left to buy face masks when the (financial) flu strikes again.

Dead man tells no tales. Good luck!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

I had a dream ...

That all doors shut in my face but God left the windows open

That everyday is 'a sunshine day' and I ended in a desert

That I lost my job but soon I reinvented & discover myself as an entrepreneur

That many of my friends walk out on me at the instance when I was penniless but I found truth ... that real friends are few

That my boat was sailing into the eye of the storm but with the strength of faith and determination I sailed safely to the shore

That the rich feasted on the best and in gluttony but the end results were ill health

That a phoenix rises from the ashes and all failures turned into successes

Seek, and you shall find.

Knock, and the door opens (for you)

Dare to dream and your dreams will come true.

Often winners are not the strongest, brightest nor smartest but those who dare to make their dreams come true

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Darkest Moments of Life Is Filled With Blessings Too

Dark Moments In Life

When sickness strikes and immobilizes you, money and things material have no more value and relevance

When business fails and you are bankrupted or near insolvency, money seems to be everything and health is irrelevant

When you fail your final paper in your graduating examination, your years of sweat and toil seem to have been flushed down the chute with a single flush and gone unrewarded

But life, and living, does not end with a single event nor a single stroke!

Cherish your health and keep fit ... only YOU can help yourself. Your tomorrows is in your hands!

Money is a means to an end and not an end itself ... with time, you can pay off, write-off or make a comeback. Only with good health that you can built anew. Time is the best friend.

There are many without academic capability and qualifications who make it big today; yet some of the best make it to the top, then obtain their academic qualification like Bill Gates, or don't bothered at all like Einstein, John Majors. We need not seek recognition as we are the Proven ones.

Life is a journey and we move in cycles as naturally as night and day.

Have you not heard "How lucky I missed my flight - such as KAL 007 or Iran Air 655" Or, "I was sacked and packed up and left office @ WTC a day before 9/11; I lost my job but got to keep my life!" Or, "I decided not to join the long queue and I left; moments later the building collapsed @ Hotel NewWorld" Or, "My savings were 'too small' that Madoff slammed his door on me"

When your life stalls, rest if you must but don't quit; it is always darkest before dawn (breaks)

Not winning nor passing nor being appreciated is not an end in itself; more often than not it turns out to be a blessing

Have faith in yourself and GOD and count your blessings in your darkest moments. We have a role to play as Earthlings and there will always be better things ahead.

Dead Heroes Tell No Tales

Have Faith; God bless

Monday, March 30, 2009

How To Be Lucky

How To Be Lucky

However good you perform, someone will be dissatisfied
Whatever good you do, you cannot satisfy everybody
Life is not about winning all the time; it is about winning some, if not most, of the time
Nobody will pity you when you fail; anyway whats the point of pity? Get up, restart and get going.
The challenge is not to play to the audience but to give oneself a fair chance to success as no one will
Be Zen with life; we arrived alone and naked and shall return alone when the time is up
No amount of material gains can give you peace, health and happiness; the search is within
We are always moving forward in time but most did not follow through with thoughts and actions
Happiness and sadness are like sunrise and sunset; it comes in cycles
All have dreams but the brave, steady and determine crystallize dreams 
Do not despair!
Napolean has his Waterloo as Alexander met his Babylon 
Rich or poor, some day, we will have ours as Death is the Leveller
Live your best today though tomorrow will come
Do not underestimate the power of the mind; be positive, be ready and You will be LUCKY
Fortunes smile at all who are positive... be ready to receive 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Tao of Loneliness


Loneliness is not about being alone nor abandon; its when time almost stall but life goes on
Loneliness allows one to be in solitude and to reflect; not of fear but of hope

Being alone need not always be fraught with fear of the unknown and uncertainty
Being alone allows us to slow down, take stock and remedy, remake and rearrange our priorities

Loneliness empowers the soul and enables us to stretch our imaginations beyond the ordinary
Loneliness is not void; it reboots, reset and restore a tire soul lost in the rush

When you are alone, as we sometimes will
When no one seems to be near and available and every phone calls go unanswered

Don't despair! 
GOD is always with, and within. us

The power of prayers reinforces positiveness, and deflects misery, in Loneliness

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Points of Interest

I refer to the article by Professor Lee Wei Lin "Only fair to compensate living kidney patients". Money alone cannot, and will not, compensate sufficiently nor entice anyone to part with their organs. However, it is only fair that there is some form of compensation for their selfless acts as money comes in handy to help defray costs during recovery and for unexpected challenges that may arise.

Let us support this proactive approach to find alternative solutions to ease kidney failure patients suffering; Give the patients and the newly-mint Act a chance to evolve.   

I refer to the article by various grassroots leaders "MP has no trouble connecting with Chinese temples". I fully agree that Dr Fatimah Lateef is able, and capable, of engaging her constituents and has no problems connecting with Chinese temples in her ward. 

To further engage her constituents Dr Fatimah Lateef uses Mandarin to deliver her speeches at functions too. She is selfless and will go out of her way to help and has ready listening ears. Dr Fatimah Lateef, whom Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong praised for being a multi-tasker with tremendous energy, is one of the more forward looking Member of Parliament and does not shy away from her duties. Most importantly, she come across as religion and race neutral in carrying out her duties with a big heart.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stockmarket - The Uneasy Calm

Stockmarket - The Uneasy Calm
Peace Of Mind 

The eerie silence and uneasy comfort of the market is deafening; are we out of the woods yet? Stockmarkets worldwide have rebounded from their lows amidst rescue plans and injection of desperately needed funds to keep the financial system afloat. But, this is likely to be a false dawn, at least, in the immediate few months!

For cash rich investors and those who needs to deploy their funds, its ideal to 'buy on weakness'; you will be right if you can ride out the crisis and time is on your side (a broken clock is right twice a day!). On the flip side, any need to reallize and crystalize cash to meet untimely demand may cause colossal damage. We can't time the market but we can take calculated risks.

What's the point of chasing after US$165mil (@ AIG) - its no small beer though - if US$700bil Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is expended with no respite in sight? What about the possibility of bankruptcy in the East European economy to the tune of US$250bil? Is South Korea tottering into the arms of IMF? And the sabre rattling North Korea is not helping the situation either. 

Protectionism has also reared its ugly head in various countries in different guises to the detriment of free trades.

Typically, after sharp drops in the stockmarket, falls in property prices is imminent. Will this time be any different? I guess not! Banks are averse to extending loans to property-related borrowing as the burns of sub-prime is as sizzling hot as the midday sun. Negative equity may not be here yet but when it hits home, recovery will be a long drawn affair not unlike the 1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis but definitely deeper... my guess is, we are trawling through uncharted water and probably into the eye of the storm.

I hope I am wrong ... for when I am right, few will be spared and there will be more suffering - a scene I do not wish to be witnessed to!    

What I want is a Peace of Mind; eat enough, sleep well and stays healthy. Tomorrow will come but live your/the best today. 

Without frustration and uncertainty, you will not realize obstacles do help built a superior you; we grow out of overcoming challenges where boys are separated from Man. 

But, few make it to the grade.

Best regards & God bless