Monday, January 18, 2016

Every Day Is A Challenge

be the lamp unto oneself...

If there's light at the end of the tunnel, let's walk faster
Why not light up a match instead of waiting for daybreak
Get all that you wanted done when light is abundance as you will make hay while the sun shines
Spring & Summer provide Nature's light, energy and hopes
Autumn is a signal to slow down while Winter is for hibernation, recharge and relax
Even Nature makes provision to slow down

The calm mind is light in your life

It is easy 'To DO' or 'Not To Do' something
It is difficult 'To Abstain And Not Do Anything'
The poor struggle to seek their next meal
The rich choose to 'fight' for their next million$
The Mid-Class try to embed their position yet climb higher
The oddities of living        

Contentment is bliss      

We came unannounced and crying
We leave without announcement & others cry
He who has many houses and another who lives in a 'pigeon hole' can only sleep on one bed
The wealthy have many luxurious car but, in a traffic jam, his car is as useless as yours
When it's time to go, the squarish hole on the ground measured equally...'death the leveler'

It is not smart nor nice to compare misfortune but it's good to be inspired

I was lost and I found my way
I returned with a vengeance and turned 'losses into wins', 'hate into indifference, then likeable' and recoup some ...
I was very discipline when down but 'a little too courageous' post-recovery
Back to licking my wounds, I retreated into my cocoon & it dawns upon me that "...It is difficult 'To Abstain And Not Do Anything"....'

I have my fair share of 'WINs & LOSSes'
What I need is to have 7 wins, tolerate 1 loss & have 2 draws
Tomorrow is never promised but everyday I aspire to greater achievements
Living to fight another day

How do you tame your fire within?

Do something
Do nothing
Abstain and do not do anything

The wise shalt learn over time
Fools repeat it
And ...the Lucky ones avoid

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