Monday, January 6, 2014

When The World Walks Out On You

Periodically, the world stops in our life...

Some days are simply dull, listless, uneventful and, at times, dreadful
You fear the knock, the phone rings, the sounds, the...anything
But, when all else happens, you found you have unfounded fears
The world continues and the clock is still ticking

There are exciting, fun-filled days
These are short and few and time flies
Living is filled with uncertainties; the only constant is change
Changes that keep us on our toes

It is most tiring trying to please everyone
It is worse trying to meet and live up to others expectation
The death nail is punched when whatever you do pleases nobody and nobody appreciates you
Why then live in others' shadows? You have a choice

Alone is not void nor lonely
It is moments like this that you discover yourself
On hindsight, those that left you shouldn't be there in the first place
What's left and fresh walk-ins is/are to be cherished

When the world stops on you, Don't Fret
You are actually on the wrong road; a road taken out of comfort & convenience
Many smart people makes the same mistake and fools repeat
Get out of the rut, get going and get well

Nobody is born to loss; fight hard and the trophy is yours

When the world walks out on you, it is so blessed; You can start afresh, minus the load

I am trying to start afresh, reboot and upgrade; if only I need not do this too many times

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Vincent said...

Life is about cycles and cycles are about up and down. If there is no down, then there is no up. If there is no up, then there is no down. When you are up, enjoy but get ready for the down. When you are down, hang in there and look forward to the up. That is what life is all about!