Monday, January 18, 2016

Every Day Is A Challenge

be the lamp unto oneself...

If there's light at the end of the tunnel, let's walk faster
Why not light up a match instead of waiting for daybreak
Get all that you wanted done when light is abundance as you will make hay while the sun shines
Spring & Summer provide Nature's light, energy and hopes
Autumn is a signal to slow down while Winter is for hibernation, recharge and relax
Even Nature makes provision to slow down

The calm mind is light in your life

It is easy 'To DO' or 'Not To Do' something
It is difficult 'To Abstain And Not Do Anything'
The poor struggle to seek their next meal
The rich choose to 'fight' for their next million$
The Mid-Class try to embed their position yet climb higher
The oddities of living        

Contentment is bliss      

We came unannounced and crying
We leave without announcement & others cry
He who has many houses and another who lives in a 'pigeon hole' can only sleep on one bed
The wealthy have many luxurious car but, in a traffic jam, his car is as useless as yours
When it's time to go, the squarish hole on the ground measured equally...'death the leveler'

It is not smart nor nice to compare misfortune but it's good to be inspired

I was lost and I found my way
I returned with a vengeance and turned 'losses into wins', 'hate into indifference, then likeable' and recoup some ...
I was very discipline when down but 'a little too courageous' post-recovery
Back to licking my wounds, I retreated into my cocoon & it dawns upon me that "...It is difficult 'To Abstain And Not Do Anything"....'

I have my fair share of 'WINs & LOSSes'
What I need is to have 7 wins, tolerate 1 loss & have 2 draws
Tomorrow is never promised but everyday I aspire to greater achievements
Living to fight another day

How do you tame your fire within?

Do something
Do nothing
Abstain and do not do anything

The wise shalt learn over time
Fools repeat it
And ...the Lucky ones avoid

Monday, January 11, 2016

To Do Or Not To Do?

...before the next teardrop falls

I have never worry about my life in my toughest growing up time
Why? There's simply no time for worry as survival out-time and out-live worry
It was the search for food, living, roof, clothes ; nothing sophisticated
The everyday living of an ordinary man

I have no time to complain; the hungry stomach simply forbid
It's not about me...but, my family ~ basic survival was not so basic afterall
It was a struggle
I have never regretted those tough days; my character was cast through the fiery baptism of fire

I just Do It...long before Nike
During my time, it was a luxury to have BATA ~ Buy And Throw Away ~ 哈哈
I wanted to continue studying but my family was poor; if I study, there's one source of income short
It didn't stop me from studying at Lambaga night classes

I...I went on to collect a few papers over the years
I started as a rookie before rising to 'make waves in my industry..'
I had seen it all; been there, done that
Today, I have different battles to fight

I have contributed my fair share to charities and charitable causes
I have help many around me; close and far
I had fight for rights & causes
But...what I get in return will easily dampen anyone long before the tomorrow's sunrise

I am not complaining

I am just asking God to bless and relieve & empower me to weather through...before the next teardrop falls

I am running on low give up is not the normal
I cannot be challenged to the next cliff-fall; unlike before I will fight back
I fight to win; I do not 'just fight'
The brutal truth is 'attack is the best defence'

It's the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog

I guess, it is time for me to fully demonstrate my ability & capability
The days of keeping below the radar is over
I am who I am
It is no more about 'If" but "when" shall I relive my glory

...hopefully before the next teardrop falls

Be Happy : Sometimes, It's Not A Choice

the sun rises and sets faithfully, except on days of heavy rain & snow...

Good and bad shall come and go
The world of 7 billion++persons is as varied as the globe; unknown, unexplored and unable-to-comprehend
In the name of God, conflicts arise
If God is good and great, why is this world filled with conflicts and disharmony? Umm, it's a human doing, not the works of God
The well-being of everyone is for us/ourself to maintain and uphold
Let bygones be bygones

Whatever you think, you become
If you immersed in red color, how do you expect to surface in blue, white or black color? Do whatever you want but be prepared to face the consequences or enjoy the fruits of Luck

The toughness and roughness of life is manageable
But, if it's troubles from your loved gets worse
The deliberate cause of troubles and disharmony must be unplugged
It's only going to be very unpleasant; but what choice have I? Irregardless, some thorns must be removed

I am as human as you
I may be able to tolerate and forgive
But, how long and how far can my patience stretch? Worse, if it snaps

Nobody should test another to extremes

Do not trouble troubles and troubles will not trouble you

Go with the flow
Follow your heart
There is no 'free meals' but if you care to work towards your goal, you will succeed

This is an olde house and many avoid it
How relieve, relax, undisturb and happy can one be (compare to high rise building)
I longed to stay away from disturbances & in this humble abode

A peace of mind is worth many ounces of gold

Every endings is also the beginning of ...
So, just continue your journey 天天难过 天天过
 Be HAPPY as always

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oddities Of The Past Is Well & Alive Today

...there is no perfection but new problems replace older issues

Did it occur to you that COE prices for cars fall because more are not able to buy new cars due to restrictive financing schemes and they are relegated to buying motor cycles instead. This squeeze is slowly making 'older' motorcycles owners out of their turf ; true/false?

Those prying questions relating to 'Costs of Living' issues somehow disappeared after the General Election. Between then and now is 3 months; were all the problems resolved magically during this immediate past?

HDB/MND used to run, maintain and keep Singapore clean efficiently and at lower costs until the arrival of Town Councils. Why did we relegate our elected Lawmakers/MPs to run town councils like that of estate managers? Surely, this run against the theory of economies of scale...

If our public hospitals are charging near private practices prices, then why do we need public hospitals? Some of the prescribed medicines are more expensive than pharmacies outside! If, and since, our public hospitals are as expensive as private estabs, they should be making as much money as the private ones, if not more.
And since, public hospitals are built with taxpayers' monies, shouldn't their earnings be distributed and/or medical costs be cheaper?

Why is there a GST on water tax? What Goods & Services did the 'Water Tax' provides?

SIA and other charged additional Fuel Tax/Fees when oil price was in the upswing. Why were the charges not reduced nor eliminated in today's cheap fuel environment (Oil is $33 versus $100+ previously)

It was reported that Central Banks frowned on declining/cheap commodities prices whereas, in reality, cheap commodities allow more poor/poorer access to basic food/grains and lower the costs of production.
Why do you need Central Bankers to lord over you? Or, are these Central Banksters/Gangsters?

Why did US finally allow export of US-oil and ARAMCO may be seeking listing when nothing of such were contemplated when oil was more than US$100++?

Why did SGX breakdown and micronise Buy/Sell quotes to help 'small investors' only to insist on 'consolidation to minimum of $0.20' in order that the main board ListCos can remain on Main Board? What the purpose/wisdom of having 100-shares Board lot 'across the board' regardless of current values; does it make sense to buy 100 shares at $0.001?
Helping small investors or indifference by SGX?

The West/US have been trying to dictate the fate of Mid-East countries. Now, Mid-East is so messy and anarchy rules such that many refugees/migrants are fleeing to the West to seek harbour in their 'safe heaven'. Of course, they also bring along their problems, fanaticism, 'hates' and culture.
Now, the West are basking in their own 'Karma' and consequences.

Many countries are experiencing aging population and the elders are somehow not wanted (reads UNwanted) nor welcomed in their own land by the younger citizenry. Omigosh, did the oldies brought upon themselves by giving births or have they overstayed their usefulness?

The US is a nett debtor country yet the most sort after currency is "US$" 

...the lists goes on.......................

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 & Beyond

set your goal and move towards...

It is so warming to read about failures turned success stories
But, why would I like to walk into failures then success? I'd like to skip...& reach success; No "IFs" and no "BUTs"
The world loves a winner
The highlights of these famous persons are exception
How many can truly shout out loud as the humongous failures are all drowned in their sorrows...voiceless

I do not buy into this 'failure is the mother of success'
A fail is a FAIL by any definition; few get second chances
I am not a pessimist nor an escapist
I am just being REAL
Who can stomach repeated failures without any tinge of success? Not me!!!!!

We need HOPEs to be able to move forward
Prayer alone doesn't quite help

This is NEW
As new as the beginning of every year 满夫过海
So long as I have not drown in failures, every waking hours is a HOPE
It is hopeful that any little tinge will crystalise into reality 
May the force be with Me/Us
What will 2016 brings? 
That's a load of answers but I only need to crystalize my goals, others aside 

It's not selfishness; if I cannot swim, how can I jump into the sea to save a/another drowning person? 

A broken man is a broken man
It takes more than money and prayers to 'resurrect' his spirit and dignity
He is not asking for hand-outs but a helping hand to lead him out of his 'darkened life'
Many will not understand the meaning of darkness, a weakened Soul and the collapsed of dignity
When you are living well, spare some thoughts and freebies to the fallen and less fortunate

Speak and comment with care and 'a heart'; it does not make you smarter nor greater to 'add salt to injury' with unsolicited character assassination

The new year 2016 is here
May your choice of future and your goals be achieved
Everyone has a dream; wake up and chase
Follow your heart