Thursday, September 10, 2015

Living In An Expensive City

When everything is expensive, I must either starve, be selective or do 'value buys'.
As money become scarce, Choices are scarcer.
The need to make choices become more critical;
Omigosh! how did Singapore becomes expensive.

Why do I need to pay $60,000 for a piece of paper (COE) in order to buy a car? Whoever approved this is 'birdbrained' and selfish.
Why do I need to pay to drive on the road especially on my way home? There is no diseconomies on my return journey.
Why do I need to scrap my car after 10 years when it is still in excellent working condition? The alternative is to pay for a new COE; is this kinda of protection money, I wonder!

Many say "everybody pays"! Yes, but I am not 'everybody'.
Why retain my CPF money and extend the repayment period/age? I did not agree; nevermind, if others don't mind. I mind.

I never believe in insurance yet I must pay for MediShieldLife.

Is taxes (money) the solution to all problems or a source of revenue for the Government? If money is the solution, then this world will have NO problems 钱能解决的问题就不是问题
Unfortunately, money is a means to an end and not an end in itself 钱不是万能 但没钱万万不能

Money, by extension taxes, has become nothing more than revenues generation!

When I awake every morning, I am reminded that I need $300.00 a day for various expenses.

I pray the day will come when:
~ the MRT don't break down
~ the buses are on time and less crowded
~ there's absence of profiteering by Oil and transport companies
~ where hawker food are conveniently & freely available
~ where going to the doctor doesn't 'kill' me
~ where some things do not need licence or a licence to operate
~ where my Government is more compassionate and forgiving

The policy of making the city more expensive is not my 'wanting' nor have my support.
I don't need a beautiful city devoid of Soul because I'm human & not a digit.
Someday soon, I will redeem my city and make it more equal and hospitable; a place I call HOME


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