Monday, September 7, 2015

Changing Of Guards & Guardians

nobody want changes unless...

It's said "if it isn't broken, do not fix it"; how wise
Many prefer the usual, ordinary days and way of life as they flow
Consistent, calm, smooth flowing where changes, if any, are kept to the minimum
Complaints are few and the occasional blips are like pebbles on the shore
The Government governs, the business people ply & trade while the working class works

What can be further from the truths? When half-truths are spoken
When words are twisted and facts are manufactured
When propaganda and misinformation are planted in lieu of truths
When the Guardians decide to ringfence and hoard sensitive information for ulterior motives
When Truths hurt

Whether it is personal, corporate or nation
The Guardians must be impartial, altruistic and equitable
You can't cheat yourself, can you? It's a sure death-in-waiting
If you can't cheat yourself, how then can you cheat the public with whom trust is placed with you
For self and selfishness, many will sell their Souls to the devil

Trust is a delicate substance; once broken it cannot be restored easily
People may be stupid but no one's a fool
When emotions are detached, everything is crystal clear
When promises are repeatedly broken, the trust extinguished
The commoners can withstand pain...long term pain but not forever pain

The Guardian has a duty to ensure equity & fairness

The path to Hell needs no further assistances & Heaven does not usually keeps the Gate opens
Help if you can
If you refuse to help or do not intend to, don't make others lives more miserable
Nobody will fight or challenge you if left alone
But, if forced upon, everyone fights to WIN

At some point in time, truths surface

The rich cannot lives in a sea of poor
The elites & bourgeoisies need the commoners to execute the work
No man's an island
If you refuse to change for the better, then others will changing & dropping you
The 'elected' are the guards, the 'commoners' are the guardians

Some day, everyone will be equal
Not in the Laws but 'Death' is the leveller
Power, fame/infamous & fortunes cannot be carted away nor bequeath
You are as good or bad as you when the shore is seen when the tides are low
Change shall come when all hopes are lost

From zero to zero is zero; if we cannot level up, let's level down

We all hope for a better tomorrow

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