Thursday, October 1, 2015

StockMarket ~ End Qtr 2015/Early 1st/2nd Qtr 2016

Eclipses in 2016
March 9: Total solar eclipse
March 23: Penumbral lunar eclipse
September 1: Annular solar eclipse
September 16: Penumbral lunar eclipse

1 October 2015

STIC  2817 +26 (in progress)
HSI 20846 +289 (in progress)
N225  17791 +404 (in progress)
KLCI 1626   +5 (in progress)
SSE 3052 (closed)
JCI 4259  +35 (in progress)
DJIA 16284 +235 (closed)
Nasdaq 4620  +102 (closed)
S&P500   1920 + 35 (closed)

The stock markets have seen major swings for 2015 such that the bulls were bloodied and the bears had their share of victory. Worse hit are the sheep; most end up as meats.

October (final Qtr) 2015 shall see a rebound followed by a completion of 'down-swing' chart pattern, followed by consolidation in lieu of a sharp rebound into late 1st Qtr/early 2nd Qtr, 2016.

The bottoming of the 4-year cycle should be seen in 2016; however, lookout for the 10-year cycle bottoming in 2017!

Conclusion :

Markets do not fall like a knife and shoot up like a rocket; either way, the paths shall be jagged.

I would guess :
~ Cash is King
~ If you have to enjoy the thrills of the stockmarket, it is 'Buy on weakness' during downswing and consolidation
~ take your money off the table when you feel you have enough.

Nobody goes broke by taking profit

Also, nobody makes maximum; some fools have to carry the parcel until the music ends

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