Monday, January 11, 2016

To Do Or Not To Do?

...before the next teardrop falls

I have never worry about my life in my toughest growing up time
Why? There's simply no time for worry as survival out-time and out-live worry
It was the search for food, living, roof, clothes ; nothing sophisticated
The everyday living of an ordinary man

I have no time to complain; the hungry stomach simply forbid
It's not about me...but, my family ~ basic survival was not so basic afterall
It was a struggle
I have never regretted those tough days; my character was cast through the fiery baptism of fire

I just Do It...long before Nike
During my time, it was a luxury to have BATA ~ Buy And Throw Away ~ 哈哈
I wanted to continue studying but my family was poor; if I study, there's one source of income short
It didn't stop me from studying at Lambaga night classes

I...I went on to collect a few papers over the years
I started as a rookie before rising to 'make waves in my industry..'
I had seen it all; been there, done that
Today, I have different battles to fight

I have contributed my fair share to charities and charitable causes
I have help many around me; close and far
I had fight for rights & causes
But...what I get in return will easily dampen anyone long before the tomorrow's sunrise

I am not complaining

I am just asking God to bless and relieve & empower me to weather through...before the next teardrop falls

I am running on low give up is not the normal
I cannot be challenged to the next cliff-fall; unlike before I will fight back
I fight to win; I do not 'just fight'
The brutal truth is 'attack is the best defence'

It's the fight in the dog, not the size of the dog

I guess, it is time for me to fully demonstrate my ability & capability
The days of keeping below the radar is over
I am who I am
It is no more about 'If" but "when" shall I relive my glory

...hopefully before the next teardrop falls

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