Saturday, January 25, 2014

Truth Upon Oneself

When the avalanche falls, it's free falling ...

You can't catch a falling sword neither can you avoid the lightning
Standing still is the best in an unsettled moment but remains fluid
The winner may not always be the fittest, smartest nor greatest but he certainly is the coolest
Cowards may win but will never lasts
Everyone has a chance but few made it

Fortunes shine and dive
The young have time, the mid-life have experiences and the elderly may, or may not, have both or either
Live well & lead fully for tomorrow may never come
Whatever shall be, will be
Everyone needs a meal to survive; anything in excess is surplus

You can lie, you can make tons of excuses
All you need is 'the world refuses to listen to you' and it collapses on you
Empty promises, vague & blatant excuses, repeated lies will return to haunt you
You will loss all support, all votes and everything
You will need to crawl into your cave to hide when truths surface

There are no stupid people on earth; maybe, a few fools for you to swing along

When Karma strikes, make sure you are available to pay for it

The bigger curse is when punishments befalls your family and loved ones
Just saying 'I am wrong & I repent' is definitely not going to change the situation
Man proposes, GOD disposes
Be compassionate, care & share; we arrived naked & will return likewise

A rich man cannot live in a 'sea of poor'
Bless are those who are contented
Not having too much nor too little but having a blissful mind
Leave the worse behind, do your best and have a renewed life

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