Thursday, January 16, 2014

Between The Best & Worst Is To Stay Alive

How many times was I lost & found again? It's not the rediscovery, it's the lost feeling that's .. 

Some days are simply void and directionless
Perhaps, dreadfully long too
The sun still shines as night still falls; the stars also glow in the dark sky, shinning bright
The breeze is awfully still and the seconds tick by slowly such that tortoises and snails seem galloping

It's not about feeling hopeless but simply 'No Hope'
An idle mind is a devil's workshop
A 'no hope' mind is more dangerous as any forthcoming adventures are worth a try
Nevermind the risks, outcome and threats

What holds one back is the believe in a superior being called 'GOD'
The temptation - when the mind at the sharpest, it is also the most dangerous when free with boredom
Don't give up but when the mind is void of ideas and filled with boredom, any action is detrimental
It's like a listless missile fired ...then, looking for target

Maybe I should, as always...walk the beach, workout the excess energy, draw down my might
A flat battery can't do anything neither can it self-destruct as it's impotently latent
Like games & gamers, there is down time, out of moves or 'ask for life'
Like a prey in the grasps of its predators; only the Creator can free you

I am an eagle caught in the an oil spill, wet with grease & flight is not my choice

I am best now as a grilled-bird at a dinner table
But, I shall fly high again and rule the sky

I have a dream ...

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