Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oddities Of The Past Is Well & Alive Today

...there is no perfection but new problems replace older issues

Did it occur to you that COE prices for cars fall because more are not able to buy new cars due to restrictive financing schemes and they are relegated to buying motor cycles instead. This squeeze is slowly making 'older' motorcycles owners out of their turf ; true/false?

Those prying questions relating to 'Costs of Living' issues somehow disappeared after the General Election. Between then and now is 3 months; were all the problems resolved magically during this immediate past?

HDB/MND used to run, maintain and keep Singapore clean efficiently and at lower costs until the arrival of Town Councils. Why did we relegate our elected Lawmakers/MPs to run town councils like that of estate managers? Surely, this run against the theory of economies of scale...

If our public hospitals are charging near private practices prices, then why do we need public hospitals? Some of the prescribed medicines are more expensive than pharmacies outside! If, and since, our public hospitals are as expensive as private estabs, they should be making as much money as the private ones, if not more.
And since, public hospitals are built with taxpayers' monies, shouldn't their earnings be distributed and/or medical costs be cheaper?

Why is there a GST on water tax? What Goods & Services did the 'Water Tax' provides?

SIA and other charged additional Fuel Tax/Fees when oil price was in the upswing. Why were the charges not reduced nor eliminated in today's cheap fuel environment (Oil is $33 versus $100+ previously)

It was reported that Central Banks frowned on declining/cheap commodities prices whereas, in reality, cheap commodities allow more poor/poorer access to basic food/grains and lower the costs of production.
Why do you need Central Bankers to lord over you? Or, are these Central Banksters/Gangsters?

Why did US finally allow export of US-oil and ARAMCO may be seeking listing when nothing of such were contemplated when oil was more than US$100++?

Why did SGX breakdown and micronise Buy/Sell quotes to help 'small investors' only to insist on 'consolidation to minimum of $0.20' in order that the main board ListCos can remain on Main Board? What the purpose/wisdom of having 100-shares Board lot 'across the board' regardless of current values; does it make sense to buy 100 shares at $0.001?
Helping small investors or indifference by SGX?

The West/US have been trying to dictate the fate of Mid-East countries. Now, Mid-East is so messy and anarchy rules such that many refugees/migrants are fleeing to the West to seek harbour in their 'safe heaven'. Of course, they also bring along their problems, fanaticism, 'hates' and culture.
Now, the West are basking in their own 'Karma' and consequences.

Many countries are experiencing aging population and the elders are somehow not wanted (reads UNwanted) nor welcomed in their own land by the younger citizenry. Omigosh, did the oldies brought upon themselves by giving births or have they overstayed their usefulness?

The US is a nett debtor country yet the most sort after currency is "US$" 

...the lists goes on.......................

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