Wednesday, December 31, 2014

20142015 ~ The Singapore Code

The year of disconnect, denial & challenges...

Our 3-roomed sunny island has lost her smiles
There's a disconnect between the Govt & the commoners

Disconnect Or Class-divide?

- more foreigners is better
If aging population is a problem, then all foreigners must have 'shelf-life', that is, Sg welcomes those suitably qualified on a 3 (cycles) x 5years stay, with a cap at age 45. Everyone who rejects a citizenship when offered will be repatriated.

- foreigners can volunteer for Volunteer force without obligations
Why must citizens serve NS compulsorily whereas foreigners/PRs have a choice? What's the rationale that our boys be famished whilst foreigners steal meals & feast?

- there are enough assistance as there are no 'dead' poor
Do you need to be dead before dropping poor? The rise in soup-kitchen attendances speak volumes

- you want better services, pay more
If paying is the only solution, you don't need highly paid scholarsto draft, & highest paid Ministers to approve, policies.

- more jobs are created but more foreigners are employed & the numbers of PMETs Unemployment
rises parallelly
Sg'reans voted & selected their Rep only to benefit foreigners; do they know which side of their bread is buttered?

- medicals & medicine are available if you I) have money or II)join the queue with a new class hospital beds ~ C-minus class (corridor-class)
How did we end up with insufficient locally trained doctors & medical auxiliaries, beds & facilities despite adding a couple of new hospitals? Were more space apportioned to fee-paying patients?

- the elected-Rep needs to seek approval from an appointed person
This is slippery; what if an evil-raider takes over?

- rat infestation is due to feeders & strays
Shouldn't the feedback & public-spiritedness be complimented instead of witchhunting & finger pointing.

- overpriced stadium came incomplete & leaks
This takes the cake; >$1mil (a few $million) spent on grass, lighting & replanting, not to mention the leaking roofs.

- almost everything is affordable
The word 'Affordable', like FTs & terrorists, is so loosely used that it losses its meaning.

- it's not the G's job to love  Sg'reans
Perhaps, only Einstein can decipher How she was chosen & got into parliament! Was she voted in by foreigners?

This the last page on the last day of 2014; long after many of us are gone, Singapore will still be around. But, if we persist to build a Class-divide, like olden days India, Society will implodes & level down.

I believe SINGAPOREans will unite to undo this disequilibrium & inequity.

There's enough time for the incumbents & every concerned citizens to erase the crack lines. Let's start with 2015.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Year Of Surprises

the four seasons start with Spring - Summer -Autumn - Winter ..

With another week to go 2014 shall disappear and in comes 2015

What are the norms and new-normal?

Amazingly, self-denial, denying and reflecting is a new norm with some anomalies;

* more jobs were created but more Singaporeans loss their jobs with even more foreigners employed
* bus operators who arrive on time were rewarded; isn't they suppose to be on time?
* there is a possibility of raising bus fares despite the two transport Cos making handsome profits
* elected-MP needs to seek approval from un-elected officials
* rat infestation became a witch-hunting experience
* Singaporeans first (priority) is said to be bad for Singaporeans; it's good for Trojan Horse
* someday you may return to your HDB home and many unknown workers are doing repair works in your house
* actions cannot be taken nor rectification done until, and unless (haha), the e-media blasts them over the net
* ...the list goes on

However, many are still complaining and continues complaining only; the 60+%.
Complaining is also a new-normal.

Going forward Singapore will be celebrating SG50 but with more foreigners arriving, will Singaporeans meet diaspora and seek new land? Impossible?

Well, kindergarten kids here sing Mao's China liberation songs & the Pinoys wanted to celebrate their own national day in public places.

Foreigners bring new experiences to Singaporeans too; The Little India Riot was executed by South Asians while the PRC bus drivers went on strike. What you cannot do or dare not do is 'a cup of tea for the foreigners'!

Interestingly, members have their privileges.

NTUC's  Warehouse Club~megastore only entertains members
I fear that someday, only members and supporters of the ruling party that NTUC supports can shop at NTUC fairprice, megastores & whatever. I meant, it could be any Party!!!

Of late, there seem to be more academics and thinktanks writing articles and publishing research findings/outcomes to support mainstream suppositions like Singaporeans are happier, more jobs available but Singaporeans are choosy or not relevantly qualified, things are (very) affordable and that Singapore is indeed not the most expensive place to stay.

I pray all the good things and events are true, the others are merely bad dreams. Hopefully, the seasons keep changing and we are not stalled at the coldest not the warmest moment. The reality is always harsh...

I also pray that if the wide income gap cannot be closed, then it's fine to level down! My Christmas & 2015  wish is sealed.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Think The Unthinkable

it is the last page of the Calender, 1st December...

Time flies but it has often been consistent; no faster nor slower
When you are happy or occupied, time flies
In time of sadness and crisis, time crawls
I never feel I was ever growing old but I am still walking towards the end like everyone else
Age is only a digit & most of us are double-digits

Climb the highest mountain
Swim the deepest ocean
Walk to the Poles
Dive from the highest point
Dare To Be Different

I just met a friend, an ex-Accountant, coming 50 years of age
He had given up his job, married & settled down with a 3 year old kid
He is spending more time with his family and keeping as fit as possible (he said he  overcame his health challenges)
Why do most people spend their youth making money and use money earned to restore health? Sadly true

Another new friend, also about 50 years old, of mine just jolly accepted that he had lost his wife to cancer two years ago; he's at peace

The last person that I wanted to mention was a scholarly friend of mine into his late 20s, armed with an MBA and a smart talker; he left the country quietly and unceremoniously. Only he knows what has driven him to leave...

When the last page of the calender arrives, it's like the last few breathes; looking back to see what was not achieved and done

Think the Unthinkable and conquer the supposedly Impossible but never, never risk your life & the lives of your immediate loved ones

Decide NOW

Never to look back again
Do whatever you wanna dream & do
No one can make you a slave nor steals your dreams
Think out of the box, tear the box apart, redraw the box...

What the mind can think, it can achieve

The world is yours to conquer

Friday, November 7, 2014


time and tides wait for no man...

I waited, waited and waited
Not because I want to wait but I had put in so much effort, money, heart and soul only to be defeated again, again & again
Many said 'you are smart' but smartness alone do not bear positive results
Hardworkingness is my denominator

This is a real world; until & unless, I make a/any breakthrough, I am, but, a clouded star

Everytime I rush madly into possibilities
I ride the waves only to sail into the eye of the storm
I end up wasting time, money & gain frustration
Today, I am almost a spent force; licking my wound, nursing my bruise ego & struggling to uphold and raise my battered spirit

There is time to rejoice and, at this very moment, retreating & hibernating is my preferred choice

Why? Why didn't I succeed with big victories but gain only small 'skirmishes'? Guess, this is survival
The little gains are to keep me alive
Patient, cool, calm, calculating ...then pounce when opportunity presents
Sounded great on paper but this waiting is torturing

Many say it's darkest before brightness returns

I have no lack of opportunities nor chances
Just that it's getting costlier over time; spending and drawing on reserves
As my savings thin out, pressures built up
There is an immediate need to break the drought - the drought of successes

If tomorrow comes & the drought ameliorates, my star shall shines again like the Polaris 

I am still waiting...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Perfect Frustration

When you do not know what to do, then do nothing. ...

I am near perfect
Everytime, i try to be perfect or near perfect
I found I am perfectly frustrated
Perfection is almost non-existent

Not doing anything is a skill & costs nothing; its not being indifference. It's patience - in - motion

I always try helping others
I put others ahead of me often
I never fail to assist anyone who comes to see me with a problem
I only realized that whatever I do with my charitable self, it's self-defeating

Everyone takes for granted and any relieves and reprieve they receive is a 'right'
I am learning
I am learning to be a little more resilient, affirmative and to turn away the tides of pests
There is that much I can do

Inspite of defeats, unappreciated (something I never bother), taken for granted
I wake up everyday afresh, fit and ready to take on the challenging day
It's challenging only if I'm down (when the biorhytm) or when days are simply 'flat'
Otherwise, I fighting-fit; mentally, physically and in mind

Of course, like everything else, I need to disappear from humanity and familiarity to remain sane
In an isolation corner, I recharge, redeem, rejuvenate & return
Like the phoenix, I return from my the ashes
Like the butterfly whose wings are dried, I fly into grandsome, well & pretty

It's a perfection I have learnt

Friday, October 17, 2014

Stockmarkets - Buy, Sell, Hold Or Quit

On 15 Sep 2014, I wrote "... there's going to be coincidentally sharp correction especially those markets that i) have seen new highs ii) are seeing high or near high. Even those that are weak, further drop is not totally unexpected..."

What's in the near future that the rout seemingly have not, or wouldn't, stop?

Billion$ have been wiped off the markets and many are looking for reasons why this time the drop was so sharp yet doesn't seem to stop. Didn't it occurred to players that DJIA has been on the uptrend since 2008 without any meaningful correction?

Looking for reasons after the onslaught begun is like 'looking for life vests in a sinking ship'; the hurt had begun!

I believe the correction is almost done!

By early to mid next week (3-5 trading days), there will be some semblance of rebound; the best is yet to be. The consolidation for the next couple of months will pave the way to an exciting 1Q, 2015. 
Similarly, I hazard to guess 1Q, 2015 will be one of the best performing quarter.

As at close 16 Oct 2015:

ST -44.5 (3154)
N225 -335 (14738)
KLCI -19 (1767)
HSI -239 (22900)
JKT -11 (4951)
DJIA -48 (16093* trading in progress)
S&P -5 (1856 *)
Nasdaq -23 (4190*)

The Bull buys on weakness
The Bear sells into strength
The Sheep hold or quit

Everyone wants to make profit but few do their homework. like always

Trade with extreme care and if you profit, spare some for the poor and needy!
Good Luck

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Am Stuck

when you are stuck, most would have rot...

When life hands me lemons, I make lemonade
When opportunities knock, I make attempts to crystalize results
When I am down, I laid low until the ill-winds blow over
I have fought many battles & won small wars
I have been an incurable optimist

How long can I sustain this onslaught? God knows
I have plentiful of work, work & more work but I am clueless of the future
Like the hardworking, right thinking and smart ass, I toil
Will there be positive results? I really do not know
I am just following my heart

I am weak; weak internally and my ability to fight to survive is waning
I have more setbacks than I care to count sprinkled with small victories
Many admire me; my style, my steadiness, my aura, my positiveness
But none knows I am cracking up
I am as sturdy as Sir Stamford Raffles statue overlooking Singapore River

This is where the problem begins; I am stuck

At 10, I worked doubly hard to support my family running food stalls
At 20, I started working with only an 'O' Level certificate
At 30, I began my 'hockey-stick' growth, armed with a 2nd Class Upper degree
At 40, I was one of the top performing trader
At 50, I was able to put it rightly, to retreat into the sunset & anonymity

Today, I have aged
But, I have a body of 30+ & a mind that charges ahead like a brand new Aston Martin
In my field, my knowledge and experiences is beyond many
I am as sharp as a sickle
I would humbly like to retreat into the sunset and wilderness but ...

I am waiting for the next breakthrough; GOD willing

Either I breakdown completely and return to dusts
Or I shall have my next hurrays
Anyway, come what may or whatever comes
I will be there for my victory parade
As a Star, like always

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Things Go Wrong

I have been a lighthouse to many...but

I commented on many issues, especially those affecting the less well-off, poor, sick & underdogs.

1) Why build mechanized parking system when you can build taller/higher flats & leave lower levels for parking eg The Pinnacle? 

With taller/higher flats, you will also save Bt Brown, save costs & spaces.

2) why increase ERP charges to deter use of cars if by incentivizing car pooling, car sharing & fringe carparks reduced the number of cars on the road?

3) why spend $400mil on foreigners (scholarship) & tell Singaporeans Uni education is not necessary. Besides, Singaporeans pay fees (could have been free if the $400mil is redirected) to study?

4) why pay higher fares for MRT breakdowns & crowded buses/trains instead of rewarding good performances?

5) why select & elect your MPs & complain that your grievances, voices & needs are not met? You have decided & you 'live by the sword & die by the sword'!

All my thoughts and suggestions lead to no where. It's best to action my thoughts than to make comments.

I am a witness to the implosion in my beloved nation soon

Wise Words

Life is a journey that few, if any, can help

Good health and 'forever young' feel give vibrancy to life & living

Bosom friends are few - they lend you a helping hand when in need, attend your wedding when life is complete and send you off on your final journey

It's not easy i)to forgive & forget ii)to release iii)to loss yet retain dignity iv)to let go

Persevere, Moderate, Confident, Thrifty, Magnanimous

Physical, Knowledge, Dreams, Confident, Righteous

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stockmarket & Eclipses

Will the Lunar Eclipse cause another catastrophe in the financial market or the world at large - Oct 8, 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse?

Eclipses during year 2014

2014 - Following the low in Jan/Feb (Capricon Effects), market rebounded but still got wiped off most gains nearer April.

After the July 3rd/Q cyclic low, market continued the rise. 

Will this Oct 4th/Q-cyclic low be dominant or dramatic as it coincide with the Total Lunar Eclipse? 

My gut feel is 'there's going to be coincidentally sharp correction especially those markets that i) have seen new highs ii) are seeing high or near high. Even those that are weak, further drop is not totally unexpected'. It's best to consult your lawyers, brokers and professionals for their learned opinions.

Do Not take my word for it.

Market travels in cycles. Every upward or downward trends may be interrupted and change course; trade with care. 

Health Care, Allied Health Personels, Doctors, Hospitals & Such care has become health scare

It is not nice to fall sick; I suppose 'no one wants to fall sick' & to say 'staying healthy is the best way to keep health costs low' is speaking the obvious.

Instead of addressing and rectifying the shortcomings of things that were not done correctly, it was the usual 'the grass take time to grow', 'honest mistakes', 'pay more for better services', 'installing traffic light to show extent of crowdedness in MRT stations', 'at least the patients get warded & have spaces sleeping in tents and corridors'...

Are these naiveness or indifference?

How or why are health costs higher & climbing? The possibilities ;

1) increased in number of people (population, both local & foreigners) seeking medical attention but the number of doctors, trained allied healthcare personnel, nurses and infrastructure lack behind demand

2) unnecessary tests and procedures

3) excessive prescription of drugs

4) medical tourism in public hospitals

5) budgets for health care & support is lacking and inadequate

6) Where Govt &/or restructured hospitals and the health ministry is profit-centric (profit maximization)

The passing of health costs &/or the costs of medicine and treatment to the population is decidedly cruel. Why shouldn't the State cares for the sick and aged? These people have duly traded their youth in nation building and contributed to nation via taxes, done national defence (NS) and are committed Singaporeans. There is no doubt that sickness and diseases are blind and hit anyone even those who constantly remained upright, healthy and live a comparatively healthy lifestyle.

Will the Medishield Life helps? Maybe, but with a pre-planned excessive surplus and reserves in place, everyone will be burdened, save for those who can afford it. There must be an honest and sincere intent to help the sick, a deliberate attempt to lower health costs & a compassion to see that the well being of the populace is taken care of; passing the buck is NOT!

Am I ultruistic and unreal? No

I am speaking now that I can. I wouldn't want to be the last man speaking about my concerns when I am at deathbed.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Medical Costs & Survival care has become health scare

It is not nice to fall sick; I suppose 'no one wants to fall sick' & to say 'staying healthy is the best way to keep health costs low' is speaking the obvious.

Instead of addressing and rectifying the shortcomings of things that were not done correctly, it was the usual 'the grass take time to grow', 'honest mistakes', 'pay more for better services', 'installing traffic light to show extent of crowdedness in MRT stations', 'at least the patients get warded & have spaces sleeping in tents and corridors'...

Are these naiveness or indifference?

How or why are health costs higher & climbing? The possibilities ;

1) increased in number of people (population, both local & foreigners) seeking medical attention but the number of doctors, trained allied healthcare personnel, nurses and infrastructure lack behind demand

2) unnecessary tests and procedures

3) excessive prescription of drugs

4) medical tourism in public hospitals

5) budgets for health care & support is lacking and inadequate

6) Where Govt &/or restructured hospitals and the health ministry is profit-centric (profit maximization)

The passing of health costs &/or the costs of medicine and treatment to the population is decidedly cruel. Why shouldn't the State cares for the sick and aged? These people have duly traded their youth in nation building and contributed to nation via taxes, done national defence (NS) and are committed Singaporeans. There is no doubt that sickness and diseases are blind and hit anyone even those who constantly remained upright, healthy and live a comparatively healthy lifestyle.

Will the Medishield Life helps? Maybe, but with a pre-planned excessive surplus and reserves in place, everyone will be burdened, save for those who can afford it. There must be an honest and sincere intent to help the sick, a deliberate attempt to lower health costs & a compassion to see that the well being of the populace is taken care of; passing the buck is NOT!

Am I ultruistic and unreal? No

I am speaking now that I can. I wouldn't want to be the last man speaking about my concerns when I am at deathbed.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Promise... Promises... Promised

everything is promising until delivered...

When I started working 30 years ago, my senior officer told me that everything is promising until delivered
I understand what he meant although I was a rookie then and everyone around me told me 'you are a promising youth'; then, I had only started work following my "O" Level
Further studies was out of question because my family was poor, very poor indeed
I knew that if I acquired a skill or a special knowledge, I will be of value to my employer & prospects
The world is, and shall be, mine to conquer

But, the reality is different; reality is always cruel
I wonder what our Ministers are barking at with :  'that ITEs, POLYs - without a degree, you can still succeed', 'that even with degrees you may not be able to put meals on the tables', 'there is no need for degrees'...
Since time memorial, the educated rules the less & un- educated
Since Confucius time, the poor scholars ace the Imperial Exams and return to shine
Our Civil Service, Military and related machineries are filled with scholars
Do you still NOT need a degree? Omigosh, tell that to your children

If you can study and you don't make good use of your mental capacity, it's your fault
If you are good in certain skills or areas, be the best - baker, chefs, actor, craftsmen
If you can't study but have acute business acumen, go start a business & prosper
Whatever it is, be the BEST

My billionaire business contact told me once "I am not educated but I employed all types; degrees, MBAs, PHds, alas...

In a Capitalist-Democratic society, the politician rules with the help of businessmen who grease the economy
One creates the rules while the other plays within the rules;  the workers provide the effort (work in exchange for income)

The businessmen lobby for favourable terms while the workers lobby for equitable compensation; the Politician is the arbiter

The politician promises that everyone will be equitably rewarded & cared for
The businessmen promised to share his fruits
The workers still waiting for the promises.

Guess, everything is promising until delivered...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Can You Challenge Destiny?

time changes everything...

After writing for so many years, this the first time that I did not pen anything in a month (July)
Murphy's Laws were on assault over this period of time; things go wrong, went wrong or were simply not right

My aged mum fell and injured again. Omigosh! simply 'cos her right leg didn't agree with her left leg
Rushed her to hospital, made necessary arrangements for her to be warded; when she's down, we get busy

I am the invincible but, at times, I was near breathless; willing but unable
The internet was down, the stockmarket was dead and the 'Buys' were down while the 'Sells' were up
My laptop hanged and I did (whatever) something and lost all my information and data

Some days ago MH17 was shot down over Ukraine and when I landed in Shanghai, another airplane drop in Taiwan in bad weather while yet another crash in Mali
How uncertain death called unannounced

I have matched businesses which were, and will be, consummated at the click of a finger
NO, it didn't happen this way; it was utter failure
Failures, failures and more failure

Am I in a hurry to succeed and to get things right? Maybe ...
I have worked hard, harder than anyone
Or, perhaps, I have been working hard but wasn't smart
Or, Lady Luck is deserting me, has deserted me ...or, ??? whatever

Is GOD testing me; if so, I would have failed...failed badly indeed
As my spirit is willing but my body is weak - defeat are real while victory are a 'feel'
This reminds me:
In my younger days, I was so, so, so very confident when I went for my driving test
Failed the first time...failed again the second time
By the third time, I was floored, unsure and no more confident but I PASSED

Can I challenge destiny? Or should I bid my time

Yes, anyone can challenge Providence but you must be prepared for defeats, defeats & more defeats when your time is not due
Like the butterfly; unless and until the wings are dry, you simply cannot fly

I wish I know; I guess I know

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Live Your Life Simple

from simple to complex to ...simplex

Every thing starts simple
A meal a day; air, water and sunlight
Physiological needs & safety needs are the basis of pure existence
Then, comes a convoluted environment that blurs the needs

We arrived naked and shall return hands-free
Being born and dying is not a choice but a Destiny
Between life and death, we can do whatever we want & be the best you/we can
There is a choice

In the world of the blind, the one-eyed Jack is the King
In an elitist world, the elites ringfenced and make mobility for all outside their spheres impossible
Within the poor and oppressed, a leader will surface someday to lead his hordes to higher grounds
The rich cannot live in a sea of poor

My heart is the "Dao"
My brain is the "De"
If my heart don't desire, my brain cannot conspires
Man proposes, GOD disposes

We are so caught up in this world for 'success'
Where the fishermen long for a house in the city and the wealthy tycoons long to stay by the ship to enjoy the seas
Where the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and the moon is bigger over the horizon
It's a make believe world

I live but once
I will do all that I wanted to do, if not most
Bricks and stones break bones; Words do not kill
I do not live in other's shadow

I will make my life & living worthwhile

If everything is equal, I want the upper half & to live healthily & happily simple wish

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Greatest Defeat In My Life

I am lost
I am completely lost in my own plot
The last few years were wasted times & unnecessary tears
Money were lost, compassion were traded, trust were shattered & I was left to walk alone

This time it's not alone but loneliness in defeat
My strategies were 'a flops' & my commitment has gone to the winds
False hopes, fake starts
There is no mercy in defeats

I have lost opportunities by trusting the wrong people
The untested, the inflated, the disinterested & the 'plain talkers'
Whatever, today I was hit really, really hard; a simple deal went to someone's else pocket
I have been silly, dreaming & in denials

Will the world waits for me? No
Will anyone show me mercy? No
Will I stand tall with the same attitude & beliefs? No
Will I be able to rise above this shattering defeat? YES, but I must leave this environment

I'm late. I'm very late
How stupid I was & how complacent I have been? The distractions, the make-beliefs, the hollow promises & my blind confidence
I am defeated in my own hands & by myself

It's been a long time
Today, I nearly, nearly cried; it's not dissimilar to my exams failure in Secondary Two
I promised myself now; it will never happen again
I will go out to conquer the World singlehandedly

I needed a good rest
When I awake again
My footsteps shall shake Earth again
I believe in MySelf

It's me FIRST.
If I can't swim, how will I ever saves a drowning man
If I'm scraping the bottom of the bowl, how will I ever have enough to spare
A new chapter starts on my next awakening

I Can & I Will


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stress Or Discontented

Life is a bottled-up roller-coaster...

What's so stressful about daily living? It's almost mundane and routine
Day in, day out; eat sleep, shit ...die someday
The stress comes from providing the possibilities, that is Eat, Sleep, Shit...
The idiot who created the 'medium of exchange' started stress

If everyone lives a simple life; a meal a day, basic housing, affordable transportation and recreation

Life's gonna be a breeze

The stress begins when the 'Haves' becomes the 'Elites' to rule the 'Have-Nots', writes self-serving  and restrictive rules so that the ground is ringfenced for their own benefits
Many aspiring 'Haves but still living as Have-Nots' are given minimum advantages to say "YES" & to support whatever shit the 'Haves' drop
It's simply 'Divide & Rule'
Morals, accountability and responsibility is flush down the manhole

It's good to have aspiration and to be inspired to climb greater heights
But, when meritocracy becomes disguised-restraints, discontent, resentment and sufferings evolved
The donkey will never be able to eat his pie that hangs ahead of him
Similarly, the rich cannot live in a sea of poor

A spark, however minor, will result in revolution, changes or destruction
Nobody wants instability but if the 'Haves' lived in their ivory tower and the 'Have-Nots' struggle, implosion is inevitable
Give and take, Care & man's an island
Passing the blames to the 'Have-Nots' will only cause more frustration and resentment

Give back what is fair and due to the 'Have-Nots'; they form the backbone and stability of Society
Greed will maim
Self-denials will destroy
Explosion is manageable but an implosion will shred the Societal's fibres into stoneage

Release and relieve STRESS
Give back the dignity, care and self-esteem to the 'Have-Nots'
The true leader eats, sleeps and shares the same aspirations, fears and dreams of everyone
Before the next teardrop falls

Everyone can live with minimum & no one can live with none

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May @Labour Day

If I'm in labour, I'm struggling to pop out the baby
I can only feel pain, distress & more pain
Sweat & blood flows...

May Day, May Day is an "SOS" call
It's a distress call, not any ordinary phone call
It's an emergency

Why is Labour day also called May day?
Labourers, workers, wage-seekers & salaried-men struggle throughout to earn sweat money
Every penny counts

Workers have minimum to nil bargaining power if their Union speaks the same lingo as employers
It worsen when the Authority sides with employers
Tripartite will always disadvantage the workers; deliberately or otherwise

It may create industrial peace falsely by suppressing workers rights, again deliberately or biasness

Whether it's Labour Day or May Day, it's sweat & blood money
Workers have to work hard to earn their keep; real hard
Local wages are suppressed with the free-flow & import of foreign workers

If foreigners are allowed to work unrestrictedly in any jobs at lower costs; perhaps, if we employ foreign politicians likewise, our costs will be much lower. You can't say M/s Henry Kissingger, Magdeline Albright, Hilary Clinton, Zhu RongJi, Wen JiaBoa aren't talents! Can you?

Whatever! What's good for the goose is good for the gander

Let there be peace, prosperity & harmony
Protect, care & share the dreams, fears & aspirations of all Singaporeans
No local citizens can nor should be deprived of their rights & freedom

We must not be a minority in our own homeland

May the real, sincere & committed leader surface to lead his/flock to higher grounds
Words are cheap; walk your talks
For Singaporeans, by Singaporeans, with Singaporeans

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Second Wind

I grow up seeing calamity, sufferings, pains & HOPEs
I was inspired instead as I grew up in the pediatrics department because my younger brother was regularly ill, very ill indeed
Getting in & out of hospital is a norm
Coming from a very poor family, we were at the mercy of the hospital; by extension their doctors
Well, he lasted almost 20 years

I admire the doctors, their determination and their commitment
Being poor was never a problem with all these God-sent angels around
But, the pains suffered by all the kids in the pediatric department tell me 'I must live the best today & everyday where many struggle to be alive & I only needed to be the best I can'; I was only about 9 years old then
Hope was my only asset

I visited my younger brother, feed him, then took a bus to school daily as my mum struggles to eke out a living
I wanted to be a doctor though I was never one
I never at any time feel inferior nor poor; I felt blessed compared to the rest of the kids
I went on to conquer & push new frontiers with grit, determination, plans & foresight & with basic minimum

You may be born poor but do not live poor; worse if you die a pauper

To supplement my family income, I started to work after my "O" level
Along the way, I collected two diplomas & a degree through hard work as I worked, studied & had a family of my own
Live was a breeze - stormy, tornado, hurricane at times
I never felt disadvantaged as I overcame challenges along the way with commonsense

I have my fair share of successes with sprinkles of defeats

In a God I trust; man proposes, God disposes

At past 50s, I am rediscovering my drive, my prowess, my future
If I have my way, the next 5 years will outshine & outperform my past half decade
It's "The Return Of The Prodigy"

Friday, April 4, 2014

Stock market - 4 April & forward

How far will the stock market rise?

Stic     3220
Klci.   1855
Hsi.     22565
N225  15071
S&P    1886
DJIA.   16552

Dow Jones & S&P 500 have gallop ahead despite pundits betting against them. There are two broad markets : the developed market & the emerging market within which you find blue chips & 2nd/3rd liners.

Looking at the crystal ball now, it seems that correction is imminent. The recent run-up, an overbought position, lack of new impetus coupled with April/quarterly low ring alarm of an impending correction albeit major.

What's holding up the market is a courageous contrarian plot; where everyone is expecting a drop, it is seldom delivered.

Drop, it will. The next two weeks can be telling!

Will the bear swing send the bull to the abattoir ? No.

Market psychology has swing from momentum trading (hot money) to contrarian trading (follow the money). The range & depth will be wider & deeper & the swings more volatile.

For the moment, catch (buy) the drop & sell in May & go away.

October will always be the most rewarding month. For those caught on the opposite fence, it's also most damaging.

This year rewards will go to contrarian players. Watch M&A.

Happy trading & trade with extreme care.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Staying Alive

I'm aging, aging fast
I'm stressed, stressed up by others' problems; a little here, a little there & I'm almost drowned
My attempts to overcome challenges by keeping fit is also draining me
I struggle to keep alive, sparkling bright, positive ...inching forward tirelessly

Some days the biorhythm is simply low
There's no perking up; it's like a liter of petrol left to cover the next 50 km
The body aches, the skeletons do not move in sync & the eyes could hardly open
The brain isn't working & the heart pumps weakly

I can't think straight & I rely on instincts to make decisions
Never have I been in this dilemma - guess, life's lessons are continued education
I go with the flow, with enforced & deliberate patience
I do not get agitated & avoid being drawn into any fray

My smiles never fade
My built, my physique & my thoughts are, but, bold representation
My Soul is flying below radar & above 'my need to stay alive' - surfing
Like Ultraman, I'm waiting to recharge when the sun rises

Is it difficult? No
Is it easy? Not really
There are times I'd like to cry loudly under the rushing tap or under a waterfall
Where every bad feelings & tough challenges are washed away; returning refreshed

Whatever, I'm like the lighthouse - brightly lit, come rain, sunshine or snow

The world is mine to conquer...but, in the meanwhile, I need to remain well & alive
To see the tides rise, to enjoy sunrise & to breathe
I must be ALIVE, well & kicking
Tomorrow is mine & the world is my playground

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When My Plane Goes Missing

Sometimes, there are no answers to some questions...

When the plane goes missing, don't panic because at some point in time it will resurface
You can try finding & keep finding but if AlMighty wants to keep us longer as guests, you will have to wait
We may be guests at another dimension too

While you are anxious, we, upon disappearance, are held powerlessly
We can see you, hear you but we can't respond because we are invincible & bodiless
Our Souls are out of our bodies; broken, twisted, convoluted & some parts are smashed

The Angels are busy repairing & restoring some bodies & body parts
Some of us are not due to return while most have expired
There is also an interesting episode; the wrong passports holders were not suppose to return yet have done so
Returning them to Earth is not an issue but they beg to stay instead of going back to spend the rest of their lives in the dungeon; Heaven is Utopia

We came, we saw & we seen our past fleetingly replayed
Many did what they were supposed to do but some...are filled with regrets
Going back to be Earthlings will mean retribution

From this experience, it's clear humans are good at guessing....guess where we are, guess we are dead, uummm, maybe alive somewhere but don't know where
Because of being born, we need to die
Between life & death, you can do all you wanna want

Oops, with all the advance technology & sharmen
You can't & will not see us ...but soon, soon we will be back
A few will be alive to tell a tale or two but most would have expired

We are back with our Creator

And, with closure, we will be forgotten in due course

Live healthily, happily & enjoy every moments (of your life); it's a completely different world here

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What Is Luck?

luck is random, at best...

How patient and tolerant can a person be and for how long can he ignore the environment bashing negatively against him? It's not measurable at all; most give up long before the tides change

Often many said you must be 'focus' but what's there to focus if you have been hitting the wall. Maybe, its about punching through the wall

The tough luck syndrome is more common than the lady luck; where one fights every inch to survive while the other lives on a silver bowl alternating with a midas touch

Many successful persons have facades; they amplify their strength and manage their weaknesses

The world loves a winner as lady luck only woos winner, i guess

The saint, the priest, the monk, the preacher and all holy man says don't worry, be happy, look on the bright side of life, count your blessings, God is with you...frankly, these are soothing phrases which if repeated long enough means nothing to a defeated person

If destiny is carved on stone, then why work? The rewards or non-rewards will be the ultimate prize

I am looking for the meaning of positive living as I have been living positively as always and yet I have the occasional down time where days are long and minutes stretched...

Whatever is luck is no more important to me. I just want to be a winner as the world loves a winner and lady luck crowds around a winner

The world is mine to conquer

Friday, February 28, 2014

How To Be, And Remain, HAPPY

life has many downswings and it can be quite a struggle ...

Defeats - I have some but sprinkled with sporadic victories and winnings
It is tough walking through the alleys of defeats but worse when its a near defeat
The dark alleys always seem long, winding and is definitely merciless

It takes steely nerves to waddle through the alley of uncertainty and near defeats
Rest if you must but never quit - I struggle to keep my smiles, workout to keep my fitness & sanity
Whatever you believe in, you become

Instead of wallowing in self pity and counting the damages, I count my blessings and leftovers - the little I have left physically, emotionally, financially and pennilessly
I plan before embarking again - this time I take a different route - the road less travelled
It is always easier to act alone when all the friends and lesser-friends had left

The lone wolf is more potent and lethal - unwanted is not useless
The world worship a winner
I am the winner - a winner-to-be at the moment & victory is my to conquer

I never share my worries nor problems as few, if any, will be interested
More importantly, like everything else, it passes
I do my best and leave the rest - What I can't do now, it will be attended someday, perhaps, not by me but by my Creator

To remain happy, you have to be healthy - the Mind is definitive

Whether you are sad or happy, meek or brave, weak or strong, you still need to around when the sun rises again and your life brightens - Never be a dead hero. 

The choice is obvious

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maid; Is It Just About Employment?

The stranger in the house, yet not exactly...

I have employed a maid for as long as I can remember; maybe 20 years.
They come and go when their contract is up; some for short while, some after several months with a few stretching over two to three 'seasons'.

What bugs me until today is not the costliness of employing a maid but that I have to pay levy - paying someone who does nothing but who awards me a 'right' to employ a maid. Alas, in my dark moments, I likened this to protection money.

Employment of maids is no more straight forward. The maid also chooses which households she prefers to work in; big house, small house, with or without children, elders, pets, etc...uummm, the off-days!

There seems to be a few primary players who dominates the recruitment and distribute his products, the maids-to-be; naturally, the pricing too. The maids are 'displayed' like wares in supermarket and, if you happen to go shopping for a maid, their biodata do not necessarily matched the (real) person. Well, you can try chatting with the maids-on-display but only if you can withstand the stares from the proprietors. Besides, they don't seem interested in placing out their maids. Guess, it's because the cost (licence, rental) is low or next to nothing to start a maid agency.

Whatever my contract says, I always pay for their airfares if they request to go home after they finished 12 months of work. I accept whatever reasons they give, like homesick, kids sick, parents need them & others. Why? I'd rather they return home and reunite with their family & live happily forever thereafter than to have a 'time-bomb' sitting inside my home.

I  treat my maid as a home-assistant and being a part of the family.

Employing a maid is unlike any supermarket purchase. It is bringing in a total stranger into the house, trusting that she is mentally sound, medically healthy and will be able to co-exist in harmony.

There must exist an absolute trust that the maid will behave, not be 'light finger' and keep confidence of all things within the home.

I fail to understand why some people can ill-treat their maids or even abuse them.

Treat them as you like to be treated. Sure, there is an employer/employee relationship but isn't respect - the more you give, the more you get? Given them some space...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Singapore: The Alternatives To Liven Up The Economy

Singapore can do more than depending on the external economy and bigger companies to expand and generate growth in our economy.

There is a constant push to grow our SMEs but, in the name of restructuring, many basic economics theories were overlooked.

While land is fairly constrained, labor, capital and entrepreneurship are expandable. Unfortunately, the substantial import, and input, of labor has caused diminishing marginal returns. Besides, there seems to be a mismatched of skills trained in our tertiary institutions to meet industry needs. Statistics have shown that there were more PMETs unemployment and it is also getting harder for fresh graduates to land a job of their choice than previously.

There are some jobs that there are not enough Singaporeans to fill or locals simply were not keen, especially lower skilled and blue collar jobs; by all means bring in the foreigners. The operations, administrative, banking, front line jobs must be the preserves for Singaporeans. If skill transfer is a definitive factor, then there must be a pre-determined time period for the foreigners to 'pass on' the skills. I am incline to disbelief that 'a whole department-full (in the bank) of foreigners' is good for Singapore and Singaporeans. Surely, we have enough qualified Singaporeans to fill the jobs. This mis-allocation is driven by the selfishness of foreigners-helmed HRs who prefer employing persons from their own homeland. There is a hidden 'costs benefits' to such practices like the payment of agents and referral fees. These monies do not return to circulation.

According to some sources, employers generally prefer to hire staffs with some working experiences or, if fresh graduates are considered, cheapness was a decisive factor. Taxes and levies are leakages and weakens the multiplier and one possible solution to alleviate graduate unemployment, especially fresh graduates, is to redeploy levies as compensation and remuneration or make-up pay to motivate employers to employ freshies, say for a three years period. This money are well spent. If workfare is good for the lower skilled and lower paid staffs so it is equally applicable to fresh graduates.

Outsourcing and contract work has distinct disadvantages. Jobs are outsourced because of savings; by extension, the contractors will pay lower remuneration in order to profit from their efforts. The workers end up worst in this arrangement. Why does the Government need to outsource? The Government can employ, and place out suitably trained 'freshies' over time with taxpayers money. It is not wasteful but another form of education and training and making our citizens relevant to meet industry manpower needs.

Although our system is fairly business friendly, perhaps there are too many layers and departments such that duplication can be reduced. A reduction of red tapes will increased productivity.

There is also the effects of cost-push inflation.

Increased in Government departments' and Stat Boards' charges further weakens the economy as this translate into higher costs. Coupled with higher COE prices, petrol, ERP charges, levies, Town Council charges and the likes, the multiplier is 'crippled'. I am not suggesting that Government machineries 'work for free' but they should temper their tendencies to raise charges directly or indirectly. Worse still, increases were almost simultaneous.

Surely, revenues can be raised through direct taxes but with GST already in placed, the more the people spend, the more taxes are received from consumption.

The recent policies to tame demand and financial gearing of big ticket items like cars and housing, while healthy, is an economic dampener. The car loans default rate is under 5% and is deemed fairly acceptable. While there are no mass default or non-performing loans in the property market, it is understandable that some form of control is reasonable as property prices are rising beyond the reach of the average Joes and Janes.

However, one of the underlying cause of rising prices is rising land prices. Why does the Land authority need to set a base (reserved) price for open tender of land? Shouldn't we allow a free play of market forces? Our economy contracts further when foreigners are discouraged from buying local properties. If protecting locals from runaway property prices is a concern, the rules can be tweaked to allow foreigners to buy local properties but all resales must be sold to locals only. Turning away good foreign money is not the best solution neither is additional taxes as the market is convoluted and shrinking transactions will soon hit everyone.

When property prices fall, the wealthy are least affected as 80% or more property owners own public housing.

Finally, however small the local economy is, it is extremely important to nurture and allow for it to flourish. The small time businessmen at 'pasar malam', the hawkers, the cottage industry, the neighbourhood grocers and the likes have geometric multiplied effects. The provision of basic needs and meeting of demand at mass level will keep the lower income groups well and alive and make living more affordable.

To conclude, we need to loosen up controls and tame the incessant price rises. When confidence is lost and the future looks bleak and unpromising, the dreaded deflationary monster will rear its head. By then, its harder to jump start the economy.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Truth Upon Oneself

When the avalanche falls, it's free falling ...

You can't catch a falling sword neither can you avoid the lightning
Standing still is the best in an unsettled moment but remains fluid
The winner may not always be the fittest, smartest nor greatest but he certainly is the coolest
Cowards may win but will never lasts
Everyone has a chance but few made it

Fortunes shine and dive
The young have time, the mid-life have experiences and the elderly may, or may not, have both or either
Live well & lead fully for tomorrow may never come
Whatever shall be, will be
Everyone needs a meal to survive; anything in excess is surplus

You can lie, you can make tons of excuses
All you need is 'the world refuses to listen to you' and it collapses on you
Empty promises, vague & blatant excuses, repeated lies will return to haunt you
You will loss all support, all votes and everything
You will need to crawl into your cave to hide when truths surface

There are no stupid people on earth; maybe, a few fools for you to swing along

When Karma strikes, make sure you are available to pay for it

The bigger curse is when punishments befalls your family and loved ones
Just saying 'I am wrong & I repent' is definitely not going to change the situation
Man proposes, GOD disposes
Be compassionate, care & share; we arrived naked & will return likewise

A rich man cannot live in a 'sea of poor'
Bless are those who are contented
Not having too much nor too little but having a blissful mind
Leave the worse behind, do your best and have a renewed life

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Between The Best & Worst Is To Stay Alive

How many times was I lost & found again? It's not the rediscovery, it's the lost feeling that's .. 

Some days are simply void and directionless
Perhaps, dreadfully long too
The sun still shines as night still falls; the stars also glow in the dark sky, shinning bright
The breeze is awfully still and the seconds tick by slowly such that tortoises and snails seem galloping

It's not about feeling hopeless but simply 'No Hope'
An idle mind is a devil's workshop
A 'no hope' mind is more dangerous as any forthcoming adventures are worth a try
Nevermind the risks, outcome and threats

What holds one back is the believe in a superior being called 'GOD'
The temptation - when the mind at the sharpest, it is also the most dangerous when free with boredom
Don't give up but when the mind is void of ideas and filled with boredom, any action is detrimental
It's like a listless missile fired ...then, looking for target

Maybe I should, as always...walk the beach, workout the excess energy, draw down my might
A flat battery can't do anything neither can it self-destruct as it's impotently latent
Like games & gamers, there is down time, out of moves or 'ask for life'
Like a prey in the grasps of its predators; only the Creator can free you

I am an eagle caught in the an oil spill, wet with grease & flight is not my choice

I am best now as a grilled-bird at a dinner table
But, I shall fly high again and rule the sky

I have a dream ...

Monday, January 6, 2014

When The World Walks Out On You

Periodically, the world stops in our life...

Some days are simply dull, listless, uneventful and, at times, dreadful
You fear the knock, the phone rings, the sounds, the...anything
But, when all else happens, you found you have unfounded fears
The world continues and the clock is still ticking

There are exciting, fun-filled days
These are short and few and time flies
Living is filled with uncertainties; the only constant is change
Changes that keep us on our toes

It is most tiring trying to please everyone
It is worse trying to meet and live up to others expectation
The death nail is punched when whatever you do pleases nobody and nobody appreciates you
Why then live in others' shadows? You have a choice

Alone is not void nor lonely
It is moments like this that you discover yourself
On hindsight, those that left you shouldn't be there in the first place
What's left and fresh walk-ins is/are to be cherished

When the world stops on you, Don't Fret
You are actually on the wrong road; a road taken out of comfort & convenience
Many smart people makes the same mistake and fools repeat
Get out of the rut, get going and get well

Nobody is born to loss; fight hard and the trophy is yours

When the world walks out on you, it is so blessed; You can start afresh, minus the load

I am trying to start afresh, reboot and upgrade; if only I need not do this too many times

Friday, January 3, 2014

Stock Market 2014

Someone said that the 1986 calendar can be reused this year - 2014
I wonder if that also signify fairly similar events; collapsed (New World) hotel, recession, financial scandal...others
If that is a reflection, we will not enjoy the Capricon effect as then there was only a dead cat bounce

1st quarter 2014 will still enjoy a rebound
We will have a turbulent April & a challenging October
As most major markets should top up by first quarter
Cash is king

A strengthening US$ is detrimental to economic recovery
China will be too caught up with skirmishes from political & military gamesmanship nearby
EU will still be struggling; both to hold everyone together & to keep the Euro afloat
Mid-East will regain prosperity brought along by wars but with power struggle aplenty

Russia will be the decider & 'balancer' in geopolitical areas
Japan is rising but Russia will determine & limits her ambition
Surprisingly, China, N Korea, S Korea & Taiwan will be drawn closer together as history is revisited
The growth region is Asia & China will rise like the Phoenix

Opportunities abound as geopolitical re-balancing takes place

Everyone wants to make money but few do their homework
Bro prepared for the unexpected
Find the dark horse gem amongst the rot
Blue chips are no longer blue as they saddle under their own weight

Bless are those who are healthy
Happiness trolls health; been there, done that
The stock market can be rewarding if only you can buy, sell(short) & be patient
Market travels in cycle & the good shall return

Do well
See you when market rebounds