Monday, January 11, 2016

Be Happy : Sometimes, It's Not A Choice

the sun rises and sets faithfully, except on days of heavy rain & snow...

Good and bad shall come and go
The world of 7 billion++persons is as varied as the globe; unknown, unexplored and unable-to-comprehend
In the name of God, conflicts arise
If God is good and great, why is this world filled with conflicts and disharmony? Umm, it's a human doing, not the works of God
The well-being of everyone is for us/ourself to maintain and uphold
Let bygones be bygones

Whatever you think, you become
If you immersed in red color, how do you expect to surface in blue, white or black color? Do whatever you want but be prepared to face the consequences or enjoy the fruits of Luck

The toughness and roughness of life is manageable
But, if it's troubles from your loved gets worse
The deliberate cause of troubles and disharmony must be unplugged
It's only going to be very unpleasant; but what choice have I? Irregardless, some thorns must be removed

I am as human as you
I may be able to tolerate and forgive
But, how long and how far can my patience stretch? Worse, if it snaps

Nobody should test another to extremes

Do not trouble troubles and troubles will not trouble you

Go with the flow
Follow your heart
There is no 'free meals' but if you care to work towards your goal, you will succeed

This is an olde house and many avoid it
How relieve, relax, undisturb and happy can one be (compare to high rise building)
I longed to stay away from disturbances & in this humble abode

A peace of mind is worth many ounces of gold

Every endings is also the beginning of ...
So, just continue your journey 天天难过 天天过
 Be HAPPY as always

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