Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 & Beyond

set your goal and move towards...

It is so warming to read about failures turned success stories
But, why would I like to walk into failures then success? I'd like to skip...& reach success; No "IFs" and no "BUTs"
The world loves a winner
The highlights of these famous persons are exception
How many can truly shout out loud as the humongous failures are all drowned in their sorrows...voiceless

I do not buy into this 'failure is the mother of success'
A fail is a FAIL by any definition; few get second chances
I am not a pessimist nor an escapist
I am just being REAL
Who can stomach repeated failures without any tinge of success? Not me!!!!!

We need HOPEs to be able to move forward
Prayer alone doesn't quite help

This is NEW
As new as the beginning of every year 满夫过海
So long as I have not drown in failures, every waking hours is a HOPE
It is hopeful that any little tinge will crystalise into reality 
May the force be with Me/Us
What will 2016 brings? 
That's a load of answers but I only need to crystalize my goals, others aside 

It's not selfishness; if I cannot swim, how can I jump into the sea to save a/another drowning person? 

A broken man is a broken man
It takes more than money and prayers to 'resurrect' his spirit and dignity
He is not asking for hand-outs but a helping hand to lead him out of his 'darkened life'
Many will not understand the meaning of darkness, a weakened Soul and the collapsed of dignity
When you are living well, spare some thoughts and freebies to the fallen and less fortunate

Speak and comment with care and 'a heart'; it does not make you smarter nor greater to 'add salt to injury' with unsolicited character assassination

The new year 2016 is here
May your choice of future and your goals be achieved
Everyone has a dream; wake up and chase
Follow your heart


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