Thursday, July 23, 2009

PEACE be with you


1. Nothing is lost in the universe - Matter turns into energy, energy turns into matter
2. Everything Changes - Everything is continuously changing
3. Law of Cause and Effect - The law of cause and effect is known as karma

From dust to dust; the earth recycles everything over time.
The only constant is change.
Do good and show mercy; not that you will go to heaven but it will definitely make Earth a better home.

Let us live with the flow and enjoy the power of nature as everything happens for a reason. Of course & ideally and selfishly, may the reason be/is mine.

Give generously and seek the truth and thank God for small mercy; For each time we find healings and comfort, we find PEACE

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Roger Lee said...

Hi !

I have heard about you from a friend, and now I am reading interesting articles written by you.

I am in the "LOST ZONE" hoping to see light.