Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Today Is My Day

Theories aplenty but few are applied and used
The weaknesses lie in procrastination and indecisiveness
Many know smoking is bad yet they smoke
Drinking is bad for the liver but many didn't abstain
Speeding kills but thrills

We must not delay what we need to do (asap) as time is perishable
Time past is cast into history
Last minute rush work has limits; I can rush but the documents may not be ready and the requisite signatory may not be around
Alas, we always think we can
But, the world may not wait for us...

Time and tides wait for no man
Life is finite
Time is ever-flowing; slow but steady
Youth, once gone, cannot return
Are we aware that tomorrow is never promised? Live well today

Come whatever
Stay fit & remain healthy
Without health, little is possible
You can find food, shelter and money but without's almost impossible
Do not trade youth for wealth & use wealth to pay for health later ...

Get up and get going
You can be late but not everything will nor can wait for you
Everyone is almost always busy but when your kin & friends are gone, every moments are cast into memory
Reminiscing the past is a hollow experience
There are no 'IFs' & 'BUTs" when it's over

I want to win but I don't mind being 2nd best
Winning is everything & the world loves a winner
Like you & like all winners, I just need to remain in the race
Winning do not necessarily go to the fittest, the fastest nor the smartest
Winner is ....

Apart from your kin & family, much time are spent with friends
Most friends are acquaintances and few can be called bosom
Many will make use of you for personal gains
Tricks, schemes, undermining, deceits...omigosh, the unending undercurrents in the 'world of bluffs'

Keeping in touch and keeping abreast of what's happening amongst friends is enough
Quarrels among guys typically centre on 'money & women'
Quarrels among girls have as varied reasons as the rainbow
To keep the relationship stable and sane, walk away from quarrelsome friends...never wrestle with a pig

I am who I am
You need not bother about what others think of you as most times, you are not even in their thoughts
You may be rich, powerful and famous but when 'death the leveller' arrives, all are equal
Live your best today and everyday

Be compassionate and 'care & share'
Everyone arrives nakedly to an uncertain world
When you return, everyone is uncertain where you gonna head to

Live happily & healthily - today and everyday as tomorrow is never promised

The world is yours to conquer...and for you to live to tell your story

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nobody Can Beat You Nor Talk You Down If You Don't Allow

Whatever don't kill you only makes you stronger..why? Stronger by experience maybe but definitely not a reinforce steely mind

All the talks about 'working hard' are hollow if you are simply going through the motion without interest

Many say 'you are blessed and lucky' but what does that mean? It probably meant that you still have the people around you, enough money to lasts the days and are healthy and able

Take it from may be down but not out.
Nobody in the world bothers with you most of the time so do not be too concerned about how people think of you, your actions and your ending. The world continues long after you leave...dies!

Except for your immediate family members, some do not even have this, who may miss you, your passing is just one out of 7+ billion on earth; not even enough to decompose to aid plants as fertilizer

Just be the best
Do your best
Pursue your dreamworks within your means
Work within your conscience, ability & capability
GOD? God is just hope-in-motion as He helps those who help themselves

At times, I wonder why so many people need God!!??!

Of the many millions who set out 满夫过海, only one made it. You are not any worse so long as you are not last in the queue or lowest in the food chain

The world has always been 'survival of the fittest', glory to the winner & winner takes all.
Everyone loves a winner

I may not be Numero Uno but I can settle for a humble second. Wars are never won by generals alone without his foot-soldiers as the rich cannot live in a sea of poor

The Capitalists talk about leveling up while Commies prefer to level down
Both are the for their own benefits, comforts, power, fame & control over the lower rungs
The former keep maximum and spread some crumbs while the latter keep some, give some & steal some
The good is: 80% of the world population are apolitical and indifferent so long as they get to live by

As far as you are concerned, you can get and achieve whatever you set your sight on within you means
Nobody can take away what is rightfully yours; your entitlement
But, if you weren't successful, at least you gain experiences, however bitter
The world is yours to Conquer
You want the big house, the nice cars, the luxuries....go get them

I am who I am
You may not like me and we may have differences
You may be rich never bothers me
Above all, I will live best where others live worst

I will live a full, wholesome life

The next time I see you, you could be the wisest person on earth...Good Luck

Monday, October 5, 2015

Stop Complaining & Start Living

There are problems all around
The poor harbours intention to 'make it rich' while the rich struggles to find health

The poor laments about his life as a fisherman; living by the sea, fishing, braving the seas in sunrise & sunset, unsettled by the elements
The rich wishes he can stroll by the sea, catch fishes, enjoy the seas come sunrise or sunset

In urban living, living by the sea is a luxury which the fishermen cannot fathom

I don't mind staying in Pulau Ubin without the conveniences of urban living; anyone, care to change? I will double up as a Penghulu for the island for free...

Our island nation is too small to fill only one factor of production; labour. The fatigue is felt by earlier settlers & existing citizens as diminishing marginal returns set in
Doesn't the policy writers understand basic economics?

Surely, nobody minds competition (not a choice, at times) since only one make it [millions of sperms but only one egg ~ competition begins even before life starts!]

* Education is the elevator up the social ladder
* Preventive medicine is the most effective way to keep medical costs low
* Transport is the means to ensure free flow of goods & services
* Affordable housing provide the roofs to all & create a stable society
* Utilities, water, gas & electricity, give basic comfort

Jobs provide income to grease the above

The Government governs, the traders & businesspersons trade while the commoners provide labor; the seamless classes support one another

It is dangerous to create a 'Class' society. The elitist, born fortunate, must not alienate & ringfence themselves. The temptation to grab, control and dictate societal norms will breed resentment and rebellion; The rich cannot live in a 'sea of poor'

 In most democracy, winner takes all

Parameswara (1344 – c. 1414) was the last king of Singapura. He who ruled from 1389 to 1398
Sir Stamford Raffles declared the foundation of what was to become modern Singapore on 6 February, 1819
The Federation of Malaya was a federation of 11 states (nine Malay states and two of the British Straits Settlements, Penang and Malacca)[2] that existed from 1 February 1948 until 16 September 1963. The Federation became independent on 31 August 1957,[3] and in 1963 was reconstituted as Malaysia with the addition of Singapore, North Borneo, and Sarawak.[4] & known as Peninsular Malaysia.
Singapore became an independent republic following an ejection from Malaysia on 9 August 1965

That much for history...

Now that everyone has spoken, the mandate has been given and it is time (overdue) to bury the past & 'work into the future'. Nothing good can come out of 'living and talking about the past'!

I am apolitical
I love my country
I certainly feel there is a need to Stop complaining & Start living

Let the new team (Ruler) govern
Let them try...whatever
If, it cannot be a better place, too bad
If everyone prospers together with a paradigm shift towards 'For Singaporeans, By Singaporeans...', you know you are in good hands

Go forth & multiply.... 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

StockMarket ~ End Qtr 2015/Early 1st/2nd Qtr 2016

Eclipses in 2016
March 9: Total solar eclipse
March 23: Penumbral lunar eclipse
September 1: Annular solar eclipse
September 16: Penumbral lunar eclipse

1 October 2015

STIC  2817 +26 (in progress)
HSI 20846 +289 (in progress)
N225  17791 +404 (in progress)
KLCI 1626   +5 (in progress)
SSE 3052 (closed)
JCI 4259  +35 (in progress)
DJIA 16284 +235 (closed)
Nasdaq 4620  +102 (closed)
S&P500   1920 + 35 (closed)

The stock markets have seen major swings for 2015 such that the bulls were bloodied and the bears had their share of victory. Worse hit are the sheep; most end up as meats.

October (final Qtr) 2015 shall see a rebound followed by a completion of 'down-swing' chart pattern, followed by consolidation in lieu of a sharp rebound into late 1st Qtr/early 2nd Qtr, 2016.

The bottoming of the 4-year cycle should be seen in 2016; however, lookout for the 10-year cycle bottoming in 2017!

Conclusion :

Markets do not fall like a knife and shoot up like a rocket; either way, the paths shall be jagged.

I would guess :
~ Cash is King
~ If you have to enjoy the thrills of the stockmarket, it is 'Buy on weakness' during downswing and consolidation
~ take your money off the table when you feel you have enough.

Nobody goes broke by taking profit

Also, nobody makes maximum; some fools have to carry the parcel until the music ends