Tuesday, August 18, 2015



The power that comes with wealth is enormous, most but not all can be swayed
Power brings wealth and influences where doors open and opportunities present
The 'Haves', the elites, the aristocrats command the 'pecking order' as money oil the system
No body is left out but everyone is trying to outshine each other with their moneyed tongue
The politically powerful bridge the commercial paths for the businesspeople
The route to cronyism, 'incest' and in-breeding begin

Is money the leveller? No
Money can buy many things but not health & life
Neither can money buy you your dreams and ideals; it can make the journey smoother though
Money does not buy happiness too but without money, happiness is mental
Money; same say is the root of all evil
Steve Jobs, Elvis Presley, Lam Kok, 46 (billionaire Chinese tea magnate), Joachim Herz 66 (coffee baron), Andrew Gety, mid-40s (heir to oil baron)...these few didn't live to enjoy their wealth

Man is a social animal
There is a need to achieve, to be recognised & to belong 
The community is their playground where they root, grow and prosper
The shouts of approval & acceptances generate achievement and self-actualisation
We yearn to 'have arrived', with or without money
The victory of homecoming is sweet 

Achievements and belongings outstrip wealth in our mental health
Recognition and self-esteem flood the mind with Endorphins
We live and shall leave behind our names 人死留名 虎死留皮
Without HEALTH, money cannot do a/any thing
Live well, stay healthy

Money is a necessity but can only fulfill your wants
Needs can be satisfied with minimum, to no, money
Without health, nobody can enjoy life
Be there, done that

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